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Create your own Personal Homepage - Part 1

This is the first of a series of Videos I'm going to start producing about how one can create their own personal Homepage for their own use using features in Windows 10 and various other needs like PHP, MySQL, and maybe some other things.

One big thing is that no matter what, if I run into a problem I'm not editing it out. I'll cut from there and go find the answer to share with you, the viewers. Let me know how you find all of this.



Xbox Game Pass Release Date

Earlier this year, Microsoft announced a new game service. For a monthly cost of $9.99 USD a month, you will be able to download and play any game made available through the service on your Xbox One.

So for the cost of Netflix you will have full access to at least a hundred Xbox 360 and Xbox One games. There will also be a discount if you chose to buy any game currently on the service, as like with Netflix there will be shifts in the content. The line up will change over time, so you may need to still purchase a game you enjoy if you want to keep it.


IIS Drupal Development - Part 1

Drupal 8 Logo

I’m thinking of starting to develop my Bookshelf variants and Setting up development sites in my Windows System Natively. That would mean that instead of having a Virtual Box server, or a stack from Dev Desktop that I’d set everything up manually myself. And frankly, I think that alone might be interesting enough to try.


Drupal 8 Conceptions

Drupal 8 Logo

So, I’ve redone my computer recently, was trying to fix something on my phone and its communication with the desktop.

I’m tempted to try and either build a virtual Server in Virtual Box again, or go ahead and try to run Drupal in a Microsoft IIS server. Nothing says this is impossible, and with my needs it frankly might not be impossible. It’s an interesting idea in any case, and since all I want to do is mostly run PHP Drupal Related code and configuration, it’s not unreasonable to me.


Importing and cleaning Stories


We have finally gotten all the kinks out of our importing protocols. So now you should start seeing the story pages populate with content. As we go through and double check our cleaning you'll see more stories from the past show up.

I have the importers set to run once every 24 hours. So check back daily for new/old content in the story archive.



So, I fucked up the Web Server today.

Was trying to figure out how to get something that was supposed to protect the Drupal database from bad shit installed. Managed to fucker the server up so bad that even the GoDaddy support tech couldn’t get admin access.

Ain’t This a Bitch.


Aquia Dev Desktop

Aquia Dev Desktop

One of the Easier ways I’ve found to start running a local development setup of Drupal on Windows 10 is by using Aquia’s Dev Desktop package. Dev Desktop provides you with a working setup for Apache, Mysql, and PHP along with a running Drush command line program you can in fact run from console. This is one of the major things a person developing in Drupal needs.



One of the types of processes you will want to have setup are preconceived actions. Responses say to someone saving off a new piece of content. Or someone say, marks a forum post to be followed. Well then you have things you want to happen at that point. Actions that shouldn’t need a human there to execute. In Drupal 7, you go to Rules for that.


Bookshelf Purpose

Welcome back to the bookshelf!

Recently I rebuilt Fanbards using the modules I created in Features in order to provide some kind of ease of use for archiving. I’ve still ended up with a ton of modules though. I’ll be working on pruning that later.

But as I have worked on this build, I have come to realize that a lot of what I did on this site might not be reasonably included in a feature set meant to be general enough for every possible use case.

Fanbards Site Reboot

So I’ve been working on trying to create a Drupal Feature Set that takes everything I've tried to do for Fanbards and put it into something that others could use for their own story archives and communities. I'm also hoping it will help me fix things with out doing what this post will be describing every time.

My goal is to improve things on the page and hopefully increase some community involvement. The big things I’ll describe here, and open up the comments for discussion.

• Bookshelf


New Rogue One Trailer!

The newest trailer for Rogue One Dropped last night after the Olympics. I've had to be at work at 5am each morning this week so I'm only now getting to post the trailer for your enjoyment.

This gives us more information on the story, and the characters. I think it looks like a great run here and I'm looking forward to more.



Suicide Squad

Got to see the Thursday night showing of Suicide Squad at the local theater. There was a line here in Granbury for the first showing.

I had a grand ol' time indeed.

The movie was a great flick. It brought us back into the world we last saw with the Death of Superman. We aren’t going to see much in the way of the heroes though. No, they only serve as a story point as we get to meet some of the worst criminals this world has to offer. Acting on orders from a covert part of the US Government. Succeed, get time off your sentence. Fail, you die.


Star Trek: Discovery

Star Trek: Discovery Logo

We’ve seen some great stuff from the San Diego Comic Con this last week. And a lot of it revolving around next years big movies and series.

This includes CBS streaming only Star Trek Series, which now has a name.

Star Trek: Discovery

And just from what I've seen so far it looks like they will be basing the U.S.S. Discovery off Ralph Macquarie’s original Phase II Enterprise concept design. That frankly looks like it might make an interesting ship once we see what’s coming from the plot.


Wonder Woman Trailer

The first full trailer of Wonder Woman was released at the San Diego Comic Con this week. And just by watching that I can tell this is going to be a kick ass movie. They’ve moved the events that define the origins of the character from World War II back to World War I, but in it’s own way that might be best.

WWII has too many secret wars occuring as it is. Working in a different historical event will give them a bit more room without the stock Nazi bad guys.

We’ll get to find out next year.


Working in Word Mobile on the Desktop

So I decided to work on some thoughts. And sometimes the best way to do that is to find a subject and just think on it, write, and go from there. So Today I decided I would see how Word Mobile, the Universal Window Program for Word, worked in it’s full sized version on my Windows 10 Desktop. Since I don’t have anywhere near the cash needed to create a stand alone Continuum Setup, this is the next best thing when it comes to working on a specific program.


Progress Report 05-11-2016

Progress on Bookshelf continues, even though I haven’t been able to get it completely done yet. I’m trying to both get a good setup for users and I have to figure out the setup for management by editors and admin. That maybe a bit more difficult than just the User CMS. There needs to be a way for someone to edit other people’s content if they have accepted permissions while maintaining their own user content area and not making them end up seeing everyone’s content from there.

Need to check with the Drupal guys on that.



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