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A seemingly routine mission to Germany goes horribly wrong, resulting in a very different end to the Evangelion story. Violence, language, and romantic/sexual elements. Pretty heavily skewed towards Shinji/Hikari. Completed in November of 2002.

  1. Shinji Ikari raised the heavy pistol to eye level and
    carefully edged around the corner of the door. He sighed, "I think we're ok for

    He turned to look at his shivering companion, Hikari Horaki,
    "Are... you sure?" She whispered, her eyes wide. Since this ordeal had begun, Hikari had been
    stoic and downright courageous... but the strain was starting to get to her - as
    was the presence of the dead body in the room.

  2. Hikari Horaki woke up screaming. It was the same dream... it was ALWAYS the same
    dream since she had returned home. The
    man, powerfully built, crushing Shinji's throat slowly with a smile on his
    face... Shinji, trying to fight him off but hopelessly overpowered - his
    struggles weakening... the gun, heavy and cold in her hands, kicking hard as it
    discharged once... twice... three times, sending the man sprawling off of Shinji
    with a gaping hole in the side of his head.

    She sobbed softly.

  3. "Damn..." Shinji Ikari whispered quietly, shivering in the
    dark as the dream chased unconsciousness away.
    Though he was physically warm, he could not shake the deep cold that
    gripped him inside. As his eyes adjusted
    to the dark, he stared up at the unfamiliar ceiling with a frown. The woman beside him stirred, but did not
    wake - much to his relief.

  4. "My name is Kaworu Nagisa," the boy with the gray hair said, smiling softly at the other pilots, "it's nice to meet you."

    "Kaworu is going to be our backup pilot," Misato Katsuragi announced, her voice sounding slightly hollow as she looked down at the floor, "are there any questions?"

    "Backup for which Unit?" Asuka Langley Souryu asked, frowning faintly.

    "Any that need it," the purple-haired woman said flatly, unwilling to coddle the Second Child, "if anything happens to any one of you, Kaworu will step in."

  5. "No... please, God NO!!"

    Behind me, someone I knew very well was begging for their


    I inched forward along the narrow corridor, pulling myself
    along with one hand and my knees, my other hand clutching at the hole in my
    lower chest, trying to staunch the flow of blood leaving my body.


    Gunfire again.

    "Sempai..." I moaned, trying to crawl faster as my superior's
    cries for mercy were forever silenced.

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