Quotes from Characters of Imperium Nocturna

Here are some character Quotes from Imperium Nocturna.

“The first rule of fighting a war, is to realize that you are at war.” -Vlad Dracula Tepes, First High Councilor of the Imperium Nocturna 2030
The hard part isn’t drinking the blood of a human you just killed. It’s being able to look yourself in the mirror everyday after the first drop passes your lips.” -Leon Drake, to the Rev’d Marcus Shaw at the Holy Cathedral of Heavenly Grace, Chicago Illinois 2032
“A warrior doesn’t care about the honor of others. They are only concerned with their own.” Hassan Mosaddegh to Mary, 2037
“The infinite potential of man has been expressed in a myriad of ways over the centuries. But from that potential that brought us the most breathtaking, soul touching artwork also came the nightmare of the Wrath.” –Then Bishop Andreas Giovanni before the College of Cardinals during Conclave, 2026
“We do the work of Allah, to cleanse to world of the infidels. Little did we know that the touch of Allah would bring out their true darkness.” – Supreme Ayatollah Musadda to the Council of Clerics After Wrath Spread, 2027
“I would not still be alive, had I not come to terms with the price of immortality.” – Vlad Dracula to Leon Drake prior to the Battle of Paris 2035
“All that matters is the pack. We fight with our brothers and sisters, and if needed die with them. But no matter what, we fight and die so our pack may live.” – Captain Cyrus Grey to Captain Leon Drake during the Berlin Seige, 2036
“Even though these children have seen the worst the world has to offer, they will be the ones to build the new world and bring it from the darkness.” – Father ShawThought

Thought I'd share these little tiddbits with everyone as I came up with them a while ago.