The Final Assignment - Requiem of a Soul Trapped





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This is the story of Rei's final class assignment before the 16th angel attack. Since this is an AU, expect things to turn out a little differently. This story is also a fusion between a poem and a fic, so it might seem a little odd. It is also a one-shot. After all, I think the story wraps itself up quite nicely.

While this version remains unchanged from when it was first posted to DS, its a bit different than the one posted to FFN. Since I believe that it was indeed an improvement over the original, it only makes sense that I put it back up here - just in case someone comes along and sees it that hasn't seen it before.

As always, comments of any kind are greatly appreciated.


  1. The Final Assignment - Requiem of a Soul Trapped

    There are many things in this world. There are the elements: Fire, water, earth, and wind. There are the seasons: Winter, spring, summer, and fall. There are flowers: The lotus, the rose, the lily, and the lowly daffodil... Things that excite the spirit, ignite the imagination, and free the soul.

    We tend not to think about these things, though, as we rush through our lives. After all, of what importance is a rose if it is crushed under an uncaring heel?

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