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Complete rewrite of the original 02, told from a first person point of view. SxA as before.

  1. It started with a kiss...in that moment I had, for the first time in my
    life, known what it was like to be connected to another person. For those brief
    few moments when I kissed him, I was not alone but like all of my dreams, it
    too came to an end when he pulled away from me.

  2. After Kaji had left and Asuka had stormed off to bed, I
    decided to turn in as well. We had school come morning and my grades hadn't
    been exactly fantastic so I though it might do me some good to get at least a
    little rest. I was still somewhat troubled by what had happened between me and
    Asuka, I wasn't quite sure what had gotten her so mad at me but I resolved
    myself to try and make it up to her somehow. I was then I remembered the new
    recipe I had been saving for just such an occasion, one I was fairly certain

  3. The messages continued right up until the lunch bell rang. I
    would never have expected everyone to be so interested in such a simple thing
    as Shinji and I holding hands. I had even risked a glance back at him to see of
    he was suffering a similar fate only to find he was sleeping. Something
    immediately struck me as wrong with this situation, if he had been receiving
    messages, there was no way he would be resting like that, the constant beeping
    would be keeping him awake. That meant they were not messaging him. Why they

  4. Once more, I found myself standing at the door to my room,
    peering out through the smallest of gaps, watching as her naked body was bathed
    in moonlight. I watched, entranced, never realising she had started turning,
    slowing moving towards me. Her arms moved from her sides, covering both her
    breasts and the juncture of her thighs. I moved my gaze upwards, towards her
    face and in that instant I was frozen to the spot as our eyes met. The moment
    passed and I turned and fled from her gaze, fearing what she would do to me if

  5. The journey to Nerv was terrifying as usual, Misato breaking
    just about every traffic law imaginable as we headed across the city. When a
    car just missed us by the merest fraction of an inch, I subconsciously reached
    out and captured Shinji's hand in my own, the warmth of his palm comforting me
    to some extent. It was strange, for some reason he had chosen to sit in the
    back with me today rather than taking his usual position in the front seat next
    to Misato. I offered silent thanks to whatever force had caused this sudden

  6. I woke that morning feeling somewhat light-headed, the
    protests from my mid-section informing me I was hungry, prompting me to get up
    and make something to eat. Knowing there was a synch test scheduled for today I
    decided that it would be a sensible idea; sitting in the plug for hours on an
    empty stomach was bound to effect not only my concentration but as the test
    usually went through lunch as well, therefore I would be feeling terrible by
    the time I got out. I headed out of my room and into the shower, letting the

  7. I felt tears burning my eyes before they were lost amongst
    the LCL that surrounded me, even as I looked at the place where, but a moment
    before, Unit-01 had stood. I think I began to understand something then, I
    began to see what it was that drove Shinji to pilot an Eva. I heard a story
    from Misato a while ago, she told me that when Shinji first arrived at Nerv he
    refused to pilot, the Commander had ordered the First Child brought out,
    despite the fact she was injured. From what she told me something had happened

  8. I could feel that unfamiliar emotion stirring inside of me
    once again. In the past few days, it has been bothering me, flaring up when I
    am close to him. Initially I considered asking someone about this feeling, then
    realising that would be foolish; the Commander believed such things to be
    without purpose and thus I should not allow myself to experience them...yet, I
    found myself unable, or perhaps unwilling to let those feelings go. In order to
    keep this change in myself a secret I decided to seek knowledge elsewhere,

  9. The last thing I could remember clearly was sitting in the
    entry plug of Unit-01, waiting to die. Everything that followed is hazy,
    fractured images of what I think was my mother interspersed with what sounded
    like Asuka calling my name. I saw people all around me, so many faces I did not
    know, all of them speaking, a concert of voices speaking words I could not
    understand. I knew neither where I was nor what was happening even as the urge
    to sleep became overpowering...surrendering at last to oblivion's warm embrace I

  10. Its been three days now and nothing has changed, Shinji
    remains lying motionless in his hospital bed, the only signs of life being the
    gentle rise and fall of his chest and the soft tones of the monitor hooked up
    to his heart. The doctors are losing hope, they don't say anything but I can see
    it in their eyes...I'm losing him and there is nothing I can do to stop it, just
    like with my mother...

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