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A story about Rei's quest to find meaning in her life, with Shinji's help. Completed in August of 2002.

  1. Rei Ayanami was not what most people considered to be an
    overly emotional girl. In fact, some
    questioned whether or not she HAD feelings at all. Shinji Ikari had always felt different, and had even seen her
    smile once (even if it had been his suggestion), but being a shy boy he didn't
    quite know how to approach her.

    However, even given his conviction that she might have more
    emotion than she let on (or was capable of showing), his mouth dropped open as
    she gently laid a hand on his arm as he got up to leave school one day.

  2. Rei showed up exactly at the appointed time, ringing the doorbell at precisely 5:00 and 00 seconds. Asuka answered the door, much to their mutual displeasure. Rei did not exactly dislike the blue-eyed girl, but her presence meant that she would undoubtedly interfere with Rei's lesson. Asuka, on the other hand, absolutely hated the First Child. She could not stand anything that reminded her of dolls... and Rei DEFINITELY reminded her of a doll.

    "What do you want, Wondergirl?" Asuka asked, not bothering to hide her irritation.

  3. It
    was not going well. Shinji had his
    hands clasped over his ears as the cello made a terrible screeching sound. Asuka had stormed out an hour prior,
    mumbling something about going to a construction site for some quiet. It was
    two weeks since the first lesson, and Rei had not improved... at all.

    enough for today, Ayanami." He yelled, blinking at the sudden quiet.

    do not understand why I cannot play this melody, it is fairly basic." Rei said
    calmly, ignoring Shinji's thankful sigh.

  4. Several
    days later, things were looking up. Rei
    could play a basic tune, though she still did not feel happy, she did feel
    slightly better... especially when Shinji focussed his undivided attention on
    her. If asked, she would not be able to
    tell exactly what it was about his gaze that pleased her... only that it did.

  5. In spite of the heavy instrument he was currently lugging up
    the third of four flights of stairs, and the sounds of construction coming from
    outside, Shinji was a very happy young man.

    "Are you certain that you do not require assistance?" Rei
    asked as he wrestled the big black case around the corner, "I would not mind."

  6. Odd... odd that she should think of music at a time likes this. ((Why would my last lesson be recalled now?)) Rei asked herself as she descended into the depths of Terminal Dogma with excruciating slowness.

    "AHHH!!!" Asuka screamed again as the orbiting angel penetrated further into her mind, "No... PLEASE GOD NO!!!!"

    For the tenth time, Rei reached for the switch to deactivate the communications system, and for the tenth time, she stayed her hand, ((I... I may need further orders...)) she thought, though the real reason was far more intricate than that.

  7. Asuka
    sat in a square of yellow tape, cordoned off from the rest of the world. Her arms were wrapped around her knees as
    she watched Unit 02 being returned to its cage.

    I'm... I'm glad you're ok..." Shinji called for the parameter of the tape.

    looked over her shoulder, considering him, then smiled... a wan smile, but a
    smile nonetheless, "I'm ok because of you, Shinji..." she whispered.

  8. Rei walked to school quietly, thinking of all that had
    happened in the last few weeks. The
    cello lessons had continued, but they mostly consisted of Shinji listening to
    her play, as she had become... not his equal, but at least skilled enough to
    handle things on her own without his guidance.

    It pleased her that she was doing well, and it pleased her
    to observe him listening to her play... with his head tilted slightly to the side
    and a small smile on his lips.

  9. Rei
    sat quietly by Shinji's bedside and stared at his impassive face. - Why will you not awaken?- she thought
    sadly, -It has been two days now...-

    right hand was clasped firmly around his, gently wrapping her slender fingers
    around his unresponsive ones. In her
    free hand she clutched a small box. 'It
    was in his hand when they found him...' Misato had said as she handed it to Rei.
    'He... he must have been looking at it when he...' she had broken off, unable to

  10. Rei helped Shinji out of the blue Alpine slowly, taking
    great care to avoid hitting his head on the roof of the vehicle. "Watch out,"
    she said in her quiet voice, "I do not wish you to return to the hospital so

    Shinji smiled as he got his crutch under his arm, "Thanks
    Rei..." He looked up at the apartment building.
    Though it had only been two weeks since he was last here, it felt like
    an eternity.

  11. Asuka Langley Souryu was insane. Of this fact Rei had no
    doubt, but she could not convince anyone else.
    Misato waved her odd behavior away as nothing more than stress, and
    Shinji saw nothing at all out of the ordinary (she could not fault him for
    that, though... Asuka was being friendly to him, and Shinji clung to any scrap of
    affection that came his way without question.)

  12. Rei looked down at the bulging veins running the length of
    her body and wept. She wept for all
    that she had become... she wept for all that she must now lose... and she wept for
    the boy that she loved and would never see again.

    She felt the angel work itself deeper into her mecha, and
    herself, and she knew that time was short.

  13. "Shinji...
    Shinji?" Shinji opened his eyes
    and looked around.

    "Oh... hi Kaworu, what's up?" The red-eyed boy was standing
    over his bed, smiling.

    "I was wondering if you would like to join me for a movie,"
    The Fifth Child said easily, "I am bored."

    Shinji looked away from his new-found friend, "I don't know...
    I don't really feel like going anywhere..."

  14. Shinji sat in room three-oh-three and stared sadly at the girl lying still in the room's sole bed. "Asuka?" he whispered, "Can you hear me?"

    The redhead made no reply, just continued to look blankly around the room. It was disconcerting to watch, as it appeared that she was taking in the scenery... but her eyes never rested, they just kept traveling around the room.

  15. Asuka's life had been filled with pain, both physical and emotional.

    When she was four, she had fallen down the stairs and broken her leg. Just a simple, clean break... but it had still hurt like hell.

    When she was seven, her mother had taken her own life, and very nearly Asuka's as well.

    By the time she was fourteen, she had endured more hardships than most people see in a lifetime. However, nothing in her past could have prepared her for the searing pain the Lance's entry into Unit 02 caused her.

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