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Whoever said war was hell, has never seen the competition in the video game industries. In a strange twist of fate Shinji Ikari has found himself at the center of the madness. Now he must carry out his job as Sony's top intelligence officer and try to avoid a psych evaluation while he’s at it.

  1. "Welcome to Sony Mister Ikari. Shinji Ikari quickly stood and shook the man's outstretched hand.

    "Thank you.

    "I'm George Black. It's nice to meet you.

    "Its nice to meet you too sir, Shinji said. George sat down behind his desk and Shinji did the same.

    "I've been going over your resume, George said. "You seem like a highly qualified individual. The courses you took in college have given you the background that we like to see in our employees.

    "Thank you Mister Black, Shinji said.

  2. Gendo Ikari looked around his office carefully and pulled off his glasses. "I feel like shit.

    "You look it. Gendo yelped in surprise and tried to jam his sunglasses back into place, nearly gouging out his eyes again. "Been drinking again?

    "Shut up Sensei. Kozo Fuyutsuki sighed and slapped a thick folder down on the younger man's desk. "What's that?

    "Our funding from the UN has been cut, Kozo said.

    "What? Gendo shrieked. He ripped the folder open and began reading through it. "This is bull shit!

  3. "This is very troubling George.

    "If it's true sir, George said as he glanced through the papers. He didn't like how this was sounding. "Remember the Dolphin sir? We spent millions trying to track those buggers down and it turned out to be a hoax.

    "NERV is a legitimate corporation, the business suited man said. "This is their official statement.

    "Don't you think that its odd that a military company would become a video game company? George asked.

  4. Something was wrong. Shinji could feel it in the air. One hand slid under his pillow and wrapped around the pistol grip of his pistol. He opened one eye and glanced around his bedroom.

    "You wouldn't dare. Shinji's alarm clock was perched on his bedside table. During the night it had maneuvered two rulers up onto the table and made a crude ramp. The mechanical incarnation of Satan was currently resting at the base of the rulers. "Okay you would, but I will see you dismantled if you do.

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