Bookshelf - Drupal Based Story Archive

The Bookshelf project is an attempt to turn the content management framework of to the needs of people archiving stories and the communities built up around them. You can archive your story and build your community easily.

Built on the for improved content layout, Bookshelf provides content types and views panels needed to display and organize stories for your community.

Author profiles allow for display of content created by individual users, and an improved User Content Management System for each user as well.

Progress reports will be added as time allows.

Public vs Moderated vs Private

So, I’m working on the bookshelf public structure and I get to thinking about what I should offer in the end. Obviously everything I’m doing is built around the concepts you see in, a public open community where anyone can create stories and add to the database. No problem with that. I’ve also considered the Closed/Moderated Scenario, where the Author becomes a content type and the public CAN’T create content freely, only the administration and editing teams could.


Bookshelf Features Modules

Pen and Parchment

Bookshelf is a project I work on when I have time. Part of the reason being that I have to work in order to live. So while development is NOT fast it does happen. Mostly right now I’m creating views and pages with panels and panel layouts. Thing is that mobile is really the way things go layout wise. I get a few demand for better Mobile Support, but that’s a layout issue really. Not sure how much I should put into a few modules.

Right now it’s all features modules. So while I can share some work, it’s really just views and panels. So what do you do?


Update for 12-17-2015

So I want to ensure that my install profile/features module for Drupal is as capable as I can make it. Right now that means working in D7 and monitoring D8.

The major issue presenting itself right now relates to user navigation through stories. I’ll be trying to figure them out as I can. Right now I can recreate a large portion of what Bookshelf needs in D8. But not everything.

I’m still trying to get to a point for testing the D7 version, but it is easier as I am just recreating Fanbards without content.

Will keep you apprised.


Progress Report 10/18/2015

So, I’ve been working on the profile some and trying to finish getting the content from the current setup cleaned up and posted proper. IT’s a tedious process and life gets in the way often. One of the things I’m having issues with is the Next previous links for the navigation side of things through a story. It’s not going to be too easy to do in Drupal 8 if I keep with the way I’m doing it, mostly because the module is not really supported anymore, so I’m investigating a better way to handle the navigation portion.


Project Bookshelf: Discussion Group Open

This is to let you all know that the Bookshelf Group is now open. Bookshelf is my name for the Drupal setup I have here on Fanbards, and will try to turn into something that can be shared with anyone for any type of writer's community. Anyone interested in joining the discussion or ading their support can join me there and keep track of my progress, offer suggestions, or provide some assistence.


Sharing the work!

Bookshelf will be where all work towards improving the Fanbards site and the Drupal shell for similar sites will take place. You can come in and discuss features requests in the forums, comment on posts, and basically help out as we try and create a better site solution both for Fanbards and other sites with similar missions.



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