Aquia Dev Desktop

Aquia Dev Desktop

One of the Easier ways I’ve found to start running a local development setup of Drupal on Windows 10 is by using Aquia’s Dev Desktop package. Dev Desktop provides you with a working setup for Apache, Mysql, and PHP along with a running Drush command line program you can in fact run from console. This is one of the major things a person developing in Drupal needs.

Now, as it relates to the kind of development I do, Aquia is decent. It gets you into a good working Drupal instance quickly, and mostly stable. You can go about working on your project and even package it ready to migrate to a live server.

Configuration of PHP, MySQL, and Apache occur within Dev Desktops configuration. You don't have to go looking for where my.cnf or the appropriate php.ini is. The system makes it easy to find.

Then we get to one of the interesting options. Once you have your work ready for more public development, you can deploy your project to Aquia’s Development Cloud. This gives you a bridge between local and remote development and testing.

These options are great, especially if you plan to host on Aquia’s cloud network. But that can cost, upwards of $100USD a site per month. That's costly for a guy running a small story archive/blog.

All in all it's a good simple stack with a one stop download so you can get your work done.