Public vs Moderated vs Private

So, I’m working on the bookshelf public structure and I get to thinking about what I should offer in the end. Obviously everything I’m doing is built around the concepts you see in, a public open community where anyone can create stories and add to the database. No problem with that. I’ve also considered the Closed/Moderated Scenario, where the Author becomes a content type and the public CAN’T create content freely, only the administration and editing teams could.

But what about a bookshelf build with the idea of a personal site. Like what I do on That has a few things shared, but also has its own conciderations. Structurally it’s a midway point between Public and Moderated. You don’t have the author as a separate content type, but the public can’t create new content beyond commenting on entries, maybe forum topic creation.

I’m thinking of trying to build a bookshelf build. Something where you and I can go and work from on that side. It’s not easy, a lot of it would probably need to be integrated into the current systems you use to build a stand-alone site, but it raises its own questions. Mostly from the viewpoint of editing/content management.

I’ll think on it and start building a that deals with this idea. If anything I want to have SOMETHING where I can point to each as an example of how Bookshelf would work.