Drupal 8 Conceptions

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So, I’ve redone my computer recently, was trying to fix something on my phone and its communication with the desktop.

I’m tempted to try and either build a virtual Server in Virtual Box again, or go ahead and try to run Drupal in a Microsoft IIS server. Nothing says this is impossible, and with my needs it frankly might not be impossible. It’s an interesting idea in any case, and since all I want to do is mostly run PHP Drupal Related code and configuration, it’s not unreasonable to me.

I’ve been getting by using Aquia’s Dev Desktop stack, and it works well. If I didn’t need to use Windows 10 Pro for it I might get more out of kalabox, but it’s requirements prohibit me from using it right now.

Of course there is the usual VirtualBox build, but let’s be honest, Bookshelf is NOT my site, it’s a configuration framework for YOU to build sites LIKE mine.

I also am pondering ways this might evolve. Right now, I just have an open community using the original Drupal 7 build plus adjustments I made as I created it. For Drupal 8 I need to address some thoughts. How should Bookshelf be conceived for one.

Should it remain only about stories? Or should we look at the Bookshelf as a Bookshelf. If that’s the case, then how many of us ONLY use bookshelves for Books? How many of us use them for Pictures, or Movies? How many put up toys and other things in a sort of decoration?

Should Bookshelf be more along those lines?

I’d appreciate any input anyone wants to provide.