Chapter 31

The Swim of Things | By: | Genre: Humor, Romance | Rating: M | Series: Evangelion | Status: In Progress | Tags: Alternate Universe, Post-Series, Post-TI, WAFF | Summary:

This is a classic Rom/Com staring the Evangelion cast. It has just about everything you would expect, and probably read before, but is my latest personal take on the genre. Hope you enjoy it.

With Kensuke's and Rei's relationship just released from the bag it was naturally the hot topic among Mrs. Amano's class. As for Rei and Kensuke, they were gone and unable to answer any questions. But it wasn't like they ran away or anything, they simply did what was already planned for today. Hikari thought it might be nice to ski out to one of the cabins and study out there. Studying at the lodge was proving difficult as no one really wanted to so that meant every study session turned into a horsing around or gossip session. But with a smaller group of people and a change of locale a real study session might be possible.

Rei liked that idea very much as she had homework to do and agreed to go with Hikari. That of course meant Touji and Kensuke were going to go as well. Oddly enough both had studying to do as well. Kensuke was no surprise but Touji was. He was to take over his father's company someday so he needed to be knowledgeable of all thing masonry. And that was a lot so when Hikari would sit down to study he would grab some manual and read through that so he could learn how some machine worked or learn drying times for the multitude of mixtures of concrete or cement. And in the place of Asuka and Shinji, who as you know were heading to a different cabin, would be Mai. While hanging around with the other girls was fun she was feeling guilty about not studying on this trip yet so she asked if she could go with them. They of course said yes.

“I can't believe it” one of the girls at the lodge said. “Rei and Kensuke… a couple. That's like so screwed up.”

“I don't think so” Another one said back. “Rei's a freak and Kensuke's a gaijin. Guess they figured that no one else would ever seriously hook up with so they hooked up with each other.”

“Could you be any more jealous Hayashi?” Rini sassed. The girl who said that line was as catty right now as her statement.

“Why the hell would I be jealous?!” the girl shot back angrily. “I mean who'd want to look like that freak with that ugly blue hair and those freaky red eyes.”

“I would” Kotono said immediately. “Rei is so pretty. I mean remember that kimono she wore to culture fest. She looked just like one of those traditional girls. I was so jealous.”

“Tell me about it” another one of the girls said. “And I heard she gets to wear stuff like that all the time at her job.”

“She does!” Rini replied confirming the fact. “When we had one of our cheerleading parties at the restaurant she worked at last year I saw her. Her outfit was awesome.”

“Hellooo, she's got blue hair and red eyes” Hayashi said back trying to get everyone's attention. “It doesn't matter what she wears. She's still a freak.”

“She doesn't look freaky to me” Kotono replied. “That's just the way she is. Personally I think her look fits her really well.”

“What?” Hayashi said in disgust. “Are you guys cracked in the head or something? She's not normal.”

“I know” one of the other girls said. “She's really smart, just like Asuka. I wonder how they got like that?”

“Prodigies” another girl said. “You can't be as smart as them without being one. There's no other explanation.”

“I'd settle to just be as smart as Kensuke or Hikari” Rini added on.

“Just without having to study as much or as hard as them” Kotono laughed.

There was a lot of giggling in agreement to that. Everyone there knew how Hikari and Kensuke got the top grades and high center test prep scores, they studied like mad and worked hard.

Hayashi though wasn't laughing as she wasn't done badmouthing Rei yet. “How can you think that freak of nature looks good? She's so different than everyone else.”

“So?” Kotono said back.

“Sooooo…. Doesn't it bother you?”

“No” Rini said back. Rini was getting sick of Hayashi as she was spoiling their conversation with her apparent jealousy so she decided to let slip a little secret she knew. “You're just jealous because Kensuke said no to you when you asked him to the culture festival dance.”

“THAT LOSER ASKED ME!” Hayashi yelled back. “And I turned him down… Like I would ask out a gaijin. That's just gross.”

“Whatever” Rini snided back. She was in the room when Hayashi asked him so she knew the truth. And judging by the giggling of the other girls so did they. “You know you shouldn't be calling Kensuke a gaijin… that's not very cool.”

“Well he is” Hayashi quickly said back.

“I don't really know about that” Kotono said. “Not only was he like born in this country but so was his mom.”

“That doesn't mean anything… He's not of Japanese blood so he's a gaijin.”

“Then he's a gaijin that knows more about Japan and can speak Japanese better than most Japanese people” one of the other girls pointed out. “He's always getting top marks on our tests. Even in history and language.”

Hayashi was getting very ruffled at this point. No matter what she said the other girls wouldn't listen to her. And in a rather snotty way she pointed out “You know none of this even maters, it's not like he even went to that dance.”

“Yes he did” Kotono answered.

“Huh?... When?” Hayashi asked. She was at that dance and never saw him the whole time.

“Rei had a problem with her scooter or something like that during the dance” Kotono answered. “And he came over to fix it.”

“You know I should have figured out they were dating back then.” One of the girls said. “He just comes right on over and fixes her bike right away? Heeelllllooo could it have been anymore obvious. And then they left together. Gawd! I can't believe I missed all that.”

Most of the other girls were nodding their heads in agreement to that. When you looked at it that way it was as plain as day. Some of them felt even foolish being surprised by this news. These girls were some of the top gossip mongers in the school, this relationship should have been old news right now. Not still in its infancy stage of being texted around to everyone else.

Hayashi got up and left the gab session at this point. It was bad enough that Kensuke rejected her but he obviously dumped her for that weirdo Ayanami. This was too much and if that was all these girls were going to talk about she was leaving.

The other girls didn't really care much that she left, she was sort of harshing the conversation anyway. And once she was gone the gossip moved right along as Kotono asked “Do you guys want to know a really big secret?”

The answer was of course yes and the other girls were all ears.

Kotono quieted down and said “Swear to god that you won't tell Asuka I said this.”

That request just made this secret even juicer. All the girls huddled together in a tight little circle so they could talk in whispers without anyone hearing them.

“You know the other day when a lot of people were getting back some of their practice exam results… I saw Shinji's.”

“No Way!” Rini said excitedly. “He never tells anyone his score other than Asuka. He just always says he does okay.”

“Yeah, if he was Asuka or Rei” Kotono mocked. “His scores were way up there. Like he could easily be nationally ranked.”

“You've got to be kidding?” one of the other girls asked. Shinji always came off as being average, but if his scores were as high as Kotono was saying they were he was anything but.

“Cross my hearts and swear to die…” Kotono gossiped back.

The other girls all squealed in forbidden enjoyment of the secret fact that they now knew. Now the big question was whether they would spread this news?


While others were gossiping the day away Rei was skiing with Kensuke. Hikari and Touji were up ahead a little ways helping Mai walk down a big hill. Every since the cat was let out of the bag Kensuke's cell had been ringing of the hook. Gossip wasn't only for girls, many guys wanted to know if what they heard was true or not. The funny thing is the news was well beyond their class by now so the calls were coming in from all sorts of places. As for Rei, she only got two calls. One from Yuma, asking if it was okay for her to know this and for it to be spreading around. And one from Li Mei. The Li Mei one was what had caused Kensuke and Rei to fall behind the other three. After all the teasing Kensuke had put her through she demanded compensation.

With the phone in his hand he had to verbally say “I Kensuke Aida love Rei Ayanami with all my heart and soul and promise never to tease a pregnant woman again like I was doing before. And I am a horrible, horrible person for doing it. And also I love Rei Ayanami very, very much.”

Not even Rei could resist giggling at that. She knew that boy of hers had it coming and that this probably wasn't the end of it. Mainly because when Li Mei asked to talk to Kensuke she said “Put that dirty little rat on the phone!” That clearly meant more would come when they went back to work.

While those were the only calls she got she did get one text message. It was from Misato and stated “IT'S ABOUT DAMN TIME!” The all caps sacred her a touch though as that might not be the end of it concerning Misato either.

The reason Rei didn't get more calls is that very few people knew her number. That was also another reason why Kensuke's was. If you can't get a hold of one person to confirm the rumor, you get a hold of the other. But time for confirmation was running out though as they were coming up on the cabin and once inside there Kensuke was going to turn off his phone. He didn't want to disturb the others with his phone constantly ringing. But as he was about to turn it off it rang again. He looked at the name and decided to not answer the phone. Then he turned it off.

“Who was it?” Rei asked. She noticed a minor reaction when he looked to see who the call was from.

“No one important” Kensuke said back not giving a real answer.

Rei gave him a little look for that. “Kaede, right?” His non-answer said much more than a real answer.

Rei was correct in her guess but Kensuke re-iterated “Like I said, no one important.”

Rei felt really horrible about doing this but she smiled at that answer. He clearly just showed where his heart was, even if it meant hurting an old friend. Rei leaned her head against his shoulder and said softly “I'm sorry.”

Kensuke looked back at her. “You've nothing to be sorry for. If I felt that way about Kaede I would be dating her right now. But I'm not, I'm dating you. And that's what's important to me.”

“Why does love have to involve so much guilt?” Rei sighed as that answer was exactly what she wanted to hear, even if it was mean of her to want it.

“Doesn't bug me any” Kensuke said back and gave her a kiss on the head. But to himself he added on `Please let this be enough.' He knew Kaede. And by refusing to take any of her calls or texts he hoped she would get the message and this would be the end of it. But the part of him that truly knew that girl was saying it wasn't.


Later on in the day the five teens in the cabin were taking a break. The had been studying for a couple hours now so it was time to let their brains relax a bit with some idle chatter. “When did you know about Kensuke and I?” Rei asked Mai. This news took almost everyone by shock but not her. She was not surprised one bit. Problem with that though was the fact Rei didn't suspect she knew, the rest of her friends she had a clue, but not Mai.

“Well, almost right away actually” Mai answered.

“How?” Hikari asked. She was thinking it was her fault that Mai knew but if she knew it right away maybe it wasn't.

“Because when Asuka started teasing Kensuke about flirting with my little sister the first person he looked at was Rei. I mean it was only for a split-second but I noticed it.”

“I did?” Kensuke asked. He didn't even remember doing that. It must have been a subconscious reflex on his part.

Rei nodded her head yes to that. She remembered it quite clearly as the boy looked at her with a very intense `It's not true' expression.

“So you figured it out from just that?” Hikari asked.

“Yup” Mai answered. “I went to an all girl's school, so I used to see stuff like that a lot. Hell even two of my teammates used to trade secret looks like that all the time.”

“I take it the school system didn't approve of sweet and loving yuri relationships between their delicate and demure young students?” Kensuke smirked. He also got a little rap on the shoulder for it too from Rei. It was clear he was making fun of the stereotype that all girls at schools like that were lesbians. But at least he wasn't alone as Touji chuckled too.

Mai got teased about this sort of thing a lot though so she didn't care. It came with the territory. “To tell you the truth there are probably just as many girls into other girls in this school as in my old one. All that going to an all girls school does is make you even more interested in boys… and desperate. You would not believe some of the weirdo's my friends have dated simply because of the fact they were nearby and had dicks.”

Kensuke let out a false sigh at that. “And here I thought I was a top of the line hentai… I never even thought of hanging around an all girl's school as they let out.”

Rei promptly told him “Well it's too late now.” She was joking along too. When surrounded by friends she could be a very normal girl.

“Oh well” Kensuke answered back clearly sounding like he did mind it all that much.

“Actually you're way too moral to be one of those creepy guys who hung around the school” Mai told him. “The kind of guys I always saw were like that Nagisa kid or otaku.”

“You would be better off dating the otaku” Rei said sharply.

“Oh and I have” Mai smiled back mischievously. “The pretty boys only treat you nicely at first. Then once you give it up the treat you like shit and dump you the second some other girl gives it up. The otaku are much more loyal and fun to play with.”

Mai had the attention of everyone after saying that. That line just oozed experience. “That's a dangerous road you're traveling there” Hikari told her. “You never know when you might just fall in love with one and have to put up with it for the rest of your life.” This was sage advice she garnered from her older sister. The girl had been bringing home the same guy from college for a about year now. She was majorly hooked on him. Unfortunately he belonged to an anime club and was one of those otaku. Still she loved him and put up with his weird fetishes.

“That might not be too bad” Mai responded though. “If it's the right kind of otaku I wouldn't mind.”

“And what's the right kind?” Touji asked. From the sound of it they might just be dealing with one right now.

“Model builders” Mai blushed. “I dated a guy who was into that a couple years back. They're really fun to make.”

“Never been much of a model guy myself” Kensuke said back.

“Really?” Mai asked. “I always pegged you as one.”

“Nope” Kensuke answered. “I like watching anime and that sort of thing but that's about it though.”

“Please, that's normal” Mai scoffed. “That's not even close to being an otaku.”

“Yeah, but it's better than what I used to be into when I was young.”

“What was that?” Mai asked and joked. “Hentai and figurines?”

“Worse” Kensuke answered. “I used to be a weapons/war otaku.”

What surprised Mai was that he sounded dead serious about that. And not only serious but very regretful of it too. “You aren't still…are you?” There was no way she could believe he was with Rei if he was into that sort of thing. Just looking at the girl you could tell it would be an instant turn off for her.

“Nope” Kensuke answered. “Only people who are into war are those who don't know what it's like. And the only people into guns and that sort of thing don't know what those weapons are for. You can delude yourself into thinking there for protection but the truth is they are designed to do one thing only, Kill.” The boy got too much real life experience being involved in everything before to ever look at his past obsession gloriously.

Mai noticed Rei nod in agreement along with that as Kensuke said it. The two seemed to be on the same page concerning this issue. She was too actually. She had dated an otaku or two who knew a ton of crap about various guns and weapons. But while their interest in what was the best varied one thing always was the same, they never had actually even fired the guns they were so interested in. Tons of technical knowledge but absolutely zero personal knowledge. Sort made them look like posers in her eyes. “Wait, aren't you a motor bike otaku?” she then asked.

“Motorcycle” Kensuke quickly stated correcting her. He was also about to go on a huge rant about the difference as well but he got stopped by his girlfriend.

“At least it's an obsession that he can turn into a real career.”

There was some giggling at that but Kensuke didn't mind too much. While Rei said it to stave off a long winded explanation there was much truth behind it. His friend Snake made a fair amount of money running his shop with his wife. Kensuke may have had aspirations of his own that were similar in nature to that.


It was early afternoon and Mrs. Amano was bowing while apologizing to her in-laws. Apparently a couple of the boys decided they wanted to follow Asuka and Shinji to prove the two weren't better than them. Ego's had been ruffled when everyone learned Shinji and Asuka were good at skiing even thought they never said anything about it before. Current thought process through some boys mind were they were faking it to show off. So any trail they took was probably really easy. The end result was Mrs. Amano had to ask her relatives to help her retrieve some students who got stuck on the hardest trail in the area.

Her in-laws didn't really care, helping trapped skiers was all part of the job. Plus their son-in-law's sister was a teacher in charge of teenagers, stuff like this was expected. No big deal really.

For Mrs. Amano though it was a big deal. It led to her feeling guilty about not being able to control her own students that she brought up to the lodge. In some ways it made her feel like she was an irresponsible teacher. Now if it was an accident that the teens got stuck she usually just gave the students a stern lecture on using their common sense. But in cases like this where the students in question purposely did something stupid it resulted a more major punishment. If they couldn't be trusted to stay out of trouble on the slopes and trails then maybe it was better if they weren't on them in the first place. And the easiest way to keep them off skis was to make them too busy to go outside. I.e. they had to give her a ten thousand world long, hand written, report on whatever subject she thought up.

But after the punishment was made plain to the boys and she watched as her relatives hauled the boys back down the mountain on snowmobiles she decided to check up on some other people since she was in the area. She wasn't really too worried about Asuka and Shinji as she had learned over the school year not to underestimate those two, but just to make sure they were all right she headed up the trail on her snowmobile to the lodge at the top of the mountain. When she got there she revved the engine of her snowmobile for a second to let them know someone was around, just to be on the safe side. She didn't want a certain mistake to be repeated. Not that she could blame the two because this time they picked the right cabin to hook up in. This was by far the hardest one to get to and got very few visitors. Because of that many hookups did happen in that cabin. She was not excluded from that group of people as her husband and she may have rode up here occasionally when they were younger for some privacy. But she of course never told her students that.

After she got off the snowmobile she walked up to the door and knocked on it to be extra sure she wasn't intruding. She knew they were in there because their skis were outside. She got no answer though. She knocked again and announced “I'm coming in.”

Still no answer.

Finally she opened the door, but with her eyes closed. When there was still no answer she opened them. She smiled at the first thing she saw. Shinji was sitting on a chair with Asuka on his lap and a blanket around them. Her head was resting comfortably on his chest and even with the blanket around them you could tell Shinji had his arms wrapped around Asuka. It was quite a cute sight to see. And the fact that they were still asleep even though she made so much noise meant they were also very tired. She decided to let them stay there like that and not wake them up. All she did was add some more wood to the stove so the cabin would stay warm.

But as she was about to leave she saw some papers on the table in the cabin. The two obviously had been working on their reports before they decided to take their nap. She took a quick look at them and decided they wrote enough to get credit for the assignment. She didn't really read the reports anyway, just skimmed them over to make sure her students did them. She took the reports and left a note behind.

-Just thought I would pop in to check and see if everything was alright but you two were sleeping. Saw your reports and took them. They are done enough for me. Have fun. Mrs. Amano.-

After that she quietly left and went back down the mountain towards the lodge. She still had some students to deal with back there that were in for a good talking to.


A bit later Asuka started to rouse from her cozy and snug little nap. She let a small purr of comfort as she nestled her head against Shinji's chest and lightly caressed his back with her hands. Waking up after being held while you slept was such a wonderful feeling that she wanted to make sure Shinji felt as good as she did right now.

And he must have as he gave her a little peck on her forehead to say hello. Asuka was a very good cuddler and Shinji loved waking up with her in his arms.

She looked up at him “Did my little sleepyhead have a good nap?”

He smiled while looking down at her and nodded yes. How could he not in this position.

That was obviously the right answer as she sat up a little so her face was now level with his. Those sleepy blue eyes of his were so cute when he woke up from sleep or nap. She had to gaze into them for a short bit while one of her hands stroked his cheek. But not for too long as she did want her wake up kiss. Now that wasn't allowed to be constrained by time, kisses were always best if the continued on for too long.

And Asuka was definitely going for too long of a kiss as she changed her position from simply sitting on his lap to straddling him with her legs. Lots more kisses followed as Shinji obviously approved of this new position. But while sharing that single chair and kissing Shinji she noticed the boy looked away at something with a confused look in his eyes. Asuka pulled just her lips away just far enough from his so they wouldn't technically be kissing anymore. Still she could feel the breath of his on her soft lips. “Something wrong Shin-kun?”

“Ummm…. Sort of….” Shinji mumbled. While he was confused about something he just saw he wasn't sure he wanted to stop kissing Asuka. So he decided it could wait and he leaned in that smidgeon of a distance between their lips and started kissing her again.

Asuka moaned out a sensuous “mmmmmm……” while enjoying the closeness. But she was curious about what he was talking about so after several more minutes of making out with Shinji she asked “So what does sorta mean?” Gone was the look of confusion though and that boyfriend of hers attention was solely on her again, along with his hands.

“Nothing important” Shinji told her.

Asuka would have been more inclined to believe him if it wasn't for the fact he had one hand up her shirt and the other down her lycra pants. Then again those two fingers he was twiddle her twat with was making her feel pretty good so she wasn't really in the mood to care about anything but what he was doing. The nothing important could wait till after her orgasm as his probing fingers started to get more and more aggressive as they slipped in and out of her.

And if Shinji had his way it would have waited even longer, or not al all, as when Asuka came he had already dispatched her bra to the floor, lifted up her shirt, and was sucking on a nipple that obviously loved the attention. As for his hand, one was still between Asuka's legs fingering her sweet spot while the other took care of the pesky task of removing her ski pants and panties. Not to mention unzipping his own pants and pulling them down because sex was very much next on the list of things they were about to do.

Asuka though stopped him as she reached down and grabbed that wonderful tool of his. “You can shove it in me all you want in a minute… First tell me what's wrong.” Asuka very much thought of this as a game now. If there was seriously something wrong Shinji wouldn't have just rubbed her off.

Shinji really got Asuka's engine stoked as he defied her stop. He grabbed the hand she used to block his entry and moved it out of the way, lovingly intertwining his fingers with her. Then with his other hand he placed it on her ass and scooted her forward.

The results of this action caused Asuka to skip a breath. The quick action shoved him inside her and it felt so wonderful. “Yo…ou're ch-ch-cheating…. Shin-kun!”

“No I'm…not” Shinji said back starting to thrust in and out of that wonderful pussy of Asuka's. “I'm just doing… what sensei told us… to do….”

“Se-sensei… told you to have… Mein gott, das fühlt so gut!... sex with… me-e-e-e-e-e-e?” That boy was doing her so good right now it was hard for her to concentrate on their conversation game.

“Uh huh” Shinji groaned as he tried to push all the way into Asuka. Next to coming inside of her nothing in the world felt as good as having his whole dick enveloped within her pussy. It was like the most natural place in the world for it to be.

Shinji was seriously tapping her womb right now and Asuka loved it. But what he was saying didn't make sense. “I…I…. I… don't understaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa…. Mmmmmeeeeeeeeeehhhhhhhhhhhrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr……… ;…”

Shinji gave her just what she wanted, more. And he kept giving it to her until finally he was close to a climax himself. Then he revealed the mystery. He noticed while they were kissing that their reports were missing, that was the confusing part. But then he saw the note on the table that explained why and all his worries became a mute point. He had a little trouble showing the proof to Asuka though as reaching for the note was hard to do. Asuka was not letting go of his hand. She was obviously very content with the intermingling of fingers. Still he was able to grab it and showed it to Asuka.

The note explained everything to her and she shouted out the important par “Spaß!” She then really started to buck up and down on him yelling “Spaß!... Spaß!... Spaß!” Each time her voice getting higher and more feverish. Finally she screamed out “Ssssssssspppppppppppppaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaasssssssssssssssssssssssssss ssssssssssssssssssssssss!” as she came hard while her boyfriend flooded the inside of her with his own orgasm.

The note was very specific at the end, it said to have fun. And what was more fun than sex? Asuka and Shinji were just being good students in their act of humping each other on the chair while that blanket was wrapped around them keeping them closely together and letting the other feel their body's heat.

And to be really good students they knew they must have more fun. It was teacher's orders after all.

After calming down a smidge Asuka threw the blanket to the floor and then got up. Very slowly though so she could feel Shinji pull out of her, that move alone would get them both excited and ready for round two. Then she walked over to the wood stove and threw some more wood in there. They needed to keep this place nice and warm after all, since neither of them would be wearing any clothes for at least the next hour or so. She then had Shinji get up off the chair and she pushed it up against the door. Now even in the very unlikely event of someone showing up they couldn't walk in on them. The final act of Asuka was to invite Shinji back to where he belonged, inside of her. She did this by spreading out the blanket on the floor and then getting on her hands and knees. All it took was one sumptuous wiggle of her ass to get what she wanted.

That bit of fun was of course followed by a nice long love making session on her back, followed by more fun as it was back to having sex again. She simply had to get taken hard and fast while being bent over the table again. It was just so much fun last time.


This time Asuka and Shinji got back in time for dinner, even a bit early at that. They could have gone back outside and hit the slopes again for a short bit, where just about everyone else was, but Asuka and Shinji were too tired to do that. And it had nothing to do with their trip back down the mountain. Going up was the hard part, going down was easy. A bit too easy in this case as they did have to take it slow. While going downwards on skis is very easy it's also very dangerous when doing so on a thin and winding path with trees everywhere. Smacking into a tree while basically falling downwards would not feel good in the least.

But Asuka wasn't so tired that she couldn't razz a pair of bakas sitting at a table writing out reports. Thanks to a couple text messages she knew all about what happened and wasn't exactly happy someone tried to tag along and spy on them.

“Having fun boys?”

“Fuck You!” What Goto hated the most was Asuka's smug look.

“Don't be blaming me for this” Asuka shot back. “I'm not the one who did something stupid just because I thought someone was stepping on my ego.”

“Just go away” Goto said back. There wasn't anything Asuka could say that he hadn't heard already from their teacher's lecture.

“Fine then” Asuka smirked. But in an act to rub something in this idiots face she added on. “Oh… and by the way. If you boys would have made it to the top this is what you would have seen if you spied on Shin-kun and me. We wrote our reports, I read a book for one of my classes, Shinji was studying, and the most exciting thing that happened was I took a nap.”

This struck the other kid harder than it did Goto. Goto followed because he didn't want anyone to be better than him. The other kid followed for different reasons. And according to Asuka all this was for absolutely nothing now. While Goto was being an ass because of his ego the other kid only went along for a chance to see Asuka's ass. “See if I ever listen to you again.”

“Shut up man” Goto quickly said back. Getting made fun of by Asuka was enough, he didn't need it coming from someone else.

Asuka just laughed at the two idiots squabbling as she walked away. Hopefully this would put an end to any more bright ideas of following them as Asuka wasn't sure she was done having sex with Shinji in a small little hidden away cabin yet. The experience was rather exciting.

But as she was walking away she bumped into Mrs. Amano. Her teacher was helping her in-laws with setting up the tables for dinner. “Need a hand?”

Mrs. Amano looked at Asuka with complete surprise. “Who are you?” She could believe a request like that from Hikari, Rei, or even Shinji but not Asuka.

“A very happy girl” Asuka smiled back. “So do you want my help or not?”

Mrs. Amano answered the girl by shoving a stack of dishes into her hands to set out on the tables. “When you're done with that you can set out the bowls, then fold and place the napkins, and finally put out the chopsticks and silverware. Then if you really want to be helpful you can give me a hand in carrying out the food after that.”

“What? Are you trying to make me regret offering my help” Asuka kidded.

“Not really” Her teacher responded. “I'm hoping you call your boyfriend over to help you out so we can get dinner on the table in time. Thanks to a certain two…” Mrs. Amano said that with a raised voice to make sure a pair of boys heard that “… we're a touch behind right now.”

Asuka sent a quick text to Shinji and he came over to lend a hand. He worked on setting up the boys table while Asuka worked with Mrs. Amano on the girls.

“So did you enjoy the view up there?” Mrs. Amano asked.

“Yup” Asuka said. “It was very pretty. We even took a couple pictures.” Asuka then added on in a sly tone “I even took a picture of the back of the cabin after Shinji and I carved our names on it.”

Mrs. Amano froze still when she heard that. The back of that cabin held a dirty little secret. Tradition said if you made love in that cabin you carved a heart with your names in it on the back of the cabin. Incidentally her and her husband's names were on there. “Ok Asuka” Mrs. Amano said being very frank. “One, how do you know about that tradition? And two, please, please, please don't tell your classmates about what you saw and please erase that picture from your camera. My credibility as a teacher would be shot if they knew about that.”

“Don't worry” Asuka giggled. She was just teasing her teacher. “I learned about the legend from Misato and Kaji. And the pictures I took were of their carvings and of Shinji's and mine, just as a memento for us and a favor to them. I don't really care about everyone else's marks so I didn't even notice the heart with the names Noriko Kusao and Shiro Amano in it.”

Asuka knowing her maiden name obviously clued Mrs. Amano in on the truth. “Just keep it that way, okay?”

“No problems there” Asuka said. Revealing the secret would put her and Shinji in harms way just as much as their teacher. She didn't want her classmates knowing they had sex up there. “But I have to ask you, what's with all the little smaller hearts next to the big ones?”

Mrs. Amano blushed horribly at that question. Obviously her guardians didn't tell her the whole story. “That's… ummmm… well you see…” She then looked around to make sure no one else was listening before whispering the answer to Asuka. “Big heart and your names are for the first time. Little hearts are for every other time you visit the cabin.”

Asuka let slip an “Oh my….” while blushing. Her teacher's name had a lot of little hearts after it. Apparently the woman wasn't letting on how often she actually visited that place. Kind of even made Asuka a touch jealous. Having as many hearts next to their names as sensei would be a fun thing to accomplish.


During dinner Rei finally got the third degree from her classmates. She was trapped now and there wasn't anywhere the girl could run. She had to answer questions now whether she liked it or not. It absolutely drove her nuts as none of them were being even the remotest bit shy about the sorts of questions they asked. She even understood Asuka's reaction last year when the brash red headed girl shouted out that she was still a virgin while flicking off the class. She sort of wanted to yell it out too now in hopes of stopping all the questions she was getting about the topic of sex. Some of them were even upsetting her a bit. The girls were curious about what Kensuke was packing. He was a foreigner, in blood at least, after all so they wanted to know which stereotypes were true and such. To Rei though those answer were only for her to know. Kensuke's size and shape was her private information, and not allowed to be shared. This frustration over these questions even had the sting of jealousy to them as she was mad at some of the girls for wanting to know such information about HER boyfriend.

The end of dinner did not stop the questioning either. Her classmates of course wanted to know everything and followed her out of the dinning room. But enough was enough for Rei and in a very terse way she groused “No More!” and hurried off while almost yelling at them to leave her alone.

There were a bunch of “Wait… come back… We just want to know if….” But none of them stopped Rei.

“Well that was certainly stupid of you gals” Asuka announced, emphasizing the word stupid of course. “You know Rei's an introvert. You can't be asking her questions like that.”

“She didn't have to run off” one of the girls said back.

“Beats answering questions you don't want to” Asuka simply answered. Then she too got up and left. That really sucked in so many ways. With Rei gone Asuka was the only one around who might know anything about Rei and Kensuke's relationship. Hikari would too but oddly enough she wasn't anywhere to be found. This was like the third time that happened. The girl seemed to simply vanish at times.

In another area of the lodge Kensuke was sitting around with some of the guys. “You're gonna pull an Ikari and not say a fucking thing, aren't you?” one of the boys commented.

This was funny because Shinji was there too. Kind of ragging on Shinji as well as Kensuke at the same time.

“I'm not going to kiss and tell on Rei” Kensuke answered. “She'd get pissed off at me if I did.”

“They all do” another boy said.

“Dude, didn't you get dumped once for doing that?” Kensuke asked the boy.

“Hell yeah” he answered. “I didn't even make anything up about Nami either.”

“What'd you say?” one of the guys asked.

“I said we had sex” he answered. “That's not even a big deal. But then it got around and her parents found out. Next thing I know she wanted nothing to do with me anymore.”

“That sucks man” the guy who asked what happened replied.

“Yeah, and why I'm keeping my mouth shut” Kensuke said defending his decision.

“For a girl as hot as Rei, I would to” Another guy joked. But as he said that she walked past them. He got a little worried she overheard him for a second but then something was made obviously clear. Little Miss Ayanami was in her own world right now and that world was filled with nothing but grumbling.

Kensuke sighed out a little “Uh oh….” Rei was not happy in the least. He then looked over at Shinji “I have to leave now, don't I?”

Shinji nodded his head yes at that along with a couple of the other guys.

Kensuke even got more advice. “And you better hurry your ass. Nothing pisses off a girl like other girls and since you're now officially the boyfriend you can go fix this.”

Asuka then plopped down right next to Shinji and got herself comfortable. Originally she was going to go talk to Rei but since Kensuke was around he should be the one doing it.

As for the other guys, they just snickered at Kensuke as he left to chase after Rei.

They also didn't care about Asuka sitting down with them. While she was very much a smoking hot girl she was also enough of a tomboy to sit in on a guys' chat. She was great at bullshitting, knew sports and often played pick up games with the boy, and was much more vicious about ripping into the problems with other girls than they were. In fact she seem to enjoy that subject a lot. Plus she was a much better conversationalist than her boyfriend who did more listening than talking. This was the only time the boys could find anything about Shinji and Asuka's relationship in fact. Asuka might let something slip but Shinji wouldn't.

When Kensuke finally caught up with Rei he asked “Something happen?”

Rei looked at him with frustration. “Why does everyone have to be so nosey? Can't they just leave us alone?”

“It's ok” Kensuke told her and then gave Rei a hug. Rei was not a people person like Asuka and Hikari so she wasn't able to handle her classmates as well as them. “Do you want to go somewhere private?”

That was a huge part of the problem right there. There was no place private in the lodge. Everywhere you went you were bound to bump into someone from class. And all she really wanted to do was walk around with her boyfriend in peace. That wasn't possible here. “I wish we could go somewhere else? Away from everyone…”

It was getting dark out so they couldn't go out skiing on the trails. Mrs. Amano didn't want them out there after dark. They could go to the downhill slopes as they had lights, but then they would run into their classmates that were out there and most likely Rei would get bugged again. But then Kensuke thought up something “Wait here one second, ok Bella?”

Rei nodded her head yes but not without looking at him with a pouty expression. She needed an escape.

Kensuke ran up to the lobby desk and asked if there were any busses that ran down to the town below in the valley. The receptionist answered yes and told him that while the bus didn't stop at the lodge itself there was a terminal just down the road a block. He then handed Kensuke a pamphlet with the route times. Kensuke thanked the receptionist and then went off in search of his teacher. He figured there had to be busses going up and down the mountain pretty regularly and that the lobby would have those times. That was the easy part, the hard part was getting permission to get on one of those busses. During the day Mrs. Amano would have probably had said yes to an excursion into town, especially if it was a group of people going, but in the evening he could very easily see his teacher saying no.

“Amano-sensei… Could I ask a big favor of you?”

“What is it?” Mrs. Amano asked without even looking up from the papers she was grading.

“I was wondering if Rei and I could go into town for a bit.”

That got Mrs. Amano to look up. And if it wasn't for Kensuke looking like he knew he shouldn't be asking that question she would have said no right away. She could tell that boy knew he was pushing his luck. “And why do you two need to go into town so late in the evening?”

Kensuke answered truthfully “Rei needs to get away from everyone. Their questions are too much for her.”

Mrs. Amano thought about this for a second. On one hand this was a simple no, it was dark out and they shouldn't be wandering around town when it was like that. On the other though she could see Rei was not handling the confrontations very well. The girl did not have the social experience to be able to coupled with the fact she was a very private person. Mrs. Amano even felt a little sorry for Rei. Plus she had to factor in the fact that both Rei and Kensuke were some of her more trustworthy students. She let out a little sigh and snatched the bus schedule out of Kensuke's hand. She circled the midnight bus. “This is the last bus home for you two. If you aren't on it you will be in big trouble. Understood?”

Kensuke bowed respectfully to his teacher “Understood ma'am. We will not miss the bus.”

“Good” Mrs. Amano replied and handed back the bus schedule. “Now hurry off and don't tell anyone else I let you do this.”

“Yes ma'am” Kensuke replied bowing again and then took off to tell Rei. They then secretly slipped out of the hotel.

Which really pissed off the other girls. They still had a thousand questions but couldn't find Rei or Kensuke anywhere for answers. Hikari was still missing too so they couldn't bug her. And to beat all Asuka was trash talking about them with the boys so they were too scared of going near her, less they become a victim of her conversation.


Rei couldn't have been more thrilled about what Kensuke had done for her. He got her the escape she desperately needed. He also got her something else, a date. No one down in that town knew who they were and there was no chance of bumping into classmates. They could walk around freely like any normal couple. And this felt very sublime to Rei and in many ways was their first true date. Sure they had gone out before to places but never under the pretense of a couple.

Still it was much like any other time they went out as all they did was walk around town and talk, but the fact they could do this while holding hands made it very special. Rei wasn't a high maintenance girl at all. The simple feeling of her lover's hand in hers was enough to make her happy. Love already was a complex enough of an emotion, why make showing it difficult.

And after she got her fill of walking around hand in hand Rei didn't fail to show Kensuke just how thankful she was for what he did for her. She was feeling all sad and pouty but Kensuke made everything all better. That meant he deserved a reward. And near the bus stop there was one of those “karaoke hotels” where you could rent a private room for just a short stay or an extended time for “singing” purposes. Sadly they had to select a short stay as they had a bus to catch later. It would have been nice to stay the night.

While this was the first time either of them had visited a hotel like this it wasn't an embarrassing experience at all. They even understood why Hikari and Touji liked to visit places like this on the weekends. It was a very private thing. You picked and paid for a room without ever seeing another person as everything was handled electronically. Just go up to the front board, look at what rooms are available, select one, put your cash card into the reader to pay for it, and that was it.

Along with being too cooped up around her annoying classmates Rei may have also been a touch sexually frustrated. She was very used to being able to play around with her boyfriend on a daily basis. So far this week the only time they fooled around was the other day. And even then it wasn't that good as Rei was so worried about getting caught that she truly didn't get to enjoy herself as everything was rather hurried.

Here there were no worries of that and she showed her appreciation by giving Kensuke a blowjob he wouldn't soon forget. She took it nice a slow and even brushed her hair out of the way so he could watch as she licked his head and then sucked on his shaft with that pretty little mouth of hers. She even pushed it that one step further as she opened her mouth afterwards and showed him she was playing around with his cum right before she swallowed it down. After that bath conversation with Hikari and Asuka she wanted to prove she could be a sexy little hentai too. They weren't the only ones capable of doing those sorts of things to please their men.

“Oh Rei… I love you so much” Kensuke said with stars in his eyes after watching that. That was about as damn sexy as it got.

Rei giggled at that exclamation of a confession. “You boys always say stuff like that after a blow from what I here.”

“Well” Kensuke started. “It's the only thing we can say that truly shows how good it feels.”

Rei smiled at that. She liked to know she could make him feel that good. “Would you tell me you love me even if I don't do stuff like that a lot?”

“Of course I would” Kensuke said back. He then started to nibble on her ear and whispered “I love you, I love you, I love you…”

Rei was being made a very happy girl and did not stop Kensuke one bit from removing her clothes while he told her how he felt about her. How could three little words have such a strong impact she wondered. But at the same time she didn't care. She completely and fully accepted that impact.

And while Kensuke kept whispering those three magic words to her while he nibbled on her ears with his mouth and fondled her breasts with one of his hands she made a special request in regards to what his other hand was doing. “Could you maybe use… two fingers… please?”

Rei blushed horribly as that request stopped Kensuke dead in his tracks from what he was doing and cause him to look at her. “Why?” If this was just a normal sexual request Rei wouldn't be blushing right now, something else was happening.

“Well, I… it's like this…” Rei just kept getting more and more embarrassed. She couldn't believe she was about to explain this. “I was talking to Hikari and Asuka last night and well… they might have said something that sorta made sense….and ummm… I was hoping you would use two fingers… to ummmm…. Stretch me out a little…” Her blush by now was head to toe. “… You know as a way… to ummmmm… make me ready for…. ….. ….. sex?”

“As in all the way sex???” Kensuke gulped. This was a big deal, a very big deal.

Rei nervously nodded yes. This relationship was now in the public eye, and even if she wasn't handling it well, it still meant to her that she was ready.

Well sort of ready as she freaked out for a second when Kensuke asked “You want to go all the way… here?”

Kensuke felt relief as Rei quickly shook her head no vigorously at him. This was not a place where he figured they would have sex for the first time. Plus he might have needed a little more time to prepare himself for this final step. He knew what he was getting into by agreeing to have sex with Rei. A very deep commitment.

“Not here” Rei clarified. “I mean when we get home… I just think maybe it's time we went all the way?”

Kensuke could see the worry in Rei's eyes. The girl was scared of the answer.

And Rei really was. Yes meant sex and everything that went with it. And no meant rejection and a lot of pain. How could she not be scared?

Kensuke pulled Rei closer to him till she was in a tight embrace. “I love you Rei Ayanami. I've wanted to go all the way with you for a long time now.” And here was the big part as he knew what sex with Rei meant. “And I will be with you forever, my Bella.”

That was a big yes to her question and she started crying. It wasn't like she wanted to cry, she just had to. This was going into uncharted lands of intense emotions. And Kensuke was doing the right thing in holding her closely while she cried. She was so happy.

After the crying spell was over and Kensuke dried her tears for her he lightened up the mood again as he joked “You know I wish you would have told me this sooner. By now all the jewelry store that we passed have closed and I can't get you a ring.”

Even though she could tell that was a joke she asked “Would you really buy me a ring?”

“Um… well…. Ummm… Do you really want one?” He wasn't expecting to get called out on his joke.

Rei let him off the hook though, well sort of. “Not yet. But I wouldn't mind if you sold off your apartment and officially moved in with me.” Even though Kensuke never went back to that place anymore it still bugged her that he had his own place. She had a clingy side to her too just like ever other girl.

“Well if that's all you want…” Kensuke laughed. That was just as big of a deal as a ring. But then he turned serious and said “I'll do it” right before giving her a kiss.

Now Rei was completely happy. And because of that she reached down and urged Kensuke to start playing with her again.

“You said two fingers now, right?” Kensuke asked as a final confirmation.

Rei nodded yes as she already felt him sliding in one finger. Soon afterwards he slowly slid in the second finger. This felt better than Rei thought it would as she let out a pleasant “Ooooooooo……” This wasn't a too full feeling at all but a very satisfying very full feeling inside of her. Maybe their first time wasn't going to be so bad after all. In fact she was already used to this fullness feeling and wanted more of it.

That nice little bit of wishful thinking carried Rei to her first orgasm. But after she caught her breath and looked down she caught sight of something sticking up between her legs. Kensuke was rather excited right now. But its location was causing that mind of hers to have troubles. Since it was right against her pussy she could very much notice the difference in size between his dick and two fingers. She let slip a little “Uh oh.”

“Something wrong?” Kensuke asked. Usually if he kept fingering Rei after one orgasm the only thing she said while he fingered her to a second was sweet coos of passion.

While looking down at what he was doing and Kensuke's fully erect cock she pouted “I don't think two fingers is a proper warm up at all.” There was a noticeable difference in size and an even more noticeable difference in length. Already she felt like he was really deep in her and filling her up.

“Guess we'll find out Friday evening, one second after we get home.”

“Well someone is awfully impatient” Rei giggled back. “But let's make it two seconds. I want to take a bath first and be clean for you.”

“That's cheating!” Kensuke declared. This had nothing to do with what Rei said but how she said it. She had pressed his dick up against her pussy and was using it to stroke him off while he fingered her. Completely using the wetness from her pussy as lubrication.

In some ways Rei agreed with him as she was using her body to get what she wanted but that didn't mean she stopped. They then had a little contest to see who would come first. The loser came first and the winner kept getting played with till they “lost” as well. After that fun game Kensuke properly showed Rei how much he appreciated her by going down and eating her out for a rather lengthy period of time. This after all would have to hold the girl over till Friday evening and right now that felt like it was an eon away.

Rei was on the same page as Kensuke as afterwards she noticed they had just enough time for her to give him one last blowjob before they had to leave to catch the bus. A very big part of her couldn't wait for these oral favors to get replaced by more carnal and lengthy session of hot and heavy intercourse. Friday evening couldn't come fast enough for the girl.


Someone was very much doing something she really shouldn't be doing right now. Hikari was having sex with Touji. That wasn't the wrong part, what was wrong with it was the fact they were having sex in one of the lodge's hotel rooms. Touji was already working a real job so he did have some disposable income, and he chose to use some of that money to reserve a room for the week. He told no one he did this as it was very much against the rules of the trip. In fact Hikari didn't even know about it till a couple days ago when she saw Touji take the key for the room out of his pocket, open the door to the room, and then urge her to follow him inside. He got this room so they could have some private time with each other. And technically it wasn't truly against the rules as they didn't ever sleep in the room, just occupied it for various lengths of time.

As the class representative she should have said no and not followed Touji inside. This was against the rules. As a teenage girl though, she was sick of the rules and always having to be the responsible one. Everyone else was constantly flaunting them so why couldn't she in this particular instance. It's not like anyone would ever know. The final voice in her head was that of Touji's lover. That is why she was in bed with Touji right now and not even caring about the situation.

So basically responsibility lost 2 to 1 to Hikari's heart. Hikari's heart was also doing more tricks than just putting her in this room to have sex. Hikari was at her most fertile right now so for the past couple days Hikari had Touji put on a condom for extra protection. Today she didn't give him a chance. She went after him immediately and he could tell she was very much trying to get him to come inside of her.

“Um, Babe… What's going on here?” Hikari was usually very safe about this sort of thing.

“Nothing” Hikari moaned out.

“Shouldn't I be… wearing a condom?…” He grunted as he pushed himself deep into Hikari.

“Nooooo…”Hikari moaned even louder. For so many reasons she almost came just giving that answer. “I-I… learned something… last night…it-it's safe.”

That was a bit hard for him to believe on the spur of the moment so when he was about to come he tried to pull out of Hikari. Problem was she didn't let him and he ended up coming inside of her anyway. And he wasn't the only one who came as Hikari's back arched up and she let out a scream of ecstasy.

After it was all over Touji pulled out of his girl and laid down beside her on his side. He rolled her over so she was on her side too. A little talk was going to have to happen right now as he was very confused. “Hikari, I don't understand what's going on here.”

While still trying to catch her breath Hikari explained “It's just that last night I learned something about the type of birth control I'm on. It's perfectly safe, even now.”

“Really?” Touji asked.

“Yup” Hikari answered as she wrapped one leg around Touji. She was trying to get into a position for more. “But you have to keep that a secret.”


Hikari didn't want to answer that question as it would really spoil the mood right now. But it didn't look like she was going to get to make that choice. Her fiancé may have been more serious about what was happening than she though as he wasn't ready at all. She let out a sad sigh and conceited to the fact she was going to have to tell them the whole story.

Afterwards Touji surprised her as he made an unusual comment. “Oh, is that all?”

“Huh?” She was expecting more than just a simple cast off comment.

“I just figured you wanted to try and get pregnant?”

Hikari fidgeted while answering “No… of course I don't.”

“You're not telling me the truth” Touji said back.

“I know” Hikari broke down and pouted. She was always at her weakest when she was in his arms. What Hikari said and told other people, even her best friends, didn't always match up with what she felt inside. For the last couple months she had been having weird thoughts float through her mind. Her mom and dad started having kids right away and they still got through college, why couldn't she? Would it be so bad if she got pregnant? They were going to get married this summer after all. Maybe the plan she worked out could still work if a baby, or two even, was thrown in the mix. That would just stretch things out, not change anything really.

“It's ok” Touji said while holding his girl. “If you want…”

Hikari pinched Touji to stop him from saying what she knew he was about to. “Don't you dare offer. You know the plan. We get married this summer. I go to college and learn how to run a business. Then I come to work for you and your father and make Suzuhara and Son a true family business…” If Hikari knew how to run a business then her father in law wouldn't have to rely on outside sources to run his anymore. “… Then we can have babies.” That plan was the driving force behind all of Hikari's educational efforts.

“I know the plan” Touji said smiling at her. “It's just that if you don't want to follow it anymore, it's okay with me. We'll get by somehow.”

Hikari pinched him again. “Please stop saying stuff like that or the day of our wedding I will be throwing my birth control in the trash.” Worst part about all this was how ready Touji appeared to be the father to their children. It was a potentially dangerous mix with her Horaki genes. The Horaki women seasoned very early and liked to have kids right away. And the proof went way beyond her mother and father. All she had to do was look at her older Horaki cousins to see the truth. There wasn't a one that was over 21 who wasn't married and pregnant. Even her older sister Kodama, a true wild child when it came to the boys, fell victim to this desire built into her blood. She didn't settle down because it was the right thing to do, she settled down because her mind was screaming at her to find a good man, get married, and have a bunch of kids.

“Would that be so bad?” Touji asked. Oddly enough he was comfortable with the thought of becoming a father. Hikari's father had sat him down once and told him that being with Hikari meant he would have to ready himself to become a father quickly. Not only did the maternal instincts kick in early for the girls on his side but Hikari, and her sister, got a double dose as her Mom's bloodline was loaded with young mothers as well. He really wanted his daughters to wait till they finished college but he wondered if that was actually possible. Touji had thought about what he was told many times since then. And the more he thought about it the more comfortable he got with the idea. Especially when he saw Hikari with her little baby brother. Sometimes it was hard to tell who was that kid's mom, Hikari or her step mom Asuna. And Hikari herself was doing more babysitting again even though she didn't really have the time. All the children she took care of though were under 2, some were even infants. Little Ritsuko being the youngest of course.

The first answer out of Hikari's mouth was a maternally laced “No.” But then she took a big breath and changed her mind. “Yes it would. For now I want to stay as close to the plan as possible. No changes and you need to stop putting thoughts in my head. I'm plenty able to create them myself and it's hard enough to fight against them without you giving me support.”

“Ok Babe, I'll stop.”

What got Hikari was the way Touji smirked when he said that. “You don't believe I can do it, do you?”

“Not for one second” Touji laughed.

“Stop teasing me!” Hikari hollered and whapped him one. She really needed his support on this matter because of the overlying truth was she didn't think she could hold out either. She wanted to be a mommy.

“Ok, ok, I'll stop” Touji told his lover. But he couldn't resist the pouty look on Hikari's face and he kissed her.

After the kiss though Hikari rebuffed him, sort of at least. “Don't think for a second you're out of the dog house yet Touji Suzuhara. You're a naughty boy and I'm going to punish you for that.”

Touji could only say one thing in reply to that. “I love you babe.” While Hikari was scolding him she also pushed him onto his back and straddled him.

“I can tell” Hikari said seductively and she worked his very cooperative baby maker inside of her. Her whole body shivered when he was completely in her. She started to slowly bounce up and down on him, making sure her boobs were bouncing just as much as her body was, providing much titular excitement. “Now as your punishment you have to… (whoa don't thrust yet)… lay there and take it… (*giggle* I said stop)… while I ride you t-ti-till… (It's really hard to… stay like this hun… when you keep doing that *moan*)… you are d-dry… (Ohhh goddddddddd… I think I'm about to c-c-c-u-u-u-u-m-m-m-mmmmmmmmm).

Hikari's little disciplinarian act wasn't fooling Touji one bit. The combination of no condom and her being at her most fertile was an intoxicating elixir to the girl. He could see it in her eyes, she was drunk with the feeling. That's why he started right away. Plus he wanted Hikari to stop sitting up so straight while riding his cock. With him on his back like he was and her sitting up like she was he couldn't reach her big bouncy tits. And he wanted them quite badly. And since Hikari was playing keep away with them he figured the best way to get her to lean forward enough was to make her body spasm with an orgasm.

An hour later they were still playing this game. Hikari was riding him while trying to sit upright and Touji was pounding her back trying to make her double over in orgasm so he could play with her bouncing bountiful breasts. In the end Hikari won. Not because she kept them away, in fact Touji had a hold of them much more than he didn't, but because of the simple fact it felt even better when that boy of hers did get a hold of them. Plus at the end he changed positions and she found herself back on her back being made love to. Any time she could share that sort of emotional connection with her fiancé was always an extra good pleasure.


Hikari really pushed her luck in not getting caught that night as Touji and she stayed in their private room till the very last second before bed check. She wasn't the only one as from the opposite direction came Rei. Both stopped and looked at each other for a second before they went inside the room all the other girls were in.

“Uh, hi” Hikari nervously said.

“Hi” Rei said back, just as nervous.

Both noticed the other's state. Wrinkled clothes, mussed up hair, cheeks so flushed that they looked like they each got smacked with an iceball. Neither were doing a very good job of hiding the truth. Hikari did try though “I was skiing.” The comment really had nothing to do with skiing and everything to do with `Is my lie believable?'

“So was I” Rei quickly said back. That lie had better be believable because now she was going to use it too.

The two then entered the room and hurriedly made their way over to their sleeping areas. The only answer they gave any girl that asked them where they were was “Skiing.” And after quickly changing into their pjs both crawled into their beds and quickly acted like they were very tired and going to sleep.

Asuka was simply sitting there between the two of them working on some homework. Rei was facing the wall so she couldn't see her face but Hikari didn't have that luxury. Asuka had to giggle at the girl's expression. Hikari was pleading with her not to say anything. And to Asuka's credit she didn't as she kept her mouth shut. She did write something in her notebook though -You didn't use a condom- and showed it to Hikari.

Hikari only answered by blushing even more.

Asuka wrote something else then. -Out of this world feeling isn't it?-

Hikari couldn't lie as she nodded her head yes. The combination of being fertile and having your lover come inside you was amazing. Hikari then grabbed the notebook away from Asuka and scribbled something down quick.

Asuka was surprised to see what Hikari wrote. -The thought I might get pregnant made me happy. Talk tomorrow morning about it?- Asuka nodded yes to that then wrote something else down. This time she dropped her notebook down in front of Rei's face.

This time it was Rei's turn to be surprised as she saw what was written down. -Hikari is suffering from pangs of wanna-be mommyhood. She wants to talk tomorrow morning, you in?” Rei of course nodded yes.

That was enough note writing for now and Asuka took the notebook back and scribbled out everything that was written down. She could tell what she was doing had garnered the prying eyes of others. It all looked so secretive and many of the other girls wanted to know what was going on. They weren't going to find out though as Asuka crumpled the piece of paper up and then left the room under the guise of having to use the little ladies room. As Keiko would say “Papergodownpotty.”


Mrs. Amano was still up when most of the girls were asleep. She was finishing up grading reports when she found herself looking over at Rei, Asuka, and Hikari. All three girls were so unique in her opinion and she couldn't help but find herself thinking about them.

Rei was a very mature girl in many ways but it was only now that she thought the girl was blossoming into womanhood. It was very noticeable to her that the girl was growing up and experiencing many new emotions and situations. She wasn't handling some of those situations the best she could but the girl was at least trying. Even if she was very introverted Mrs. Amano knew deep down Rei could handle it. That girl had a fighting spirit inside of her. And Rei wasn't the only one she thought of like that. She could tell Rei was Kensuke first true love as well. That kid had grown up but around Rei he seemed just a touch off base. Both were venturing into uncharted territories so it was not surprising that she sensed nervousness combined with giddiness when she was around the two. She figured the two were a good match to explore the realm of love together for the first time. It would be a very educational experience for the two. And maybe, just maybe it would last. There was something extra there that she didn't see in most high school romances.

Hikari had a ton of that extra in her relationship with Touji. So much that it blinded the teacher sometimes. The girl was very comfortable with that sort of eternal love, almost too comfortable in fact. While none of the students noticed it most of the teachers with children had. Hikari treated her classmates like they were kids. And not only her slacker of a class was treated like that but she treated the whole student council like that too. Very mother hen'ish. That's probably why she ruffled so many of their feathers and was considered too bossy. Teens hated to be treated like the kids they were by adults. It was even worse when the person treating you like that was your own age. But there within lied the problem. Hikari was not an eighteen year old girl. Face wise the girl looked young but that body of hers, well it was unfair. The girl had better curves than most of the teachers. Better than ample bosom and hips that lied about their true purpose. They may have looked sexy to young teenage boys but Mrs. Amano saw them for what they were, child bearing hips. This student of hers was born to be a mother. And her fiancé, big strong and visibly virile completed the package. Teenage pregnancies still happened and usually there was that one girl that everyone was completely shell-shocked got pregnant as she was always thought to be so mature and responsible for her age. Hikari fit that image to a T. Still Mrs. Amano wasn't expecting it to happen. No way was Hikari going to get pregnant before she got married. Now right after the wedding, well she would put money down on that. It probably wasn't fair of her to think like that but she couldn't help it. When she looked at Hikari her first thoughts were motherhood.

Looking over at Asuka was another completely different story. When she saw Shinji and Asuka snuggled together sleeping in the morning, and then again in the afternoon, the only thing that came to mind was desperation. Those two teens desperately needed each other. She couldn't even fathom how they lived without each other before. She had never meet two people more made for each other in her entire life. And that was without Mrs. Amano knowing their dark pasts. It seemed to her that these two lived in a very dark world sometimes but between them they were able to create a light. Sometimes she even felt intimidated by how much those two loved and needed each other. She found herself wondering many times what happened in the past that caused something so strong like this to come to reality. She also found herself being scared every time about actually finding out the answer. Whatever happened, considering who these two were, it couldn't have been good and maybe even akin to a living hell.


It was the final day of the ski trip and Mai found herself looking down a hill she really shouldn't have been standing on. It was very big, very long, and you got going so very fast traveling down it. Up till now she hadn't ventured further than the bunny hills in the downhill area. And to tell you the truth the hardest hills she encountered so far were on her ski trip she took with Kensuke, Rei, Hikari, and Touji. Thing was she completely chickened out as she took off her skis and walked down those curving tree lined hills. She wasn't going to risk getting hurt.

That thought was running through her mind right now and she kept telling herself `Don't go down this hill. You're going to hurt yourself!'

Problem was a bunch of her friends already had and were encouraging her to go down too. She was facing not only a mountain slope but a mountain of peer pressure. She didn't want to be called a chicken or anything like that. And those other girls made it down safely. Maybe this hill wasn't as dangerous as the marking said it was. Maybe she could handle it. Maybe she should just suck it up, take a deep breath, and scream down the hill like her friends and prove she had guts.

And that's exactly what she did.

Problem was that while she tried to go down her skis didn't and she ended up failing out of the bindings and flat onto her face.

“What the hell do you think you're doing?!”

Mai brushed the snow off her face and saw why she just face planted into the snow. Asuka had stepped on the back of Mai's skis with Asuka's own, trapping them in place.

“What'd you do that for?”

“To stop you from hurting yourself” Asuka shot right back. “I've been watching you. You may be an awesome swimmer but you royally suck at skiing.”

Mai let out a hurt “Hey!” as that was mean.

“Oh stop hey'ing me” Asuka quipped back. “You're not good enough to go down this hill and you know it. It's a black diamond for crying out loud! You're gonna kill yourself.”

“But- but…” Mai tried to argue.

It was a futile effort though as Asuka explained. “Listen here Mai. Your little sister begged me before we left not to let you get hurt. She's very worried that if you get hurt the colleges won't want you anymore. Now if I let you go down this hill, you will get hurt. It's almost guaranteed considering how bad you are. Then I will have to deal with Yuma's sad and disappointed eyes for the rest of the school year and I don't want that.”

Mai just sat there in the snow with her mouth gapped open. There was nothing she could really say to that. This sounded more like Asuka was doing this because she didn't want to be guilt tripped by Yuma than she was doing it out of concern for her.

And she was right. Asuka first thoughts when she saw Mai standing there was to let her go down, crash, more than likely hurt something, and let her learn the hard way why shy shouldn't listen to her idiot friends who wanted her to do a idiotic thing. That's how Asuka learned a whole lot of things. But then she could see in her mind the disappointed look on Yuma's face as her big sister limped, or something like that, off the bus. That was a level of guilt she just couldn't handle. “C'mon, get up and let's go back to the bunny hill where you belong.”

“You're just doing this because of Yuma” Mai said getting up.

“Hell yes I am” Asuka said back bluntly. “I don't know why but your sister has faith in me. And I'm not going to let you do something that will make her sad.”

“Sometimes you're so brutally honest it's insulting” Mai said back. But she also picked up her skis and started walking back to the bunny hills with Asuka. She didn't want to go down that hill and was only there because of peer pressure, Asuka was offering an escape.

“Beats me letting you go down that hill and getting hurt” Asuka said right back.

“I suppose” Mai said and felt a shiver race down her spine as she took on last look at the big hill. “So should I say thank you or something?”

“Only to your sister” Asuka replied. “Personally I would have let you learned your lesson by going down that hill.”

“You're sort of grumpy today, you know that?”

Asuka sighed “I know. I had a talk yesterday with Hikari and Rei that got me thinking about some things I'm not ready to. I came out here to try and forget it.”

Mai had talks like that with her friends in the past too so she knew where Asuka was coming from. “You know what? I tired off skiing. I'm just going to go inside.”

“I'll join you” Asuka said back. Shinji was off with Touji and Kensuke right now, and all being by herself did was make her think even more about babies. It wasn't that she was now against having babies again, it was just that it was too early for her to think about it. Maybe when she was in her mid to late twenties these thoughts would be okay but not right now. Plus all that talk about babies yesterday totally squashed her libido and there was no way she was in the mood for one last trip to a secluded cabin.

“So you doing anything over break?” Mai asked being sociable.

“A couple things” Asuka answered. “Misato's throwing a big Christmas party. If you want you and Yuma can come.”

“Cool” Mai said back.

“One warning though” Asuka said. “Shigeru Aoba's going to be there so you're probably going to have to watch your sister so she doesn't take a nose dive into the punch when she faints.”

“That will probably happen a couple times” Mai laughed. She loved her little sister but that girl really needed to stop doing things like that. “You know if it wasn't for Yuma having a big crush on him I would so hit on him at the party. He's so cute.”

Asuka chuckled at that. She just couldn't see the ex-bridge bunny in the same light that the rest of the world could. He wasn't a rock star to her, just a nerdy computer tech like the rest of the people who worked with him. “I just hope he doesn't bring a girlfriend with him.”

“That would crush Yuma so bad” Mai said. “But it might be for the best. She really needs to start dating real boys.”

“Tell me about it” Asuka complained. “I've tried to set her up a couple times. But she ran away from the boy each time.”

“I heard about those” Mai chuckled. “You took her out to a karaoke place and tried to fix her up and then you tried to fix her up again with a senior boy at that dance her class held.”

“Yup” Asuka answered. “He was a decent guy too. I don't know why she got so shy around him.”

“Because he was a senior” Mai continued to chuckle.

“That's not that big of a deal, is it?”

“You don't know anything about dating, do you?” Mai asked. She'd noticed over time that Asuka's view of many things was very much skewed from most other people's. This was one of those things.

“I know a lot about dating Shinji” Asuka said looking away. This may have been one of those subjects she wasn't as smart about as she bragged.

Mai let it drop though as the two got to the lodge. “Maybe she'll get lucky and have something romantic happen over in Hawaii.”

“Maybe” Asuka said. “But I wouldn't count on it.”

“Me neither” Mai sighed. And even though it was still several hours till the bus showed up the two girls went and started to pack up while continuing their conversation. Neither were in the mood for skiing anymore.


Kensuke, Touji, and Shinji were sitting at the top of a hill talking. None of them really wanted to ski anymore. Shinji lost the motivation the second Asuka went off anywhere. If he couldn't follow behind her and watch that beautiful ass of hers what was the point? Kensuke and Touji, well the thrill of skiing had worn off and they were bored of it. Once in a while all the snow could be fun but for kids that had grown up in an environment depleted of it a whole week was too much.

“So I heard Misato's throwing a party next week and we have to be there” Kensuke said.

“Pretty much” Shinji answered. “She hasn't told me anything about it other than it's a Christmas party so dress appropriate for that.”

“She hasn't told you or you did bother paying attention?” Touji joked.

“Bit of both” Shinji chuckled. It didn't really matter, if Misato wanted to throw a party it was going to happen whether he wanted to go or not. “So anything else happening?”

“Work, probably some family stuff, hang out with Hikari” Touji answered as he didn't really give the break much thought. It was a chance to relax for him so he didn't want to make too many plans.

Kensuke had the same idea. “I'll probably try to work some extra hours.” But he did have one thing big planned. In a very casual tone he added “I suppose also I got to move the rest of my stuff into Rei's place since I'm selling off mine and officially moving in with her.”

“Well if that's all you're doing…” Touji laughed. That was a pretty big thing but if Kensuke was saying it very casually like it was a joke then that meant all the serious stuff that went with a move like that had already happened. No sense pounding on the news.

Shinji went a different way with this. “So does that mean you will be at Rei's place less than normal over break?”

“Very funny” Kensuke deadpanned. But it was nice to know that neither his friends had a problem with this.

“So when did you decide to move in with her?” Shinji then asked being a little more serious.

“I agreed to it when I went into town with Rei and we talked about it the other night. But to tell you the truth this is something I was expecting. I could tell she wasn't too happy that I still had my place.”

“You got to love it when girls pull shit like that” Touji chuckled. “They won't tell you they want something big but only hint at it to get you ready.”

“You ever have troubles figuring out what they're hinting at?” Kensuke asked.

“All the time” Shinji and Touji both answered.

“Sometimes I swear Asuka's just yanking my chain about something to see if I pick up on it or not.”

“Dude, Hikari's done that to me before a bunch of times” Touji said back to Shinji. “Then you get in trouble if you don't know what they're hinting at.”

“Tell me about it” Kensuke said back as he had experience in this area already. “What I hate the most is when you ask them what they want to do and they tell you to decide.”

“No good ever comes from that” Shinji said completely agreeing with him. “No matter what you pick it's not what they wanted you to pick.”

“That's for sure” Touji said sighing. He was wrong so many more times than he was right with this sort of thing.

“So how do you get out of being in trouble for that?” Kensuke asked.

“Spoiling her” Touji answered with Shinji adding on “Usually take her shopping.”

“I hate getting suckered into that” Touji said in reply to Shinji's answer. “I don't mind shopping for a little bit but Hikari will stand in front of a store window for forever and then not even buy anything.”

“Asuka's the same way” Shinji frowned. He then looked over at Kensuke. “You're lucky Rei hates shopping.”

“Yeah right” Kensuke scoffed. “You've never had to go with her when she wants to buy a new hair pin or anything like that. It takes her hours to find one she likes. And I usually get dragged from store to store till she does. And that's nothing compared to when she's shopping online. She gets super picky about her clothes and makes me help her by them as I'm the computer person.

“Sounds boring as hell” Touji laughed. “I wish I didn't know what you're talking about.”

“Yeah, it sucks sometimes but at least Rei doesn't mind when I visit Snake's place” Kensuke replied. “Usually she just hangs out and talks with Rachel.”

“They're probably making plans for your other arm” Touji kidded in reference to the tattoo already on one of his arms.

“I don't know if they even have to do than” Kensuke said back. “I've thought about putting Rei's name on my arm a couple times already. I even kidded once that I was going to do that instead of a ring.”

“What happened?” Shinji asked.

“Icy cold stare till I swore on my life I was just joking and that someday I would buy her a ring.”

Both Touji and Shinji laughed. That came as no surprise to them.

“I'm surprised Asuka hasn't made you buy her a ring yet” Kensuke said to Shinji.

“She doesn't want one till I turn twenty” Shinji answered.

“Why twenty?” Touji asked.

Shinji mouthed the word “trust fund” to the both of them. He knew about the money coming his way then but he didn't like others knowing about it. Since Kensuke was serious with Rei, who also had one, he was sure he knew about such things. And Touji wouldn't have cared, his friendships were based on who a person was not how much money they had or would have in the future.

“So she's being patient just so she can get something big and gaudy?” Kensuke ribbed.

“Actually no” Shinji corrected him. “She doesn't want anything over a karat. She says that would look ugly on her hand. But she told me it had to be pink and perfect.”

Kensuke didn't react to that one bit as like Shinji a diamond was a diamond. In fact he was thinking Asuka was letting him off easy. Touji, who had already gone under the engagement ring shopping experience, knew better. “You are so screwed out of your trust fund.”


“Dude, I'm not kidding you” Touji answered Shinji. “Pink diamonds are fucking expensive. Like the most rare and expensive in the world.”

Shinji just let out a sigh at that. “Oh well…”

“You're gonna cave just like that?” Touji questioned.

Shinji nodded his head yes. He didn't care, if Asuka wanted an ungodly expensive diamond ring it was hers. Shinji's view of the money he was going to be given was that it wasn't really his. He didn't think he deserved it so he was better off spending it on Asuka.

Since they were on the topic of rings Kensuke asked a question that had been stirring in his mind. “Ok guys, I need your help. When I was talking to Rei last night I kidded about buying her a ring but she said selling my place and officially moving in with her was enough. But I'm kinda wondering…?”

“Buy her a ring” Shinji instantly answered. “Not some expensive one like an engagement ring but just a normal one.”

“Listen to the man” Touji said in agreement. “Sounds like she's not looking for the big one but she does want something.”

Kensuke let out a sighed breath before saying “Girls are freaking expensive.”

“Damn right” Touji laughed with Shinji adding “At least they're worth it.”


*********** OOO ***********


The bus trip home from the ski lodge was quick and uneventful. Mainly due to the fact that everyone was zonked out and sleeping the whole way home. While the nap was pleasant enough the best part for Rei was going into her place itself when everyone finally got home. Freely she walked into it with Kensuke, under the full gaze of others. And with those others knowing the truth about everything no less. Now this was the attention from others that she appreciated. No questions, just acceptance.

The attention was short lived though as the door to her place shut quickly behind her.

Misato actually wanted to talk to her and Kensuke for a bit and was about to go over to knock on the door, but she was stopped by Asuka. “Probably not a good idea.”

“Why?” Misato asked. “I just want to ask them a couple questions.”

“I think Kensuke's about to get lucky” Asuka smirked.

“Ohhh” Misato responded doing a quick about face. This was definitely not the time and her questions could wait. And as she walked back into her own place behind Shinji and Asuka she said “Good for them.”

Asuka and Shinji were greeted at the door by an excited child running up to them “Asa! Shini!”

Asuka reached down and picked up Keiko. “Did you miss us?”

“A wot!” Keiko said with a pouty expression before clamping her arms around Asuka's neck. Aunty Asuka and Uncle Shinji left for such a long time and she missed them so very much.

“You have no clue how bad it's been” Misato said with a fair amount of motherly frustration. “Every day she asked if you were coming home. Then she cried when I would say no.”

Asuka gave Keiko a big squeeze back. “I missed you very much too. But your Uncle Shinji and Aunty Asuka are home now so everything's all right.”

“Not go nopwace?” Keiko asked still clamped onto Asuka.

“Nope” Asuka said back.

Keiko squealed with joy at that. Then she went with her Aunty Asuka over to her toys and they started playing together with them. And it got even more funner for little Keiko when uncle Shinji joined them after he unpacked all the stuff from Keiko's aunty and uncle's trip.

Both Asuka and Shinji knew they had to spend some quality time with the little girl first thing when they got home. They may have been tired and wanted to rest but none of that meant anything to a little girl around the three year old mark. A very demanding age that demanded much attention and often the word “later” caused nothing but waterworks and temper tantrums.


Both Rei and Kensuke were unexpectedly nervous about what was going to happen so things didn't get started as quickly as they planned. First they thought they should display they were in fact responcible enough for this type of relationship by unpacking and putting their dirty clothes in the wash. That was a very responcible thing to do. Next was to pay some special attention to little Dai who was all over them upon their return. Sure Misato was very capable of taking care of him in their absence but he must have been lonely with them gone. He needed to be played with. After all having a pet meant accepting all the responsibilities that come with it.

By the time they were done playing with him the laundry was done, so they went and took care of the folding and ironing. Actually it was more like Dai was tired of playing with them as he stopped chasing the various toys they used and went to curl up on the couch for a nap. He missed them but right now they were acting different from usual so he was going to stay away from them for a bit.

After the folding and ironing was done they picked up the apartment a little. There wasn't much to do actually as Misato must have done a once over on the place while they were gone. That woman could be surprisingly domestic given the chance and proper state of mind. This of course meant the two were done quickly and they found themselves staring at each other with little else to do. Nervousness still abounded as the two quickly looked around for something, anything else to do.

But there was nothing. The apartment was clean, the unpacking and putting away was done, the laundry was done, and the folding and ironing was done. Worst yet neither of them were hungry so the making something to eat and then have to clean up afterwards excuse wouldn't fly. It was now time for sex to happen like they said it would.

Well that was after a shower for the both of them. And not in the sexy sharing way either as the showers were separate as both needed some time to think about all this and question whether they were really ready to go all the way. Kensuke went first and then Rei took hers. And right now Kensuke was sitting on Rei's bed with a towel wrapped around his waste, waiting for Rei to come out. He couldn't begin to describe the feelings he was having. Love, lust, anticipation, trepidation, worry, joy, and even an odd calmness as he was sure Rei was the right girl for him. This made it so the shower Rei was taking seemed to last forever while at the same time be much too quick.

But Rei did eventually come out of the bathroom, herself a nervous wreck just like her boyfriend, with a towel wrapped around her body as she walked over to the bed and sat down beside him. “I- I'm ready…”

Kensuke gulped down his nervousness as he reached over to take the towel off of Rei. Seeing her beautiful naked body finally pushed his mind in the right direction. This was it, they were going to have sex now. He kissed Rei and gently laid her down on her bed. “Is this position all right…?” His mind may have been made up but he was still nervous.

Rei cooperated with him the whole way and had even spread her legs slightly open for him already. “I- it's ok… if it's ok with you…?”

“Only if it's ok with you?” Kensuke quickly said back.

“I g-guess it's ok” Rei said still stumbling over her words. All this nervousness was getting them nowhere and both could tell. Rei looked straight up at him into his eyes. “On the count of three let's take a big breath.”

Kensuke agreed with her wholeheartedly. He even did the counting “One… two… Three…” and both of them took a big breath and released it to get out all the butterflies. “All better?”

Rei nodded her head yes to that. This was going about as smoothly as Asuka and Hikari told her it would. It wasn't like she was second guessing her decision, it was just that everything was happening so much faster and not like she expected. Just because she was told not to expect the world out of this didn't mean it stopped her mind from thinking that way.

Kensuke then removed his towel and laid down on top of Rei, being very careful to also support his own weight as he didn't want to cause discomfort to Rei. But he didn't stop there as something told him he had to do more and he wrapped his arms around Rei, holding her tightly to himself.

Rei returned the action as she held on tight to him. She wanted to be very close to him right now. And being able to feel his anxious and rapid heartbeat pounding in his chest put her more at ease, it was just like hers. She looked back into his eyes and asked “Go slowly… please…”

Kensuke of course nodded his head yes to that and he carefully and slowly pushed his way into Rei.

Rei hopped she wouldn't but she did start to cry a little when Kensuke tore her hymen. It wasn't due to pain though, hell it didn't even hurt that much compared to a lot of the other pain she felt in her life. Her tears were completely emotional.

“Are you okay?” Kensuke asked stopping.

Rei nodded yes. “Keep going… please.”

This time Kensuke kissed Rei. And her held her in that kiss while he continued to press himself into Rei. He didn't stop the kiss until he worked himself fully inside of her.

Rei was no longer crying at this point. She in fact had an exasperated expression as the only thing surging through her mind was, and she said it out loud, “Two Fingers was Not Enough!”

Kensuke chuckled for a second at his lover's very true statement. He had to agree with that as he went slowly for two reasons. One, because Rei told him to. And two, because it was the only speed he could go. Rei was really tight and he was having a hard time inserting himself into her. And even right now it felt like her insides were a vice grip clamping down on his dick. “No… it wasn't.”

“Ca- can you move it around…?” Rei groaned.

“I- I think so…” and he tried to pull out. It was as hard pulling out as it was pushing in. “Can y-you relax yourself a l-little…”

“J-j-just kee-eep going…ing..” Rei said wincing and trying to relax. This was just how it was at first. After talking with Hikari and Asuka she knew the only way this would feel good was if they kept at it. Her pussy needed to get used to having something the size of a penis get shoved into it first before it would feel good. And boy did she need to get used to it. Every time he pushed himself all the way inside of her she couldn't believe the feeling. It was like he was trying to thread the head of a sowing needle with rope used for rock climbing. Two completely different worlds.

Rei and Kensuke spent the rest of the night trying to get used to each other in the most sexual of ways. And also trying to figure out how all this sex stuff worked. It wasn't nearly as easy as either thought it was going to be with all the bumping and grinding and pushing and shoving, but they were determined to get it right. If that meant spending most of their free time over vacation break having sex, then that's what they were going to do.


Author's Notes: 

(A/N: And this is the end to chapter 31. The ski trip took longer to write than I expected as the original plan only had it being only a chapter long. Oh well, it's no big deal. This story is already too long, what's a couple extra chapters now? Expect the next chapter in a month or two, but don't expect much out of it. It's going to be mainly fluff and lemon as I need to get a couple things out of the way before I can get back to writing interesting happenings that take place. Just a little hint though, Rei is a member of the gymnastic team. I wonder what will happen with that. I Re-re-edited. Changed a few words around. Fixed some grammar. Broke up some of the bigger blocks of text. And expounded on some parts to make them clearer. Basically gave this a good once over to improve its quality.)

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