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Sharing the work!

Bookshelf will be where all work towards improving the Fanbards site and the Drupal shell for similar sites will take place. You can come in and discuss features requests in the forums, comment on posts, and basically help out as we try and create a better site solution both for Fanbards and other sites with similar missions.


Our Mission!

One of the things I’m hoping to do with the group is create new worlds for everyone to take part in. I’m hoping that as I research, create, and develop others will chip in ideas, or stories, or artwork to support this endeavor. The idea being that we shouldn’t JUST be fans of stories and reinterpret them. WE need to spend time creating new worlds and populating them with ordinary people in extraordinary situations. We need to come up with races and beings and philosophies beyond that which we already know.



So I found this movie a few years ago on Netflix called Lunopolis. I watched it and it was in my opinion a fun movie. It was interesting, it was shot in the style of a found footage documentary and it seems interesting. I purchased it on Amazon Instant and the DVD copy with commentary and such. So I liked it and paid for liking it.

Suicide Squad Trailer!

Well, while Warner Bros. may not have been thrilled at the leak of Suicide Squad content that was supposed to stay exclusive to COmic Con, they have decided that they would just up and release the trailer. So We got the Batman v Superman trailer then we get this today.

It's just kick ass how we get such great stuff over time.





#SDCC: Batman v Superman Trailer 2

Last week was the San Diago Comic Con, and this weekend was a big weekend for a lot of fans of the DC universe. Those who went to see it got to see trailers for Suicide Squad and Batman v Superman. I'm very very looking forward to the expansion of the DC Movie-verse, and hope it will be just as good as the MCU has been so far.

Here's the good quality trailer if you haven't seen it.


Evamade is now part of Evafics.net

Earlier today I received a Facebook message from the current owner of Evamade. Due to real life commitments she no longer has any time to fully realize her vision for the Evamade community. So I am now going to be integrating it into the Evafics.net archive site. That part shouldn't be an issue, I'll just have to add more stories from the deep dive. we'll be doing that a lot here I think, and anyone willing to help is appreciated. Just contact me when you have the time if you want to help.


Super Power Beat Down: Deadpool and Domino vs The Joker and Harley Quinn!

OK, there is a channel on Youtube called Bat in the Sun that produces Super Power Beat Down, a Web series that takes two characters of modern comics movies, whatevrr and puts it up to who would win in a fight. Tek hates it cause it's by popular vote... which is apparently how the GReen Ranger defeats Ryu from Street Fighter...

... I say if I can drop a giant Dragon Robot on you I win.

Anyway, here is Deadpool and Domino vs The Joker and Harley Quinn!


The Supreme Court Declares Gay Marriage Legal! Conan O'Brian Officiates Gay Wedding! (x-post from DhampirDreams.com)

This will probably be my only contribution to the discussion/Massive Torrent of noise round yesterday's Supreme Court Decision if only because I find it to be kick ass.

My position on Gay Marriage has always been along the lines of "I'm not Gay... I have bigger problems to deal with in my life." Let's be honest, if you don't find people of the same sex desirable then this doesn't change your life one damn bit, no matter what side you fall on the debate.


E3 2015 Monday

It's time for E3 this week. I have kept up as best I can, and already I've seen stuff to like. First off, the big thing for me. Xbox One will have full backwards compatibility with Xbox 360 games coming this holiday season. Combined with the 1TB model released this week and things are looking good.


Don't Like?

#000000" size="3">I've been thinking for a while about many things. It's interesting to note that in the fandoms we have been inundated with some idea that people are free to post what they want but are protected from having to answer or even receive negative commentary about their work. The idea of “IF you Don't Like it, Don't read it.” has infected all parts of life. Frankly it is an idea that needs to be stamped out.


Hail to the Queen, Baby!

#000000" face="Calibri" size="3">So I’ve been linked to a lot of “Men’s Right’s” posts condemning Mad Max: Fury Road. I haven’t’ seen the flick yet, frankly I think the only thing I dislike about it so far is the fact that Max (Tom Hardy) is the one doing the voice over in the trailer. I’ll go into that in another article, but it’s an artistic opinion. I wonder though, how many people, both with these alpha males and cheering Charlize Theron on understand how long Sci-Fi/Fantasy has had strong lead or supporting female characters.


Quotes from Characters of Imperium Nocturna

Here are some character Quotes from Imperium Nocturna.

“The first rule of fighting a war, is to realize that you are at war.” -Vlad Dracula Tepes, First High Councilor of the Imperium Nocturna 2030

The hard part isn’t drinking the blood of a human you just killed. It’s being able to look yourself in the mirror everyday after the first drop passes your lips.” -Leon Drake, to the Rev’d Marcus Shaw at the Holy Cathedral of Heavenly Grace, Chicago Illinois 2032


Classic Doctor Who on Hulu!

WEll, I was tooling around Hulu and I found something interesting. Now, if you have Netflix or Amazon Instant or any video service and enjoy Doctor Who Classic Episodes, you know tha tthese services do NOT have all of the Classic run on them. I'm not sure why or what BBC is doing, but they just don't.

Enter in Hulu which in fact seem to have the entire run of the Classic Series, including An Unearthly Child, Series 1 Episode 1. Thank you Hulu.


Station's Log – Stardate 68760.40

The Federation Council, at the behest of Kai Winn of Bajor have decided to host a conference on Starbase-42 focusing on the Spirituality of the Federation. There has been a vocal minority among the Bajoran people who have condemned Federation admission of Bajor on the grounds that the Federation is hostile to anyone who believes in higher powers. The accusation has been taken poorly behind closed doors. The part that troubles several officials is the possibility that they might be right.


DareDevil - The Netflix Series

So DareDevil came out last Friday, and pretty much everyone I know binge watched it. Everyone on every other geek site binge watched it, all like that. Frankly I don't care for, nor have the time all at once, to binge a 24 episode season. I like taking my time with a series, enjoying each episode, going away, thinking on it, then coming back. So I've ended up only at Episode 6 so far.

I tend to get pulled away at good parts at times as well.


Deep Dive for Old Fics

One of the things I want to do as I fix and recreate the story archive is go back into Archive.org and try to locate and repost old stories that have almost certainly been lost. We used to do this, acting as mirrors for eachother back when all anyone had was geocities websites and text files for our stories. No special php mysql stuff. IT made life a bit easier, or we at least linked directly to those text files.



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