The State of Things


I had to bring the new page online faster than I expected. There may be some issues, but hopefully they won’t cause too many problems. If you encounter anything causing you problems let me know in some way shape or form. If you know how to fix it, all the better.

First on the things I’ve done in this build.

  • User Dashboard

I have reset and reconfigured the user dashboard. Last time I used the drupal module Home Box to build our dashboard. It however had some issues that I didn’t care for. This time I’ve basically created a from scratch page in panels and combined it with some views panes and quicktabs blocks. So now you can access everything you might need to access from those blocks. Any thoughts on that and opinions are welcome

  • User Twitter

You can now go to your dashboard and click where it says Twitter. You’ll be able to add your accounts there and authorize the site to post for you. Once you do that, every time you post a new story or chapter, the site will automatically post a twitter post for you.

  • Autopost to Facebook

We now have the site setup to automatically post new content to one of our five Facebook pages. As with Twitter, every time you post a new story or chapter, it will be automatically posted to one of the associated Facebook Pages. This can have a post to your timeline added in the future, but I haven’t instituted it yet due to not being able to find a way to make that part user selectable. I may say to heck with it at some point anyways, as the process requires you to authorize the page to post for you.

  • Roles needing to be filled

As with most every type of community I have need of people to help with certain operations. I require Moderators for the Forum, Editors willing to look through and edit some content for basic formatting issues and such, as well as people willing to be contributors to the page. I’ll write up more about that later with more explanation about what each role will be needed to do.

Those are the big things. The biggest thing right now is that we are taking a second swing at legacy content. Myself and BlackSun are working on it, and have importers setup to pull in new content. The user points for legacy users will be a bit off until we finish all of them. System is doubling the points granted for some reason.

Any further questions feel free to comment.