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My very first multi-chapter fic. Kind of old, but some people still tend to like it. Strongly Shinji/Asuka and Touji/Hikari. Bring a toothbrush, it gets sappy...

  1. "So, Shinji, do you want to kiss me?" Shinji Ikari's mind started racing, -is she
    serious? Am I dreaming or
    something? Maybe I'm still in the entry
    plug somehow...- "Well do you or not? It's not that big of a deal, just a way to
    kill time." Shinji looked at Asuka
    Langley Souryu, who was now standing up and regarding him intently.

    For the first time in months, Shinji was mad - very
    mad. "You think it's ok to play with my
    feelings like this? Like this is a

  2. "Asuka!!" Asuka slowly became aware of a rhythmic
    pounding sound, dragging her up from unconsciousness. "G'way!" she mumbled
    angrily, and tried to return to the pleasant dream she had been having
    (something about being held close and rocked to sleep).

    "Asuka, wake up!!
    Shinji's gone!" It was Misato's
    voice, sounding very worried. Asuka
    tried to sit up and found that she could not, most likely due to the arms that
    were holding her tightly in place. She
    looked down, confused.

  3. Misato stood alone, the harsh light coming up from below
    made her feel hot. She had been here
    three hours already.

    "Major Katsuragi," one of the disembodied voices spoke to
    her, "you STILL refuse to let us question the one person who had a direct part
    in this incident, the pilot of Evangelion unit 01?"

    She suppressed a frustrated sigh, answering the question for
    at least the fourth time, "Yes sir. I
    feel that the pressure of being brought into this situation would have an
    adverse effect on his psyche."

  4. Winging
    toward Tokyo-3, the massive carrier holding Evangelion unit 03 sailed smoothly
    through the sky like a falcon in search of pray. "This is carrier designate: Harbinger, requesting status on
    cumulonimbus formation in flight path, over."
    The pilot expected no problems, but felt that the motto 'better safe
    than sorry' definitely applied when transporting multi-billion dollar

  5. Central Dogma was still as
    death. The echoes of Shinji Ikari's
    scream had long since faded, and none of the technicians were exactly sure what
    to do next, as all external commands were being shut off by the EVA's
    pilot. Hyouga Makoto spoke first, "Shinji, if the commander hadn't activated
    the dummy system, you would have been killed!"

    Shinji's quiet voice came back from the com system, "That's
    not the point..."

    Maya Ibuki spoke up, "He's right Shinji, we ALL would have
    been killed."

  6. Day one

    Misato Katsuragi was staring at the heavily bandaged Unit
    01, "So there is a chance he can be brought back?"

    Ritsuko Akagi looked up from her computer terminal, "There
    is a chance. Everything that makes
    Shinji, well, Shinji, is still in the entry plug. We tried once before, with the test pilot of Unit 01... but we were
    not successful"

  7. "Shinji? Will you play your cello for me?" Asuka asked quietly, one rainy evening. It had been two weeks since he had been recovered from Unit 01,
    and Shinji had been only too happy to pick up their relationship where it had
    left off (afraid, at first, that so much time might have cooled her feelings
    for him). Asuka, it seemed, felt much
    the same way - and a lot more so, as she never left his side for more than a
    few minutes at a time.

  8. Shinji Ikari carefully edged his purple mecha around the building he was using for cover and looked for his target. Spying the black and white shape, he tightened his grip on his progressive knife and crept closer.

    "You're all mine," he whispered with a smile. He reversed his grip and brought the knife over his Unit's head, poised for the strike.

    It was only his combat training and reflexes that made him move slightly to the side, saving him from losing his Unit's head as something large and silver collided with him and bore him to the ground.

  9. "Ohh!!"
    Asuka groaned in despair, "Not today!!"

    poked his head around the edge of the door to the room they shared, pulling on
    his undershirt as he went, "What? What is it?" Though he could not see his love
    (the bathroom door was shut) the note of unhappiness in her voice drew him like
    the proverbial moth to the flame.

    hated to see her unhappy.

    don't wanna go tonight," she said miserably, "can we stay home?"

  10. Hikari
    Suzuhara closed her eyes and bit her lip, trying not to cry out as Ritsuko
    Akagi performed the examination. She tried to think of happy things as the
    blonde explored her body with an expressionless look on her face, and then let
    out a long sigh of relief as it ended. -Oh please...- she thought, "please never
    let me have to go through that again.-

  11. Shinji
    Ikari knocked softly on the door of room three-oh-three, then opened it slowly
    and stepped inside, a soft frown on his face.
    Touji Suzuhara looked up for only a moment, barely acknowledging
    Shinji's presence with a slight nod before returning his attention to Hikari's
    inert form.

    walked over to his friend and put his hand lightly on his shoulder. He did not ask how the other boy's wife was
    doing - he didn't have to... the of life-support machines that she was connected
    to spoke eloquently enough.

  12. Kimiko Suzuhara knew something bad was going to happen.

    It's not that she was psychic, or had any kind of sixth sense - indeed, the basic senses that she DID posses had been severely hampered by her injuries... though against all odds, she actually was getting better.

    No, it was more a premonition. A feeling that things were just not quite right with the world.

    "So... she's doing worse?" she asked quietly, willing her young visitor to look her in the eyes.

  13. Hikari
    Suzuhara felt like she was floating. She
    opened her eyes slowly, and found herself lying naked on a beach. Shinji Ikari was lying next to her, also
    naked, "Are we... dead?" she whispered.

    don't know," Shinji admitted. He sat up and looked around. Noticing that she was naked, he averted his
    eyes, blushing, "Sorry..."

    ok..." she blushed also, folding her arms over her breasts.

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