Our Mission!

One of the things I’m hoping to do with the group is create new worlds for everyone to take part in. I’m hoping that as I research, create, and develop others will chip in ideas, or stories, or artwork to support this endeavor. The idea being that we shouldn’t JUST be fans of stories and reinterpret them. WE need to spend time creating new worlds and populating them with ordinary people in extraordinary situations. We need to come up with races and beings and philosophies beyond that which we already know.

In a way it’s why you see more reboots and sequels instead of original movies or series these days. We are playing it safe, wanting to see things in stories we already know, already feel comfortable in. So that is what this group is about. Taking the road less traveled, the road we haven’t journeyed down. And so I work on new ideas and hope you guys are willing to work with me to create new ideas, or as Gene Rodenberry once said, “New Worlds and New Civilizations”.

It’s time we forsake just the idea of the familiar and look towards the unknown again.

SO come by, join the forum and help us start some ideas and discussions. I’ll post things here and link to things on reddit from , , , and . I’m hoping that this will help build more ideas for worlds and universes from everyone.

Join me as we create our own realities. This is our mission, to explore possibilities and trails of thought to a destination unknown.