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This is a classic Rom/Com staring the Evangelion cast. It has just about everything you would expect, and probably read before, but is my latest personal take on the genre. Hope you enjoy it.

  1. It was early in the school year and Shinji was sitting on the
    bleachers high above the pool. He was in
    his usual place, top of the bleachers right in the middle. Added to his appearance was a pair of
    sunglasses that he wore to shade his eyes from the bright pool lights and a
    pair of earphones plugged into his ears.
    He sat there with his head slightly tilted downwards almost like he was
    looking at something below.

  2. "Do you think she will be so pissed she won't come to school
    today?" Touji asked.

    "No such luck" Hikari answered him. "If she misses class she can't practice."

    Kensuke added "I bet she gets into a fight today."

    "As long as it has nothing to do with me, I don't care."
    Touji told him.

  3. It was 9:00am on Saturday morning. Asuka stood beside Rei's bed and was poking
    her in the shoulder. "Up and at' ems Blue."

    Rei answered with what could at best be described as
    mumbling in her sleep. "Go away you red headed demon."

    "Oh c'mon Rei. You can do better than that." Asuka said. "I
    get called much worse than a demon on a daily basis."

  4. On Monday Misato showed up at practice with Keiko in
    tow. She wanted to see how things were
    going and also make sure Asuka wasn't pushing anyone too hard. Truthfully she was more worried about Asuka pushing
    herself than the others. Asuka was now
    the team captain and that meant she expected the most out of herself. If the team won then she did her job. If the team lost that meant she had failed
    them. That kind of attitude was
    something that still upset Misato. Asuka

  5. It was a month after that quiet night at dinner and things
    were going pretty well. Asuka's promise
    to the coach had come true and Rei was now the number three swimmer on the
    team. Mana though was still on the team as most of the other members on the
    team couldn't beat her times on a consistent basis or the few that could turned
    down the offer. Shinji was still the
    much used and abused manager of the swim team but he didn't mind the torture
    too much. After spending most of his

  6. Hikari showed up at Rei's place for the slumber party at
    around 7:00pm. When she entered she
    noticed only Rei was there and she was sitting in her special chair reading a
    book. "So where is Asuka?"

    "She is still at her place.
    Shinji should be done with her in a short while." Rei answered.

    "Uh oh" Hikari said "I think I may have made a mistake then.
    Touji is going to stay over at Shinji's tonight and I already sent him over

  7. That
    night Asuka pretty much complained all through dinner. She wanted her
    party but no one was cooperating with her. She even tried to hit up
    Rei again during dinner but got the same answer as before as Rei
    wasn't even planning on going to the party let alone hosting it. This
    time though Asuka had to listen to the no as when she tried to press
    Rei Misato told her to knock it off. The raised eyebrows of her
    parent meant she was serious so Asuka backed off. Of course that
    meant she went after Kensuke next for telling her no.

  8. It
    was the morning after her party and Asuka woke up feeling especially
    good. The birds were singing, the pleasantly warm sun was shining
    brightly through her window, and the memories of last night were
    still fresh in her head. And last night was a very good night indeed.
    She let out a little moan of contentment as she remarked "God I
    can't believe he even tasted good.

    certainly nice to know.

  9. It
    was the last day before winter break and all the teens in the
    classroom were in the exact same position, their heads down staring
    at pieces of papers in front of them. This wasn't a good thing at all
    either as the papers in front of them were filled with all sorts of
    questions designed to test just how much knowledge they had
    accumulated in the first of the three trimesters of school. When I
    said all of them I meant all of them as even Asuka had to do this.
    She had tests too. The only good thing about having to go through

  10. It
    was a rather chilly day in the middle of January and Rei was just
    plain miserable. While the fact it was below freezing and there was
    snow on the ground made the outside condition seem desolate and bleak
    to her that is not why she was miserable. Not even the super thick
    study books that were sprawled out in front of her on her desk were
    even that bad. She had finally moved passed all the feelings that had
    to do with her advance situation and just accepted it now, at least

  11. It
    was March 20th, the first day of spring in Japan. And it was also the
    designated day of remembrance. On this day just about everything
    closed down for the festivities as the first day of spring was one of
    the few things around the world that symbolized the same thing,
    rebirth. A very fitting idea and a good way to spin the whole third
    impact thing into something positive. The actual day of third impact
    itself was left to the individual as most people would rather not

  12. Shinji
    and Asuka were cuddled together in her bed on a Sunday night. It was
    the end of spring break and in the morning they would have to go to
    school once again. This also meant something else, if Shinji wanted
    to play baseball this year he would have to try out tomorrow. With
    the final winter sports tournaments and playoffs having already
    occurred that meant the winter season was over and spring sports
    teams were starting up.

  13. It
    was near the end of April and there were some definite changes going
    on in certain people's lives. For one Shinji and Asuka spent much
    more of their free time locked away in her room doing things to each
    other that felt incredibly good. Of course that only got to happen
    after Shinji was punished for running out with Kaji instead of paying
    attention to her on that one day when he first joined the ball team.
    The punishment was designed to be strict and harsh so it would teach

  14. "Hello.
    This is Yoshi Sato

    this is Ryo Suzuki coming to you live from Tokyo-4 high school. Boy
    do we have a match up for you folks today! (A/N: Since
    announcers cut in and out on each other a lot I will differentiate
    between the two by using YS and RS respectively in their speaking.
    That way I am not writing "he said every single time
    they throw in a word.)

  15. Today
    was the first week in June at Tokyo-4 high. Monday, June third to be
    precise. But while the start of June meant this was the last month of
    school before getting off for summer break none of the teenagers
    belonging to the second year class at the high school were all that
    happy. The first full week in June was the start of a one week event
    that no one liked. It coincided with the more advanced version of sex
    education that they had been learning in health class. Basically this

  16. It
    was the Saturday before finals week in June, in the evening to be
    precise. Misato was sort of pacing outside the door to Asuka's room.
    She had something she wanted to discuss with the two but she really
    didn't want to interrupt them. It was Saturday and they were young
    lovers so she could easily guess and agree with why the door was
    closed. It was only natural after all. Its just that the two had
    never come out of that room for more than a couple seconds today and

  17. On
    Sunday Rei said goodbye to Misato and the others as she saw them off
    from the airport. She was definitely going to miss them all and she
    did want to go with but the opportunity just wasn't right at this
    time. Misato did say she was going to make it up to the girl though
    as next winter she was planning on setting up another vacation as
    well. She promised Rei that it would be someplace tropical and warm.
    Rei had to smile at that, Misato really did know her well.

  18. Li
    Mei had wanted to thank Kensuke for helping her out but by the time
    she got out into the hall all she saw was Kensuke let go of Rei and
    tell her to have a good night, then he was off. Normally she would
    have just yelled down the hall but her attention was drawn to Rei.
    The girl looked liked she was completely lost. "Is everything
    all right?

  19. The
    plane landing was sort of bumpy but not all that bad actually. Both
    Misato and Kaji had been on flights that were much worse. And after
    it was all over the pilot came on the intercom and thanked everyone
    for flying Japanese Airline's nonstop flight from Tokyo-4 to Berlin.
    He also told everyone that it was now 9:00 am and a beautiful day
    outside. Highs would be in the eighties and it would stay mostly
    sunny. That was the funny thing about flying long distances,

  20. Asuka
    spent a good hour down in the basement basically crying. Crying over
    the loss of her mother, crying over everything that happened, crying
    over forgetting all the good times she shared with her mother, crying
    over how happy she was to have her mother back in her heart, and
    crying over being able to see these pictures again. Basically she was
    having just a good old fashion cry.

  21. It was early in the morning when Hikari's little sister, Nozomi, was walking down the street with a note in her hand. She was looking for a particular address while thinking to herself `You owe me big time for this sis.' She had gone to the dance the night before too and didn't get home till late. Too late in fact thanks to her worthless ex-boyfriend. But her father showed some compassion for her problems and instead of a lecture she got a note by Touji handed to her. She also got a “This would be a nice thing to do for your sister” comments from her dad as well.

  22. The Tokyo 4's high school girl's swim team's end of the season pool party was a bigger bash than usual this year as they had much to celebrate. For the first time in the young school's history the team went undefeated throughout the season. A very fine accomplishment that everyone celebrated in grand style. Even the coach was extra joyous as not only was this her first undefeated season as this school's head coach but the first one in her entire history of coaching.

  23. Mrs. Amano was standing in front of her class at the start of a new school week. She had all her students quiet down and take their seats as she had an announcement to make. “I know it's unusual for this time of the year but we have a new student in our class.” She then opened the door to her room and the girl who was waiting outside entered. “Everyone, I would like to introduce you to Mai Siratori. Please make her feel welcomed.” That last part was just politeness in action as she had no doubts about this girl fitting in with her class.

  24. With Kensuke's and Rei's relationship just released from the bag it was naturally the hot topic among Mrs. Amano's class. As for Rei and Kensuke, they were gone and unable to answer any questions. But it wasn't like they ran away or anything, they simply did what was already planned for today. Hikari thought it might be nice to ski out to one of the cabins and study out there. Studying at the lodge was proving difficult as no one really wanted to so that meant every study session turned into a horsing around or gossip session.

  25. Shinji and Kaji were sitting on the couch watching a ball game with Asuka sitting next to Shinji reading a book while Misato was trying to get Keiko to eat something for lunch before she put her little girl down for a nap. Those activities were interrupted by a knock at the door. Misato was obviously too busy to answer it so Asuka went to check. But not without her grumbling under her breath as the two boys didn't even seem to register that there was a knock, they were too busy watching the Tigers get their asses kicked.

  26. Asuka walked into the classroom on the first day after the end of the winter break with a beautiful golden tan. Her body looked like it was in the height of the summer instead of the dead of winter. This of course caught the attention of the other girls in the classroom. You didn't get a tan like that hanging around Tokyo 4. “Where'd you go?”

    “Just to one of the southern islands” Asuka answered. But it wasn't in an egotistical way or anything. More that anything she was understating herself. She wanted the girls to think differently from the real truth.

  27. It was after school and Kensuke was sitting at his computer typing away. But he wasn't doing his school work, instead he was tallying up the final points for the fantasy baseball league his friends and him were in. He let out a sigh as the inevitable happened, his star pitcher killed him. Not only did he lose first place to Touji but when his pitcher turned up lame for a second game that meant he lost out on second place too. He ended up in third place, and dangerously close to tying with Shinji for that spot too as he only held a one point lead.

  28. It was February 14th and the high school was all in a twitter. There was a ton of candy being passed around and just as much gossip. What with all the talk about who was giving out honmei-choco and giri-choco to whom and whether it was the kind they said it was how could there not be juicy gossip? Were some girls giving more personal chocolates to boys they should be only giving the friendly type? Were some boys misinterpreting what kind of chocolates they were getting? Were some boys getting honmei-choco from more than one girl? It was all so scandalous among the gossipy teens.

  29. It was the very end of March and the week of the sports fest. This was the perfect time for it as it was right after the short day of remembrance break and between the end of the winter sports and the beginning of the spring sports. That meant all the students would be rested and able to participate in the setup and the festival itself, whether they wanted to or not.

  30. During the whole ride home from the sports festival Asuka was running her sexy little fingers up and down Shinji’s arm and enticing him with looks of arousal. She wanted something and she wanted it bad. As you can guess this act of seduction worked perfectly and immediately when they got home the two skedaddled off to have some fun in Asuka’s room. And with the new rules limiting the number of activities they could participate in that meant they had plenty of energy to burn.

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