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Just a quick update, "LIVE DRIVE!" has been syndicated under Scimax Media, and the debut show will be Monday night from 7PM-10PM Eastern time. Hope you'll join us! ^_^

scimaxmedia.net is the place to go. ^^


Star Wars: Tie Fighter - An 80's anime style short years in the making!

I found this a few days ago, only now getting a chance to post it. Someone spent something like four years working on this, creating an 80's anime style short for Star Wars, focused on the Empire. I don't know why, but Anime from before computer coloring and such seems so much more detailed and intracate then current stuff. I think it's because people go for the flat colors far too often, not enough shading or something.


Puttering Away

I thought I'd give an update to anyone keeping an eye on this page. I've gotten the majority of all needed and extra features active on the page. I'll keep working on new ideas but for now we should be at Feature Freeze. We'll be trying to get the legacy content properly imported into the system, and that will slowly but surely populate the story area.

I've added print outs of all the stories as html/pdf/epubs to read all at once, any improvements can be recommended in the suggestion box.


Current Features!

I figured you guys might appreciate an update on the site refit. Well right now we are processing through the stary database. Apparently there was a large amount of chapters not completely imported over when we did it the last time. Concidering how we have to go through now and manually attach chapters to stories, we're now also getting through and fixing these upload errors. IT's going to take a while, but we'll get through it. If you have time you can go through your accounts My Drafts aea and help fix things that way.


Station’s Log Stardate 68691.90

One of the interesting design decisions for Starbase-42 was to keep the enclosed Spacedock design from Starbase-1. The outer space doors sealing in ships that have been damaged or have needs which require a more protective area then just exposed space. The inside of the docking port is just massive when you consider it can fit a Galaxy-Class starship. The O’Neil Cylinder below that, and the additions of the primary anti-matter reactors that are used to provide power to the entire structure puts Starbase-42 closer to eight kilometers in length. Spacedock is only five.


Bug Report

Well, here I am telling you about some of the Nut's and Bolts of the page now. First off, it is going to get even easier to use the page over time. I'm hoping that we haven't done too much too fast, but so far everything seems to be working. I've squashed a bug in my user content management system so that is now operation normally. Any issues with it let me know, we can work on it.


We now have an IRC Channel!

I've had IRC channels setup for the groups for a while now but never did figure out how to present them to everyone. Well now here they are. If you look up at the menu on there you will see #(Group Name) Chat. Click that and it will take you to a javascript chat client page where you can join the chatroom and discuss whatever you want with everyone that joins in. Give it a shot. Things will be slow for a while until we get a regular crowd but don't give up on it. 

Imperium Nocturna

A long time ago, Red Star started a forum fic that ended up balloning into something major. I copied all of the entries on those threads and tried to originalize them some. I've taken that and have held on to the material. I have a lot of ideas I never wrote down that may have been forgotten. But for now, this is being setup as our First World. 


Epicon Reviews~Dracula: Untold

Before I begin, I wish to say one thing. To any fans of Stephanie Meyer's “Twilight” franchise, good on you. Enjoy your entirely ridiculous watering down and over-romanticizing of what makes a Vampire a FREAKING VAMPIRE (and, by extension, a Werewolf into a FRIGGING WEREWOLF!). I just don't see the appeal in this story: you have vampires who SPARKLE (READ PLEASE: S-P-A-R-K-L-E! AS IN TINKERBELL!) in sunlight, and have been around long enough to engage in the modern-day version of “mysterious teen angst”, as well as werewolves who hunt in large packs and look like BOY-BAND WANNA-BES.


Some newer things!

Well, I'm currently still trying to make things work better. It's a bit of a pain, but some things are improving slowly but surely. EPICON has helped out a lot in getting the main story archive edited and setup properly. I want to take this moment to thank him for that while I've been tweaking features and settings for the page. I'm hopefully going to soon be able to start shutting down certain things under the hood in order to speed some things up.


Stations Log: Stardate 68681.00

ONe of the things that has been attempted with this Starbase is to create something first concived of in the later half of the Twentith Century. It is a . The idea being that the inside of the station will have fields, parks, and several similar landscaps for our various visitors and passers by to take advantage of.


Epicon Reviews~The Angry Video Game Nerd: The Movie!

TITLE: The Angry Video Game Nerd: The Movie (commonly referred to by hardcore fans as "AVGN: The Movie")

Produced by: Cinnemassacre Productions (company run by James Rolfe. Producers were Rolfe, Finn, and Sean Keegan.)

Celebrities Involved: Sarah Glendening ("Nerdy" Girl Mandi), Stephen Mendel, Helena Barrett, Time Winters, Eddie Pepitone (as John Swanson (the Nerd's boss at "GameCop"), Bobby Charles Reed, Jeremy Suarez (as the Nerd's co-worker and assistant Cooper Folly), AND JAMES ROLFE AS THE ANGRY NERD!



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