Bookshelf - Drupal Based Story Archive

The Bookshelf project is an attempt to turn the content management framework of to the needs of people archiving stories and the communities built up around them. You can archive your story and build your community easily.

Built on the for improved content layout, Bookshelf provides content types and views panels needed to display and organize stories for your community.

Author profiles allow for display of content created by individual users, and an improved User Content Management System for each user as well.

Progress reports will be added as time allows.

Create your own Personal Homepage - Part 1

This is the first of a series of Videos I'm going to start producing about how one can create their own personal Homepage for their own use using features in Windows 10 and various other needs like PHP, MySQL, and maybe some other things.

One big thing is that no matter what, if I run into a problem I'm not editing it out. I'll cut from there and go find the answer to share with you, the viewers. Let me know how you find all of this.



IIS Drupal Development - Part 1

Drupal 8 Logo

I’m thinking of starting to develop my Bookshelf variants and Setting up development sites in my Windows System Natively. That would mean that instead of having a Virtual Box server, or a stack from Dev Desktop that I’d set everything up manually myself. And frankly, I think that alone might be interesting enough to try.


Drupal 8 Conceptions

Drupal 8 Logo

So, I’ve redone my computer recently, was trying to fix something on my phone and its communication with the desktop.

I’m tempted to try and either build a virtual Server in Virtual Box again, or go ahead and try to run Drupal in a Microsoft IIS server. Nothing says this is impossible, and with my needs it frankly might not be impossible. It’s an interesting idea in any case, and since all I want to do is mostly run PHP Drupal Related code and configuration, it’s not unreasonable to me.


Aquia Dev Desktop

Aquia Dev Desktop

One of the Easier ways I’ve found to start running a local development setup of Drupal on Windows 10 is by using Aquia’s Dev Desktop package. Dev Desktop provides you with a working setup for Apache, Mysql, and PHP along with a running Drush command line program you can in fact run from console. This is one of the major things a person developing in Drupal needs.


Bookshelf Purpose

Welcome back to the bookshelf!

Recently I rebuilt Fanbards using the modules I created in Features in order to provide some kind of ease of use for archiving. I’ve still ended up with a ton of modules though. I’ll be working on pruning that later.

But as I have worked on this build, I have come to realize that a lot of what I did on this site might not be reasonably included in a feature set meant to be general enough for every possible use case.

Progress Report 05-11-2016

Progress on Bookshelf continues, even though I haven’t been able to get it completely done yet. I’m trying to both get a good setup for users and I have to figure out the setup for management by editors and admin. That maybe a bit more difficult than just the User CMS. There needs to be a way for someone to edit other people’s content if they have accepted permissions while maintaining their own user content area and not making them end up seeing everyone’s content from there.

Need to check with the Drupal guys on that.



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