Chapter 32

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This is a classic Rom/Com staring the Evangelion cast. It has just about everything you would expect, and probably read before, but is my latest personal take on the genre. Hope you enjoy it.

Shinji and Kaji were sitting on the couch watching a ball game with Asuka sitting next to Shinji reading a book while Misato was trying to get Keiko to eat something for lunch before she put her little girl down for a nap. Those activities were interrupted by a knock at the door. Misato was obviously too busy to answer it so Asuka went to check. But not without her grumbling under her breath as the two boys didn't even seem to register that there was a knock, they were too busy watching the Tigers get their asses kicked. Plus those lazy bastards caused her to have to stop reading, and she was at a good part too.

What she found on the other side of the door made up for that minor inconvenience. Rei was about as red faced as she had ever seen the girl, and the boy next to her was no better. “Hey there.”

“H-hi…” was all Rei could squeak out. She had come over for lunch but after everything that just happened over the last couple days she was overwhelmed. She found herself not even having the words to properly respond to Asuka's greeting.

This was the first time Asuka had seen Rei since coming back from the ski trip, and judging by her blue haired friend's mussy appearance probably the first time she had left her apartment since going in it with Kensuke. She could have easily teased Rei about it but she decided not to. After Asuka lost her virginity and tried to talk with Misato later on she remembered she wasn't much better than what Rei was like right now. It was really hard to keep your composure after having sex for the first time. The only thing harder than that Asuka found out was to put it all into words.

And right now that is what Rei was trying to do as after Misato put Keiko down for a nap she wanted to know all about what happened. It was just Rei, Asuka, and her at the kitchen table while the three boys were on the couch watching the ball game and eating lunch.

The boy's discussion was very simple as Kaji said “As long as you treat her right and make Rei happy I don't care what you two do. Also, please don't tell me about it. It's not exactly something a guy in my position wants to hear about.” By the sound of the sigh of relief he heard from Kensuke he could tell they were on the same page on this subject and that was all that was said as the three boys went back to watching the Tokyo-4 Tigers get their asses handed to them yet again. While technically he was just Rei's guardian the actual relationship Kaji had with her was much like the one he had with Shinji and Asuka. She was family and in this family he was the father. And no father ever wants to hear about what is being done to his daughter when it comes to sex.

Misato thought about Rei in the same way but the relationship between girls is very different than the relationship between boys in this sense so she wanted to know all about what happened. “So how was it?”

“I don't know…” Rei started to say before trailing off. Everything was still so new that she wasn't sure she had a handle on her emotions or thoughts yet.

“Don't know how to put it into words, huh?” Misato said sort of teasing her. But Rei wasn't the only person she teased as she added on “Asuka was the same way.” She even went further and took a shot at herself. “And you know what? Neither did I at first.”

“It's just that… there were so many things that happened…” Rei said in a flustered tone.

“Were you surprised by what happened?” Misato questioned trying to get a better grip on just what Rei was thinking.

“Yes… and no…” Rei answered sounding even more confused. “I… I know what I was told but I still didn't expect it to be like that. It was much harder at first than I thought it was going to be.”

“Always is” Asuka said nodding her head along with what Rei was saying.

“No one's a born lover” Misato added on. “It takes practice and patience…”

“Lots and lots of patience” Asuka interrupted.

Misato chuckled slightly at that. Asuka and Shinji were a special case who seemed to take longer than most normal couples to figure things out in just about everything, including sex. “But practicing isn't all that bad, now is it?”

Rei blushed deeply. They were starting to figure things out now and she even had an orgasm or two with Kensuke inside of her. That was an incredibly special feeling both physically and emotionally.

“Looks like you two are quick studies” Asuka teased seeing if she could get the blue haired girl to blush even more.

And she succeeded as Rei was blushing from head to toe. But that wasn't all as Asuka noticed the faintest of grins on Rei's face as the girl tried to hide her face behind her bangs. Obviously she was happy about how things were progressing.

“So did it hurt a lot the first time?” Asuka asked being more serious now.

“I wouldn't say a lot” Rei answered. “I mean it hurt but not nearly as much as I thought. More than anything at first it was…” Rei had to think for a second so she could choose the right word here. “… uncomfortable… Sort of like it didn't really fit.”

“I remember that feeling well” Asuka agreed.

Misato was nodding her head yes as well. “If all you've done up till then is fool around with tongues and fingers a guy's tool can be a tight fit. That was how it was with Kaji and me at first.”

“How long did it take before you got used to it?” Rei asked curiously. Right now tightness was still a hindrance as it limited what they could do.

“Longer than you two have been doing it” Misato answered reading Rei's mind. The girl was probably very self conscious about this issue right now and Misato wanted her to know that her problem in this matter was a very normal thing.

“I don't even want to admit how long it took me and Shin-kun” Asuka said looking away, a bit embarrassed, while also trying to help out Rei. “Let's just say at first I almost thought he was trying to shove a baseball bat inside me.”

Rei could tell Asuka was over exaggerating but at the same time she could understand why Asuka said it. Kensuke didn't really fit inside of her the first time either. And because of that shared experience those words did help her out as she felt much more comfortable about where things were standing. Everything was going fine, and most importantly, normal.

Of course since things were normal that meant it was time to get to the nitty gritty. “So what's your favorite position so far?”

Rei squeaked out an embarrassed “Misato!”

“Watch it Rei” Asuka warned her. “She's lobbing you easy ones right now. You balk at those and she will start to throw hard.”

Considering how badly Asuka was blushing this advice probably came from personal experience. As frank as Hikari and Asuka were about their sex talk it was nothing compared to Misato. Rei knew she had to answer this question now. “I guess it's sitting on his lap” Rei answered. Technically that was the first position she had an orgasm in.

Unfortunately for her that didn't answer Misato's question as it was much too vague. “How were you sitting on him? Were you facing him or did you have your back to him?”

“Facing him” Rei answered, a touch on the uneasy side. This conversation was getting pretty intense for her. She didn't expect that she would have to explain every detail.

Sadly she was wrong as while she didn't know it, Rei was still being quite vague. There were many positions that could fit into those categories. “So were your legs folded under you like you were kneeling or did you have them wrapped around Kensuke?”

“I… ahhhh… wrapped around him… I think…”

“Wrapped around him tightly or just loosely?” Misato continued.

Rei had no clue about the difference and she answered “Tightly?... I guess…”

“Oh that's a wonderful position” Misato answered with a big smile. “A guy can really get up inside you like that. So did he push you back a little and suck on your tits at the same time?”

“What?” Rei replied back completely lost.

That what got completely ignored though by Asuka as she excitedly added “It's best when they also squeeze your ass a little and try to time your movements to theirs. Almost like they are trying to get deeper inside you than they already are!”

“Oh god! I love when they do stuff like that!” Misato commented obviously on the same page as Asuka.

“I can't tell you how many times I've come in a position like that!” Asuka said right back.

“Same here” Misato agreed and went even further with the sex talk.

Rei didn't fail to notice the gleam in both girls' eyes as they went even further with this conversation. She also noticed both of them take quick spying looks at their lovers like they wanted to go do this act with them right now. But as for herself, she was wondering what the hell they were talking about. While Misato and Asuka were jabbering away with all this extra stuff she was still way back in the conversation at the part about her knees being bent under her like she was kneeling while sitting on Kensuke's lap. She was trying to imagine and figure out what that meant and what you could do when like that. This was simply too much for her and she quieted down and let Asuka and Misato talk while she listened. In her mind Kensuke and her were still taking Basic Sex 101 while Asuka and Misato were talking on a Graduate course level.


That night two women were howling in delight in the Katsuragi household as they were pleasured in the position that was racing through their minds. Things were very different across the hall though. Kensuke was rubbing his knee while Rei was rubbing her butt. Inspired by the talk Rei decided to try out the advance form of the position she liked. The end result was they fell off the bed.

“I think we should stick to the basics” Kensuke commented as he tried to rub the pain out of his knee. When they fell he crashed it right against the bed stand on the side of Rei's bed.

Rei nodded in agreement as she let out a little “owwiee.” The pitfall of that position was when they fell she landed flat on her ass.

But a little accident didn't stop the two as they hopped back up on the bed and went at it again, this time trying out a simpler position. One day they would get to the point where they could do the advance stuff but for now even the basics were quite thrilling with how new they were to everything.


*********** OOO ***********


Despite how much fun it was for Rei and Kensuke they did have to take several breaks from their carnal study sessions to go work. First couple days back were sort of embarrassing with the relationship being out in public and everyone in the restaurant knowing about it. Plus Kensuke couldn't shake the feeling something was up. Li Mei was looking at him with evil eyes, almost like she had something nefarious in store for him. He really started regretting how much he teased her before. But there was nothing he could do about it now as he made his deliveries.

First on his list was an apartment he never delivered to before. The person behind the door was no stranger though. “So this is where you and Aya moved to” Kensuke greeted one of the girls he regularly delivered food to in the past who at T4U.

Tomoko smiled back as she took the food from him. “Yup. We just moved in over winter break.”

“Well that sucks” Kensuke joked. “Now I'm not going to be able to deliver to the girl's dorm as much.”

Tomoko smirked at him for that. “From what I heard you might not be as interested in us as you used to be. Seems like you dumped all us college girls for one your own age.”

“Wha…?” Kensuke was rather surprised that Tomoko knew about Rei and him already. He hadn't even said anything yet.

“Aya and I got filled in on the news the other day from Ami.” Ami was one of the other delivery people that worked with Kensuke and she told them all about what she learned from Li Mei when she brought food over earlier in the week. Tomoko and Aya were regulars and all the delivery people knew them so they got to hear gossip from them quite often.

Kensuke though just sighed as he took the money he was owed from Tomoko. Some of the people he worked with had the biggest mouths.

On Kensuke's next run a while later he had to deliver to a pretty nice house in a rather affluent section of the city. This house he knew about as it was another regular. Sometimes he delivered food to Professor Fuyutsuki at his office at school and sometimes he delivered food to the good professor's home. “Hello Professor Fuyutsuki” Kensuke greeted him with a polite bow. “I have your order of dim sum.”

“Ah, right on time as always” Fuyutsuki replied back. He then took the food and paid Kensuke what he owed him and threw on some extra for a tip. But as Kensuke started to walk away he added on. “Now remember, Rei is a very special person. Be gentle with her and treat her nicely.”

The gray haired professor didn't really give Kensuke a chance to reply to that as he shut his door after saying that but then again he didn't need to. This was the third regular Kensuke had delivered to today and the third time he learned that the regulars knew about Rei and himself. He guessed like the other two times that it was Ami's fault.

Still later in the day he made another delivery to another regular. It was Mr. Mitsuishi's place. Though now that referred to Yuriko's uncle rather than her grandfather. But still Yuriko was there to answer the door and she greeted him with “I'm sure Grandpa would be very happy to know you with Rei are together. He always wanted her to find someone respectable and trustworthy. And I really think she did.”

Kensuke blushed as Yuriko continued and added on a congratulation from herself as well. She approved of the relationship very much. She also told him how she found out about it so quickly. As with the rest of the regulars Yuriko too learned it from Ami. In fact all the regulars he delivered to, a mysteriously large number that kept growing incidentally, knew about his relationship with Rei now. Apparently Ami told everyone.

When Kensuke finally got back to the restaurant he saw Ami packing up her bike to head out for another run. He stopped her before she took off and asked a one word question. “Why?”

Ami giggled at him and pointed across the kitchen. “She told me to.” And then she left.

Across the kitchen sat a very pregnant Li Mei who simply smiled at him and waived. Revenge was such a sweet dish and she had cooked up a lot of it for the boy.

Kensuke just did a face palm and muttered out “Why me?”

Unfortunately Li Mei heard that and yelled “Because you deserve it you rat!”

Kensuke walked over to her after that, trying to ignore the laughing from the rest of the cooks while he did. “Truce?”

“No” Li Mei answered.

“C'mon” Kensuke answered. “Why not?”

“Because I'm not done getting back at you yet” Li Mei easily answered.

Kensuke then asked the magic question. “When are you going to be done?”

“Tomorrow” Li Mei answered. “I want you to come in two hours early tomorrow as I have two special tasks for you to do. One of them you'll find out tomorrow and the other is I need you to fill in for Boris as Santa for a bit while he meets with some delegates for an event they want us to cater.

“Ah crap” Kensuke groused. Every year around Christmas Zukav would put on a Santa suit and let kids sit on his lap and tell him what they wanted for Christmas. He was just a big softy like that and enjoyed it. But he was a busy man and couldn't do it all the time so he would have one of the other guys in the restaurant fill in for him for a short bit when he was away. Kensuke had done this for him a couple times before but he didn't really enjoy it too much as some of the kids turned out to be horrors that kicked and screamed the whole time. But there was one saving grace as he spelled out a condition of his own. “Only if Rei can be Mrs. Claus.”

“Done” Li Mei quickly answered as that was part of her plan all along. While Santa Claus let you sit on his lap and listened to what you wanted, Mrs. Claus stood beside him and gave you a candy cane afterwards. The kids really liked her as you could guess. Plus Mrs. Claus was very pretty in that stunning red Kimono with the white fur trim. Kensuke playing Santa and Rei playing Mrs. Claus was a perfect match in Li Mei's mind.


That night Rei and Kensuke were sitting at their kitchen table studying. As a little break from academia Kensuke asked “You're fine playing Mrs. Claus, right?” He was feeling a little guilty that he told Li Mei that before asking Rei if it was alright.

“I already knew I was going to” Rei answered him stretching out as she yawned. “Li Mei told me that yesterday when I first got to work.” Rei was expecting to see Kensuke grumble as she revealed the set up by Li Mei but instead she started to blush. Kensuke was very clearly staring at her tits as she stretched out.

Rei was just wearing a flimsy shirt with no bra on right now and when she stretched Kensuke could make out the shape of her boobs and see those pretty nipples of hers jutting out against the thin material of her shirt. Even though they just had sex a couple hours ago when they got home from work it was enough to arouse Kensuke. The short study break was about to turn into a long one.

What really surprised Rei was the fact that horniness when it came to sex was not as one sided as a lot of the girls gossiped it to be. It wasn't just the guys who wanted it a lot, she was finding that she herself wanted it just as much as her boyfriend. And just by Kensuke looking at her like that she wanted him. It was such a passionate wanting carnal look that she simply couldn't resist getting aroused as she stripped off her shirt. Her panties were the next thing she quickly dispatched of as Kensuke had stripped himself of the boxers and t-shirt he was wearing and now was sitting in his chair, fully erect and waiting.

Simply a most delectable invitation to Rei and she sat down on his lap, slowly easing Kensuke's cock into her. She let out a little “Ohhhhh…..” as this was starting to feel really good. She then sat there for a minute when Kensuke was fully inside of her. She still needed to get used to his size and shape at first before they could really go at it. And while she brushed a hand through Kensuke's hair she asked. “Are we in the bunny stage?”

“Bunny stage?” Kensuke questioned.

“Asuka told me that when we finally get to the point where we do more things right than wrong we will get really horny and want to hump like bunnies” Rei cooed trying to explain what she had been told.

Considering this was already the fourth time they had sex today he had to agree with what the redhead mentioned. They had sex when they first got up today for an hour or so. Then studied for a couple hours. Then had sex again for several hours before they had to go to work. And when they got back from work they had sex again. And now, well there was going to be no going back to studying tonight. It was very clear to him that this is what they would be doing till it was time for bed. And even then bedtime was probably going to be pushed back and hour or two so they could have even more sex.

“I think I like the bunny stage” Kensuke smirked as he started to thrust himself in and out of Rei's wet pussy. His girl was obviously ready for everything now.

“So do I…” Rei moaned as she let the sex overwhelm her. Things were definitely starting to get better.


Kensuke was sitting in the Santa chair wearing the Santa outfit with the Santa beard and a big pillow over his stomach so he would have the Santa belly. Rei was standing right next to him handing out candy to the little kids when they hopped off Santa's lap. So far things were going okay. There was a couple screamers and one kid kicked Kensuke while another one tried to rip off his beard but all in all better than last year. Plus he was almost done with this chore as he saw Zukav walk through the door. After this next kid he would go in back and switch places with the store owner.

Oddly enough though the next kid in line was Keiko. Misato had brought her over so she could tell Santa what she wanted for Christmas.

Kensuke tried to play the part for the little girl but it didn't go well. “Ho Ho Ho, and what can I bring you for Christmas little Keiko.”

“See he remembers you from last year” Misato said bolstering everything.

But everything still failed as Keiko gazed up at Santa for a couple seconds and proclaimed “That not Thanta… that Kenthay!” She then looked over at Mrs. Claus and quickly said “Rei- Rei!... Can I have candy?”

Misato breathed out a sigh and looked at the two. “Well, at least she calls you by your name now. That's better than nothing.”

Keiko then hopped off Kensuke's lap and ran back to her mommy with a candy cane in her hand. “Mommy,mommy, mommy… I got candy… eat now???”

“Yes you can have that now” Misato smiled at her little one as it was apparent that Keiko didn't really care about Santa at all and only wanted to come here to get a piece of candy. She didn't even tell Kensuke what she wanted.

After that Rei stepped forward and bowed politely while telling everyone Santa would take a five minute break and be right back.

“I can't believe Keiko saw through our disguises” Kensuke said with astonishment as Rei and him walked away towards the back room.

Rei, who was actually wearing a wig, just shook her head. “She's a very perceptive girl sometimes.”

“Who you talking about?” both of them were asked as they entered the back room.

“Keiko” Rei answered. “She knew who we were.” After that she took off her kimono and handed it to Asuka as the redhead with her hair put up was going to play Mrs. Claus for a while. With her red hair and partly German origin she fit the role much better than most of the other girls in the restaurant.

“I'm not surprised” Asuka said back while Rei helped her get the kimono on. “She's a pretty clever girl. Did she complain or anything about Kensuke being Santa?”

“Nope” Kensuke answered handing his big white beard off to Zukav. “She just wanted a candy cane. She didn't even tell me what she wanted for Christmas.”

“Figures” Asuka chuckled as that was the Keiko she knew.

“That's all she wanted last year” The big Russian commented putting on his Santa hat. He remembered last year the only thing she asked for was candy as she saw all the other kids were getting some after they talked to him.

Then Zukav and Asuka walked out of the back room to the line full of waiting children.

In the back room was also the work schedule for the restaurant and Kensuke looked at it to see when he would be working next week. He noticed something odd. “Hey Li Mei, why aren't I scheduled to work anytime after Christmas?”

“Because I was told to leave you guys off the schedule” Li Mei answered walking back to them.

Kensuke answered with a confused “Huh?” while looking over at Rei.

Rei just told him “We will be out of town for a week after Christmas.” While she was surprised at first too she noticed that not only were Kensuke and her name not up there but neither were Shinji or Asuka's. That meant they would all be gone somewhere . It was then that Rei remembered a promise Misato made to her last summer. When everyone else went to Germany Misato promised to make it up to her with a trip this winter to someplace tropical. And while Misato may have never brought up that promise again since she said it didn't mean it wasn't going to happen. That guardian of hers was very fond of making plans and not telling anyone about them till the last second.

Kensuke though was still obviously confused. “Where are we going?”

“Someplace warm” is all Rei could answer. While she knew they were going somewhere she didn't exactly know where. That was probably part of the surprise.

Before Kensuke could ask another question though Li Mei interrupted with “Okay, now it's time for the other special task I want from you.”

“What do I got to do now?” Kensuke droned. He was confused as could be right now so this wasn't the best time for his boss to be bugging him about this.

Li Mei first closed the door leading from the back room to the kitchen. Then she closed the door leading out to the restaurant. Finally she pulled out a sprig of mistletoe from a pocket and held it over Rei and Kensuke's head. “You know the rules.”

Both Rei and Kensuke blushed horribly. Rei knew about Li Mei wanting to get back at Kensuke for his teasing but she didn't know the lady would go this far. She wanted them to kiss each other in front of her. That would more than prove they were truly together.

Kensuke though got over the embarrassment factor faster. “You've been wanting this for a long time, haven't you?”

“Yes” Li Mei answered. “I think you two will make each other very happy and I wanted you to get together for a long time. I'm very happy for you guys now.”

Maybe it was because she was pregnant but Li Mei actually got a touch emotional after she said that. She really did want this to happen and she really was very happy for them. Because of that Rei agreed to give Kensuke a kiss in front of her. It was the least she could do for a friend who only wanted her to be happy and find love.


As Kensuke walked through the kitchen to go back to his normal job of deliveryman he mumbled to himself “I can't believe she took a picture of it…” But then he stopped as he noticed Shinji cutting up some cabbage. “Hey Shinji, you know where we're going after Christmas?”

“Going?” Shinji asked.

“Yeah, going…” Kensuke said back. “Apparently that screwy guardian of ours is taking us somewhere for a week.”

“So that's why I'm not working next week!” Shinji exclaimed. He had been confused about that as well and finally he put two and two together and figured it out.

“You mean you don't know either?”

“Nope” Shinji answered. “But I remember Misato promising to take Rei someplace warm last summer when we left for Germany. That's what this is probably all about.”

“But you have no clue where?”

“Nope” Shinji answered again.

“And you don't have a problem with that?”

“Nope” Shinji answered a third time.

“You give in to that woman way too easily” Kensuke told him.

“It's not a matter of giving in” Shinji answered back. “It's a matter of looking at the big picture.”

“What? You happy about going on vacation or something?” That was the only thing he could see as big picture.

“Yes” Shinji answered as that was part of it. But there was a bigger part. “If we're going someplace warm that means swimsuits.” Shinji then looked out at Asuka in that stunning red kimono and smiled.

“Hey there…” Kensuke said figuring this out while getting a big grin on his face too. Shinji had an awesome point there as he could see himself really enjoying some beach time with Rei. This time he was definitely going to go with the swim of things as to do otherwise was just plain stupid. So what if Misato was being her usual pushy self? The more skin of Rei he could see the better. And as he had already learned, taking swimsuits off of girls is rather fun.


Asuka was helping Misato clean up after dinner. She was doing this because Rei and Kensuke didn't come over for dinner that night. “This is the third night in a row.”

“Yup” Misato answered smiling. “They must be getting the hang of it.”

“I remember when Shinji and me were like that.”

Misato blew that egotistical statement right out of the water. “You better, considering you two still fuck like bunnies.”

“We're not that bad” Asuka said blushing. But then she had to ask “…are we?”

“I would say so” Misato said back truthfully. “But it's not like that's a bad thing.”

“True” Asuka said as Misato had a point there. “How often do you and Kaji still do it?”

Misato may have been a little overly enamored with sex as well. “If everything goes well, once or twice a day. Three times if Kaji comes home for lunch and a quickie.”

“And how often does everything go well?” Asuka chuckled and even looked over her shoulder towards Keiko's room. She was well aware of who `everything' pertained to.

“Depends” Misato said thinking about it. Some days were definitely better than others. “But it's not like she threw a total monkey wrench into everything. I know a lot of people like to joke that once you have a kid you stop having sex, but it's not true at all. You just have to be more strategic about it.”

“I suppose” Asuka said back drying a dinner plate. She could tell Misato wasn't preaching to her, more like giving her knowledge for the future. “But for now I would just be happy if I could stop crying when we make love.”

“If you haven't stopped by now, you never will” Misato told her flat out. There was no sense in lying to the girl after all this time. “But it's not that big of a deal if Shinji doesn't mind.”

“Well yeah, I know that… but still.”

“Even I cry during sex sometimes when things get really emotional” Misato said back trying to make Asuka feel better.

“Yeah, but I do it every time things get emotional.”

“So what if you're a touch overly emotional” Misato said back. “If Shinji makes you that happy just go with it.”

“I suppose” Asuka replied again. It really wasn't that bad of a thing and it did make her feel good. “Oh by the way, I saw that we're going on vacation next week.”

“Yup” Misato said back. But that's all she said about it. She wasn't going to give up anything like where they were going.

Then again Asuka didn't ask. She only asked “Anything special I need to pack.”

“Nope” Misato said back. “Just pack light. All I'm bringing for myself is my toiletries, a couple t-shirts, a pair of shorts, my swimsuit, and some sandals.”

“Speaking of swimsuits” Asuka blushed. “I might of got one you don't want me to have… but I only wear it around Shinji…”

“And you want to know if you can bring it along?” Misato interrupted. She already knew all about the thong Asuka bought. The girl was messy and Misato had seen it on the floor several times already when she went to get clothes for the laundry. Considering Shinji was the only person to have ever seen her wear it, it wasn't a big deal to her. With a smirk she added on “All I'm gonna say about that is make sure you pack a sarong for both top and bottom.”

That made Asuka very happy. That special swimsuit she bought had never seen the light of day and she sort of wanted Shinji to see her wearing it on a beach. Plus the tan lines it would create would look really sexy.

Over on the couch the boys were talking about the trip as well. “You got the Tivo all set up?” Kaji asked.

“Yup” Shinji answered. “I even set it to record and hour longer in case of extra innings.”

“Good job” Kaji said giving him a thumbs up. “I can feel it in my bones. Last time we went on vacation the Tigers won two games. This time I bet it's three.”

“We won't miss them win this time” Shinji said right back.

Obviously the nature of conversations between men and women tended to be very different in nature in this household. But across the hall the conversation was the same as Rei and Kensuke were both moaning out each others name over and over and over again all through the night.


*********** OOO ***********


On Christmas day Misato threw a big Christmas party. She invited a lot of old friends and new friends to come on over or at least stop by for the festive merriment. She also had Asuka, Shinji, Rei, and even Kensuke invite some of their friends as well. Basically she wanted a complete mishmash of people to attend. The more the merrier was her motto today.

And she got it as many people attended her party. Some stayed for the whole thing while other just dropped by to wish everyone happy holidays. Yuma was the most disappointed by that as Shigeru Aoba was among the ones to just drop by. He had other things to do today as his band was putting on a benefit concert for a world relief fund. They were just doing their part to make the world a better place. But he did make up for his short stay by meeting her under the mistletoe and giving her a kiss on the cheek. And while she was passed out Shigeru handed Mai some tickets to the concert for later on today.

Down in the garage you had a bunch of the gear heads all standing around Kaji's car naturally. Just bullshitting the day away while looking around and fiddling with things under the hood of the overpowered car of ages past. Snake and Touji's Grandpa were doing most of the fiddling as those two had the most experience with those kinds of cars. A lot of the other guys just stood around and watched. In the apartment you had most of the women and the collection of little ones gathered together. Basically everyone was having a fun time.

After the party though was when the real celebrations started. Rei felt she had to give something really special to Kensuke as her Christmas present from him was a ring. Nothing extravagant and more like a promise ring than anything else but still she was very appreciative of it. In addition to her normal present she got him she came out of the bathroom wrapped in some strategically placed ribbons and bows that night. Kensuke said it was the best present he ever got and the two spent the rest of the night wrapping and unwrapping each other and enjoying the presents under the festive decorations.

They weren't alone in that matter either. Keiko got seriously tired out by the party as there were many people there to play with her, including some kids her own age even. The end result is that when she went down she wasn't going to wake back up till the morning. That let her parents enjoy themselves all night long. And boy did Misato and Kaji enjoy each other. It was hot, passionate, sweaty sex the whole night long. The two knew they had the night to themselves and wanted to fully enjoy it and make up for all the missed opportunities.

During the party Shinji was having a problem. Asuka was all dressed up in a cute little Santa outfit with a Santa hat on top of that long pretty red hair of hers. The girl's version of it naturally as it had a skirt and not pants for the bottom. Even her arms and legs were covered in red as it looked like she put on a red body suit under the Santa outfit. This is what Shinji was having a problem with. While everyone else thought it was just plain old pantyhose he saw something that indicated that assumption was wrong. Asuka had bent over during the party to pick something up and he clearly saw it. Those pantyhose had an area over the crotch that was cinched together with some velvety red string and tied off in a bow. Shinji's problem was the realization that Asuka had on something incredibly sexy and there was nothing he could do about it till the party was over.

Even after the party he didn't get what he wanted right away. “Slow down there big boy” Asuka smiled as once the door to her room shut he immediately pulled the Santa coat off of her. Underneath were two more areas cinched together with red velvet and tied off in a bow. She had other plans for right now than a ravishing though as she wanted to do her thing first. “Why don't you sit down on the bed. Santa Asuka has some presents she wants to deliver first.”

“Oh god Asuka…” right now his girl was being so fucking sexy he didn't know if he could stand it.

Asuka of course was doing this on purpose, she had every intention of driving Shinji wild. She wanted to turn him into a sex crazed lover that would take her all night long. The first step in that process was to start unwrapping herself as she took off her red velvet skirt and let it drop to the floor. This would give Shinji the opportunity to really see her present to him. She was wearing a crotchless body suit with slits for her breasts to spill out of as well. And letting out those ample tits of hers was the next step.

Slowly she untied each bow. “Now Shin-kun, have you been a good boy…” Then she started to unlace the velvet string that was holding the slits shut. “… or a bad boy?”

Shinji couldn't take his eyes off this sexy show even to blink. “Wh-what ever you want me to be…” Shinji then gulped as she watched Asuka's breast spill out of the bodysuit for him to see in all their glory. “…I'll be it!”

Asuka smiled greatly at that. That's exactly what she wanted to hear. “First I want you to be a very good boy for Santa Asuka and let her get a present from you…” Asuka whispered as she knelt down and spread his legs apart enough so she could fit between them. Then she kissed the big bulge in his pants. “That's right… be a good boy for me and get nice and hard…”

Shinji could only grunt out an “Ohhhh…. Asukaaaaaa!” as he felt her unbuckle his pants and pull them off. He was fully ready for her and it was causing him pain to be trapped in his pants.

“That's Santa Asuka” Asuka told him as she kissed his hard on again that was covered only by his briefs.

“S-s-s-an-tatataa Assss---kaaaaa!” Shinji tried to say. It was hard though as Asuka took off his briefs and went right to work on his cock. She wasn't fooling around either as he felt her suck him off hard and fast and deep. And when he looked down he saw those fiery blue eyes of hers looking back up, almost pleading for his present. “I-I l-lo-love you…”

“I know” Asuka smirked taking him out of her mouth only to lick some pre-cum off of the tip of his head. “Now be a good boy and give Santa Asuka what she wants.”

Shinji totally forgot what he was supposed to be calling Asuka as he moaned out another “Ohhh Asukaaaa!” as the girl went back to work on him. This time being even more aggressive in her sucking and even started to fondle his seeds in an effort to get him to come harder.

Asuka didn't mind him forgetting too much though and she found it satisfying to her ego that she was so good she could make Shinji forget about everything else but the pleasure she was giving him. She also found it ego boosting that she got him to cum so quickly as no more than five minutes after she started she was she gulping his present down. This boy wanted her bad.

Asuka took a couple more sucks and then some licks to make sure she got all of Shinji before she started to stand up slowly. She stopped half way and buried Shinji's face in her cleavage letting him suck on and play with her funbags for a couple minutes. But not to long as she herself needed some sexual relief very badly and she totally stood up in front of him, placing the last untied bow directly in his face. “If you want to show your appreciation you can do me a little favor…” As she said that she rubbed the bow in his face and placed the end of the velvety red string between his teeth. “…Be a bad boy… a v-very b-bad booooy…”

Asuka didn't even get to finish saying that before Shinji ripped those lacings out, which were holding her pussy back from him, with his teeth. He was going to pay Asuka back tenfold for what she just did.

Everything she had done before had made herself very horny and just the slightest touch of his tongue as it delved into her womanly folds caused her to start stuttering. As aggressively as she sucked his cock he was eating her out. In fact it felt so good that she couldn't even stand there and let him do it as she went weak in her knees and had to be laid down on the bed. And Shinji didn't just warm her up with one oral orgasm as that boy of hers lived up to her request for a bad boy as he got out some toys afterwards.

She came a second time as Shinji slowly stroked a vibrator inside her while he used the other to stimulate her clit. This felt so fucking good to her the only thing she could do was cry out his name while her body arched up and trembled.

Asuka ended up coming even harder a third time as her clit was intensely vibrated, trapped between two vibrators, while Shinji danced his tongue around inside of her as deep as he could get it in. The first time with the toys was Shinji being a bad boy. This time he was being a very bad boy as the intensity was almost unbearable.

After that Shinji couldn't stand to hear any more of Asuka's cries of utter joy without him being a more active participant. He looked down at her with eyes burning with passion.

She stared back into his blue eyes with the same blue fire. “Nehmen Sie mich… Nehmen Sie mich Stark!”

And that's exactly what did as he took Asuka hard. Pounding his throbbing cock deep into her wet and ready pussy, causing Asuka to start yelling out many obscenities in German as she begged for “Mehr…Meehhhrrr…. MEEEHHHHHRRRRRRRRRRR BUHMSEN……..”

Asuka wanted her aggressive invisible Shinji right now that no one else ever got to see but her and she wanted this personification to do everything he wanted to do to her while he went wild inside of her. Her whole body surrendered completely to him as her mind conceded to the lustful and hot sex. She totally and completely gave herself to him, placing absolute trust in her lover to make her happy.

As for Shinji, for Asuka he would be like this. She desired this very small but strong part of himself so only she was allowed to see it. He could trust her completely and let himself get lost in the passion of everything as the two had sex late into the night until he completely spent his energy taking his beautiful lover over and over and over again.

Of course that just meant that it was time for him to rest on his back while Asuka took the mantle of being a bad girl. And she could be so deliciously bad as she got on top and rode that hard cock of his until neither of them could handle anything hard and fast anymore. Basically they had sex until they each wore the other out completely.

But that wasn't the end of it. While too tired to have another go at hot and passionate sex there was always that little tidbit of energy left to make love one last time before the end of the amorous night. And as Asuka came one last time while Shinji kissed away her tears she cried out “Ich liebe dich, Shin-kun.” But unlike all the other throaty lustful German cries of bliss that had filled that room that night this one was soft and heartfelt.

Shinji could only say one thing back as he kissed away her last tear “I love you Asuka.”

Then the two fell asleep, still in a loving embrace, as they each had poured their entire being into the other and had exhausted themselves out.


The next morning Asuka was sitting at the kitchen table eating some cereal. It was already past noon so it was a little late for breakfast but she didn't care, she was hungry. She was also still feeling the after affects of last night and that explained why she was eating cereal and not taking a shower with Shinji right now and why he had got something to eat while she took her shower earlier. They both needed a break from sex for a short bit.

“About time you got up” Misato said when she saw her.

“Don't worry” Asuka said pointing towards two duffle bags by the door. “We're packed and ready.”

“Good.” That was what Misato was worried about. She wanted everyone to be ready as they were leaving for the airport in two hours. “So you two have fun last night?” she asked while packing a large suitcase full of things.

“Too much I think” Asuka answered and even rubbed herself a little as she was a touch sore down there still.

“Too much is always better than not enough” Misato smiled back.

“You got that right” Asuka chuckled. “But I need to ask you something?”

“Go ahead” Misato said as she put some more things in the big suitcase.

“Do they make negligee that doesn't fall apart so easily. I swear that bodysuit starting running and tearing two seconds after we started having sex.”

“That happens” Misato said as she knew what the girl was talking about. “Lace usually holds up better but the sheer stuff's as bad as pantyhose.”

“Tell me about it.” The sexy bodysuit from last night that had brought up this question was now in Asuka's trash basket.

“That was a pricey little outfit too, pity it's already ruined.”

Since Misato was the one that bought it for her Asuka did feel a little bad about ruining it. “Sorry.”

“It's not your fault” Misato said as she didn't need an apology. “You got your use out of it so it's fine. But learn from it too. I bought a 30,000 yen negligee like that once and it didn't even last a week. Man was I pissed about that.”

“I would be too” Asuka said back. If she was going to spend that much money on something she would want to get more than a weeks worth of fun out of it, that's for sure.

“If you're looking for negligee that lasts longer go with the babydolls. Since they come off so easily they usually don't get destroyed as quickly. That's pretty much all I'll buy now.”

Asuka was going to have to think about that, it was some rather good advice. But before she did that she had to ask “What's with the overstuffed suitcase?” as she watched Misato try to close it. “I thought you said pack light.”

“I did” Misato said and pointed towards two duffle bags outside her room. “The suitcase is for Keiko.”

“Ah” Asuka replied and giggled. That explained everything.


*********** OOO ***********


The first thing Shinji noticed when they boarded the airplane was it was not a big one. In fact it was a private aircraft with the name Gulfstream plastered on the side. While Asuka took this as Misato's way of making up to her about the degrading location they had to be in on the flight to Germany, Shinji thought a different reason. One closer to the truth. And as he sat down in a plush seat, of which there were only twenty or so on this craft, he looked over at Kaji. “We're not going someplace many other people go to, are we?”

Kaji simply shook his head no while smirking. “In fact we're the only people who are going to be on this plane today.”

“Where are we going?” Shinji finally asked. Up till now he didn't really care but things were starting to get too far-fetched and he wanted to know what was up.

“I'll tell you later” Kaji told him. Not because it was some big secret now anymore but because he noticed something. Keiko was looking very uncomfortable and scared right now. “This is about to get loud.”

And it did as Keiko screeched and cried during the whole take off. It didn't matter if she was by her mommy and aunties Asuka and Rei, her ears were hurting her and she didn't like it. No toy, video, treat, or coloring book was going to stop this scared little girl and she didn't calm down till they finally leveled off.

Kaji had just sat down back in his seat after making sure everything was alright. “Thank god that's over with.”

“You said it” Shinji agreed. His ears hurt much more from the screeching than the takeoff. “Is she going to be ok?”

“Now she should” Kaji answered looking at his little girl that was on her mommy's lap and snuggled close to her. Keiko was scared and wanted to be with mommy but the problem was she couldn't be due to the seatbelt holding her down. And she couldn't take the seatbelt off till they finished taking off. But that was all over with now as Kaji asked him “So you ready for some fishing and long walks on the beach?”

“I suppose” Shinji answered. “But where?”

“On a private island resort in the south pacific.”

“Really?” Shinji questioned as someplace like that seemed out of character with Misato. It was just a touch too grand in his opinion. Almost like they were flaunting their money around.

“Sort of” Kaji chuckled at the puzzled look he got. “Technically it's an old SEELE spy base and is pretty much an artificially made island in the middle of the ocean on top of where Baker Island used to be.”

Shinji's confused look changed over to a skeptical one at that. Somehow all he could envision was a chunk of floating metal with an airstrip above it. “Are you sure the girl's will like this place?”

“Positive” Kaji said back. “I know it sounds dumpy but it's in fact a beautiful island. It's purpose was to intercept satellite communications and spy on the world but it was disguised as a luxury resort so no one would get suspicious. It has white sandy beaches, swaying palm trees, and beautiful sunsets and sunrises.”

“I'm surprised SEELE would build something so luxurious.”

“Had to” Kaji answered the boy. “Since most the other islands out there sunk into the sea it's quite noticeable by planes and satellites. So they set up a dummy corporation headed by some eccentric billionaire who they said built the island as a resort for the rich and famous. That way no one would suspect that under the island there was a huge military complex with massive amounts of spy equipment. They even went so far to have it be an actually running tropical resort on top just in case someone came snooping around. Except all the workers were in fact SEELE operatives and the planes and helicopters that took off from the island were not for transportation and sight seeing but information gathering.”

Everyone on the plane was obviously listening in on this information and Kensuke had to ask “How do you know all this?”

Misato was the one to answer the question as she grumped “He better know all that. He lived on the island for three years.”

“You were one of the operatives?” Asuka questioned as not even she knew that.

“Somewhat” Kaji answered. “Let's just leave it at I did a lot of spying and information gathering on that island.” While SEELE thought he was one of their operatives he was more of a freelance version that may have spied more on his own kind than the outside world.

“So what's it used for now?” Shinji asked. Something like that wouldn't just get abandoned and made into a real resort.

“It's a sea rescue base now” Kaji answered. “The UN tore out all the spy equipment and filled the complex with rapid response rescue equipment since it's the biggest island in the area and is surrounded by shipping lanes.”

“Makes sense” Asuka said as being where it was would make getting to any distressed ship in the middle of the ocean much easier and quicker. She then asked the important question “What about the actual resort they built there?”

“Still there” Kaji answered. “But not in operation. It cost too much for the UN to keep running it and with what the island is used for now they don't want a lot of people constantly under foot.”

“So what about us then?” Asuka asked.

“Well not all of the resort was closed down. The man who used to run the base was allowed to retire and set up a small fishing resort on the other end of the island. He knows more about that island than anyone else so it's just better if he's around.” Kaji left out the stuff about how this guy also totally sold out SEELE and told the governments of the world everything he knew about them after third impact. The amount of info the old man knew was vast and it bought him amnesty and a nice retirement deal.


What surprised everyone, except Kaji, the most was the actual size of the island when they flew over it to make their approach for a landing on its strip. While the old island it was anchored to was nothing more than a simple atoll, this island in contrast was rather big. And it looked like a real island too with trees everywhere and beaches surrounding the whole thing. On one end of it was the landing strip with red and white planes and helicopters sitting out along with a large dock and several red and white ships. The other end of the island though had a little resort on the beach with several huts and a small dock with a fishing boat. In the middle separating the two ends was a fancy looking complex that seemed to be getting taken over by nature.

Once on the ground they were greeted by an older man with a graying beard and dressed in cargo shorts, a Hawaiian shirt, and wearing a fishing hat with all sorts of different small lures decorating it. “Good to see you again Kaji my boy, good to see you!”

Kaji gave the guy a manly hug back and patted his back while saying “It's been too long Admiral.”

Kaji then introduced everyone to the man. “Everyone this is Michael Andersen, but everyone just calls him Admiral.” He then introduced his old friend and former commander officer to the others. “Admiral, this is my family. My wife Misato and our little girl Keiko. And also Asuka, Shinji, Rei, and Kensuke.”

Each person then said hello to the man in front of them. Admiral said hello back but stopped at Rei for a second as he asked. “You've been here before, haven't you?”

Rei couldn't remember if she had but there was a vague familiarity about this place. “I don't ever believe I have but I might be mistaken.”

“No problems” Admiral said back as it wasn't a big deal. “I just remember meeting a blue haired girl that looked like you a long time ago. But you were only a little tike then.”

Rei could tell when she had come here in the past by that and how tall the man was indicating she was at the time with his hands. It was when she was Rei I. At best her memories during that part of her life were fuzzy. “It is possible I was here before, but I'm sorry I don't seem to remember.” And being polite she bowed while she said that.

The old fisherman just bellowed out a laugh at that. “No need to be so formal around me. I'm just a retired old coot who makes his living off the sea in paradise. We're all here to create new memories not remember old ones.”


It was a while later and Rei was in her private hut with Kensuke. She was finding she liked this place more and more with each passing second. The older gentleman running this resort was a jovial and friendly man and his wife who helped run it was the same. These were very nice people. And the island itself was perfect. Quiet, for the most part private where they were, and so wonderfully tropical. Even where they were staying was more than she thought it would be. Each hut was nice and clean and had it's own bedroom, bathroom, and a small kitchen with a dinning room slash living area. It even had a small porch out front you could sit on and enjoy the wonderful view. She didn't know if she would ever be able to thank Misato enough for this. Misato didn't simply fulfill her promise but she gave the girl perfection.

There was something else perfect going on, but this was in Kensuke's mind. Rei bought a new swimsuit for this trip. “You bought a bikini!?”

Rei blushed as she noticed the intense gaze of her boyfriend on her. She bought it just for him and asked, with a touch of nervousness “Do you like it?”

“Like it…” Kensuke said as he couldn't take his eyes off of her. “…I love it.”

Rei blushed even more as his words made her so happy. “Thank you.”

“No, thank you!” Kensuke said answering her soft voice with one of mischievousness. He couldn't believe how hot his girlfriend looked right now. He then walked up to her and took the bag out of her hand she was trying to take clothes out of. “We can unpack later…”

Rei felt Kensuke put one hand under the top of the bikini and start to grope a breast while the other hand made its way down to the bottom part. “W-we don't have time for th-this…” Rei started. “We have to meet e-everyone in fifteen-n-n minutes…”

“That's plenty of time” Kensuke said back and then gave Rei a kiss. He wasn't planning on having sex right now but instead wanted to show Rei his appreciation for her buying a bikini by going down on her. But before he did that and while he was kissing her he felt something different. That pretty little patch of pubic hair he liked to run his fingers through seemed much shorter and was significantly smaller in size. He pulled away from the kiss and even took his hand off her boob. Then he dropped to his knees while saying “You didn't?...”

Rei blushed greatly as she felt Kensuke pull the crotch of her bikini bottom to the side. That boyfriend of hers was a very inquisitive person, especially when it came to her body. This aspect of him both thrilled her and also flustered her. So much so she could only squeak out “Well… I am wearing a bikini…” as her explanation. This morning when she was getting her self cleaned up she took and extra step the other girls told her she might want to think about for this trip. Most of the time she wasn't going to be wearing much clothes and like the other two had a skimpier than usual swimsuit for this trip. It would be in her best interest to give herself a bikini wax before she left. That way she wouldn't have to worry about any stray hairs poking out and embarrassing her.

Rei found herself having to lean against the dresser as her boyfriend started to gently rub the little bit of pubic hair left behind while he ate her out. While the bikini wax hurt like hell the tickling sensation of his fingers and the soothing sensation of Kensuke's tongue as it lapped away at her sensitive pussy made it worth it. And considering how turned on she felt she was sure that boy of hers could finish her off within fifteen minutes easily. The spectacled boy already had plenty of experience and was an expert down there in her opinion. So much so that she was thinking there might even be enough time that she could return the favor as her body was already starting to tremble.


In a different hut another boyfriend was staring at something that was even less of a bikini. “You're going to wear your thong?... Outside???”

Asuka pulled two sarongs out of her duffle bag. “Around others I will wear these too.” She then dropped them to the floor “But around you, I don't need them.”

“Have I ever told you how much I love you?” Shinji smiled. Her thong bikini was by far the best outfit she had in his opinion. It showed off her perfect ass completely, only covered a little triangle on the front, the crotch of it showed off the sexy shape of her cute pussy packed inside, and it was only held on to her by two very thin strings on the sides. The top of it was even better as it showed more of her breasts than it covered up. The coloration of it added to the sexiness as it was red and orange. This thong was designed to show off her body as best it could without her being actually naked.

“Only every single day” Asuka said happily. Then she reached in her duffle bag and pulled out a sheet of stickers she had squirreled away in there. “Do you know what a sun tattoo is Shin-kun?”

He did. “That's where you put a sticker on a part of your body before you tan so you get an imprint.”

“Exactly right” Asuka said peeling off a sticker shaped like a heart. “And as a reward for knowing that you get to put the sticker on me…” Asuka then bent her self over the bed and stuck her ass up at him. “…You pick the cheek.”

Asuka was being incredibly sexy to him again and he stared at that beautiful ass of hers for a full minute before he put the heart sticker on her right ass cheek. That spot would look very pretty in a couple days. Of course after he put the sticker on he couldn't resist groping that perfect ass of hers.

Asuka expected him to do this so it was no big deal to her. Her boyfriend loved to feel her ass and as far as she was concerned he was welcome to it. But as she was going to stand up and tell him that was enough as they had to meet the others in fifteen minutes she felt his hand slip under the crotch of her thong and start to massage her pussy. “Um, Shinji…” but Asuka couldn't finish as she then felt him slip a finger into her while another started to rub her clit.

They really didn't have the time for this but it was too late as she was already getting sexually aroused. The environment they were in was truly like a tropical honeymoon paradise and was impossible to resist. The implication of it all was simply too much for her to ignore and she reached back with one hand and pulled the crotch of her thong out of the way so Shinji could have her. She would play the role of willing wife as much as he wanted her to right now because, well quite simply put she was willing.

“I spoil you way too much…” Asuka moaned softly as she felt Shinji work his cock into her.

“And I want to… spoil you too…” Shinji grunted back as they started to have sex.

The funny thing about that was they both felt really spoiled by the other when it came to sex. Other than a couple days out of the month due to her period Asuka pretty much gave it up to Shinji anytime he wanted it. On the other hand he pretty much gave Asuka everything she wanted when she was the one desiring sex. Then again it was hard to tell those two times apart as when one of them got aroused it usually aroused the other. It always felt so good to be with each other in the most intimate of ways and the overall fact of the matter was not that one was spoiling the other but that they both spoiled each other and themselves. But why bother thinking about all the dynamics involved with that when you can simply have satisfying sex with each other instead.


Rei's face was flushed as she and Kensuke ran out of their hut five minutes late. She couldn't leave Kensuke with a hard on after he licked her out so she gave him a quick blowjob even though they ended up not having the time for it. That boy couldn't get enough of her new look down below and had played with her just a bit more than normal. But she breathed a sigh of relief as she noticed she wasn't late after all. Misato and Kaji were still trying to walk down the beach to meet up with them but were being hampered by Keiko stopping every two feet to try and pick up some shell on the beach.

“You ready to get something to eat?” Misato asked the two when she finally caught up to them.

“Yup” Kensuke answered as he was getting hungry. Due to the time change their eating patterns were thrown off so other than Keiko everyone skipped lunch on the plane so they would be hungry when it was dinner time on the island. “Shinji and Asuka go on ahead already?”

“I doubt it” Misato smirked. “My guess is they're trying to get in a quickie before dinner.” She then watched as both Rei and Kensuke blushed. She completely suspected those two had been doing something too before they came out of their hut. While it took her and Kaji a while to walk down the beach they did come out on time and did notice the two being late. And for two people like Rei and Kensuke that was quite unusual.

Five minutes later Asuka and Shinji came out of their hut. Asuka simply greeted the people standing on the beach with “Sorry we're late. We lost track of time.”

Rei was a little jealous of the way Asuka was so casual about that. It was very clear what the two had been doing but Asuka had a complete `so what?' attitude about it. Rei sort of wanted to be able to be like that. She was getting tired of blushing and being embarrassed about sexual stuff and would rather be like Misato and Asuka who freely teased each other about it rather than got flustered.

And speaking of teasing that's exactly what Misato did as she asked in a dirty way “So what did you get so busy with that you lost track of time?”

There was no one here Asuka didn't know and who didn't know the kinds of things she and Shinji did so she answered with a smug “Other than having some good sex, I asked Shinji to help me with a sun tattoo.” Asuka then flipped up her bottom sarong at Misato for a split second so she could see the sticker on her ass.

“Kinky location” Misato smirked back. “Awesome.”

“Isn't it?” Asuka bragged back. “And I got enough stickers for you two.” Asuka then peeled off another heart shape sticker and stuck it on the inside of one of Misato's breasts. She too was wearing a skimpier than usual bikini like the other two girls so there was ample cleavage for the sticker to be placed on. “So what do you think?”

Kaji gave the location a big thumb's up and Misato pressed the sticker down in place so it would stay there. “I think this will work just fine.”

Asuka then turned to look at Rei with the last sticker on the tip of her finger. Like her Rei was wearing a sarong over the top and bottom as well. It was only Misato who stuck to the simple sarong as a makeshift skirt and that's it among the three women. Both Asuka and Rei had the second sarong on as a cover shirt as well.

Rei though wasn't going to let Asuka choose where the sticker went. “I can handle this myself quite well” and she snatched the sticker off the end of Asuka's finger and stuck the heart on her tummy, just off to the upper left of her belly button. It would make a very good spot to get tickling kisses later on.

“Spoil sport” Asuka teased.

“I just didn't want you putting it on my face” Rei said back as that was her main worry.

“I'm not going to lie to you Blue” Asuka said back as they started to walk towards the dining hut. “The thought had crossed my mind. You would look very cute with a sun tattoo on your cheek.”

The teasing stopped there though as a very sad sounding “Wha abou me?” interrupted everything. Keiko had seen Asuka give a sticker to her mommy and Rei but not one to her. And that hurt the little girl's feelings.

“Well I don't know…” Asuka turned around and smiled at the little girl. She then pulled out another little sheet with three stickers on it. “What about you?”

Keiko squealed at seeing the stickers. Her auntie Asuka got her some stickers too.

Asuka was no idiot and knew Keiko would want stickers too so she came prepared. First she peeled off a kitty shaped one. “Where do you want this one Keiko?”

Keiko was all giddy about this and that meant she had to think hard about where she wanted the sticker. “My weg.”

Asuka smiled at her and stuck the kitty sticker on one of Keiko's legs. “How about the flower sticker?” Asuka asked as that was the next sticker on the sheet.

This time Keiko quickly said “Am” so Asuka stuck it on the little girl's arm.

The final sticker was in the shape of the sun and Asuka put that one on the hand opposite of the arm the flower sticker was on. She then knelt down in front of Keiko and told her “These are magic stickers. If you keep them on for the whole trip I will show you a big magic trick when we get back on the plane, okay?”

“Okay Asa!” Keiko said back with a big head nod. She loved magic.


After dinner was over with Asuka and Shinji took off to walk around the island along the beach. And once out of view of the others Asuka took off her sarongs and let the setting sun shine on her body. Asuka and Shinji then sat on a beach towel they laid down in a secluded area and made love to each other under the tropical setting sun. Last night was all about sex, tonight was all about romance and love. That's what you did on honeymoons after all.

Misato and Kaji stayed behind in the dining hut and talked with Admiral and his wife. It was just a nice pleasant adult conversation while they all watched Keiko play in the sand outside the hut. There was no hurry about anything and the hustle and bustle of modern life was allowed to grind to a halt as everyone relaxed listening to each other and ocean waves as they gently lapped against the beach.

Rei was happy walking back to her hut with Kensuke. She had just had some of the best sushi she had ever had in her life. It was a totally different level of freshness than she had ever had before, even at Shin Seiki's. The tuna they ate was as fresh as it could be. It was only caught about an hour before their plane landed and kept in a live well until Admiral's wife prepared it for dinner. Even Asuka gave into the goading and temptation and tried a piece. Regretfully she had to admit it was good. But she didn't do an about face on the sushi issue quite yet as she choose a tuna steak for dinner instead of just sushi. But the girl did get it prepared differently as instead of medium she got it cooked medium rare.

“That was really good” Kensuke said as they entered the hut.

Rei only responded with “I really like this place.”

Kensuke chuckled at that a bit as he could tell his girlfriend was having a really good time on this island already. The girl was very much in her desired element right now. And speaking of desire he could see Rei had plenty of that right now too as she was being sort of impatient.

Rei was very full of desire right now in fact. She was jealous of Asuka for another reason earlier. While orgasms from oral and petting were good, they weren't as good as orgasms you got from real sex. There was so much more to coming when you had your lover inside of you. And Asuka got that earlier and she didn't, that made her jealous. But now she could take care of that problem as she quickly took off her bikini and told Kensuke to sit on the bed. Just as quickly as she stripped herself she stripped Kensuke. She then crawled up onto his lap and kneeled herself over it facing him.

Rei was downright aggressive right now and Kensuke loved it. “Is my little Bella demanding some attention right now?”

Rei very clearly nodded her head yes at that. She was a girl and she had needs right now.

“And just what do you think you're going to do sitting on me like that?” Kensuke asked with a huge grin as they hadn't tried anything in this position yet. It looked damn good though.

“I don't know…” Rei purred and then kissed him, rubbing her breasts against him in the process. When the kiss was over though she added on “I heard about doing it like this from someone else and I want to try it.”

“By all means…” Kensuke delightfully groaned. Right now the head of his cock was right at the entrance to Rei's pussy. All she had to do was lower her self a touch more and he would be inside her.

And that's exactly what Rei did as she eased her lover inside of her. It felt so very good and right. It felt even better once she realized what she could do when knelt over her lover's lap. She could bounce up and down on his poll and ride her lover. And not only that but if she leaned back a little he was able to play with her breasts with his mouth. And as she cooed out his name while his tongue flicked against one of her nipples she found it could even get better as she felt his hands grab her ass and start to help her get her bouncing to better match his thrusting leading to a very harmonious syncrosity.

This time they didn't fall off the bed and got it right. They were learning quite well how this sex thing worked and the two spent the rest of the night practicing all sorts of positions they had heard about and wanted to try that they hadn't before. Some to an extent where they knew they didn't get it quite right and others to the extent of incredible orgasms. All in all it was a very good night.


Asuka and Shinji were up before everyone else the next morning. They had spent the night making love instead of having sex so they got to bed much earlier than normal. The act of making love filled themselves up emotionally much quicker than having sex so it didn't take long before they both found themselves completely satisfied and sleeping in each others loving grasp.

It also meant they could watch the sunrise together from their private spot. It felt very good to simply be out there alone with Shinji and not do anything but lie there in the morning sun. Yeah they had some quick sex when putting sunscreen on each other but that was expected with the rubbing of lotion all over each others body. But for the most part they simply enjoyed talking to each other while catching a tan all morning long.

“You know, Misato shouldn't let us go on vacations like this” Asuka commented while lying on her belly, with her top off so she wouldn't get any tan lines. “I might get used to it.”

“I wouldn't mind” Shinji said back as liked this place very much. That ski trip they had was fun but this place was much better. A whole lot less people, and the few there were let them be.

“So should we pay Kaji and Misato back like we did in Germany?” Asuka asked.

“As long as it isn't going to rain” Shinji chuckled back remembering that night.

“I don't think we have to worry about that here” Asuka grinned. Where they where at it rarely rained during typhoon season, let alone off season.

“So you want to do anything today?” Shinji asked.

“Not really” Asuka answered as she was perfectly happy lying under the sun and doing nothing today.

“Good” Shinji said back as he was thinking the same thing.

“Well there is something I want to do right now” Asuka said correcting herself.

“What?” Shinji asked.

Shinji had his eyes closed during this whole conversation and didn't notice that Asuka sat up. Her itty bitty bikini top didn't follow though. “Do you like that swimsuit I bought you?”

Right now Shinji was wearing a tight Speedo. His normal swimsuit, and the one he wore around others, got stripped of him during sex earlier and Asuka asked him to put on this other one for a little bit. Since it was only going to be Asuka seeing him he agreed. “They're kinda tight.”

“I know” Asuka said back. “It's so I can see your dick stick out of them when you get excited.”

That caused Shinji to snap his eyes open. Asuka was very much sounding like a seductress right now. Plus she was crawling over him and even stopped for a second to jiggle her boobs in his face. He asked out a very receptive “What are you planning Kätzchen?”

“Something quite grand” Asuka purred back and explained everything to him. “First I'm going to watch that bulge in your Speedo grow till the Speedo can't hold it in anymore and it starts to stick out. After that I'm going to take it all the way out and stroke it for a little bit…” Asuka then continued her crawl over the on top of him and got in the sixty nine position while pulling on the little strings holding her bottom thong on. She wanted to give him something to look at and have fun with while she had her fun. “…followed by some good titty sex. And finally I will finish you off with a creamy blow job. Then after you get me all warmed up I'll sit down on your cock and ride it till you fill me up inside…” As Asuka said that she took her camera out of the bag they took with them. She wanted some pictorial proof of this tropical hookup and Shinji being inside her. “…After that I'll want you to be on top so I can get a good fucking back in return. And finally…” Asuka had to contemplate what she wanted to finish off with for a few seconds. She also took Shinji's dick out of his Speedo and started to jerk him off as his bulge was full size and poking out already. He definitely wanted what she was offering. “…Let's end our fun with some good old fashion doggy style sex. Then we can rest for a little while longer before going over to see what's going on with the others. That sound like a good plan to you?”

Shinji answered with “I love you Asuka” as his girl lowered her pussy in his face so he could get started as well.


Asuka was feeling well toasted so she decided to give herself a break from tanning. Especially from tanning her private parts anymore than they had been. She didn't exactly want to get a sunburn on her twat or ta-tas as that would spoil much more fun to be had on this trip. Even more precious to her was Shinji's cock. That wonderful tool of his was allowed to get a little sun but no where near a lot as after they had sex she had him put his normal swimsuit back on. As for her, she indulged him a little more and sunbathed naked for ten more minutes before getting dressed.

Now though she was walking towards the dinning hut where Misato was relaxing in a lounge chair in the shade. She was simply watching Kaji help Keiko build a big sand castle under the shade of a beach umbrella. “Hey there.”

“Hey” Misato said back as she watched Asuka sit down in the lounge chair while Shinji split off from them and went to join Kaji and Keiko.

Asuka let out a little breath of relaxation as she sat down in the shade before telling Misato “Thank you.”

“You're welcome” Misato said back. There was nothing else Asuka could really say so Misato didn't need to hear anything more than that. Well at least about that issue, she noticed Asuka was wearing her regular bikini now. “What happened to your thong?” then with a giggle “Got tired of the strip up your ass?”

“You know once you get used to it, it's not that bad” Asuka said back. “But I had to take it off and clean it. It got a little too skanky to be wearing.”

“Good job” Misato smiled back. That thong was one hundred percent bought with the thought of enticing Shinji. And apparently it was doing its job well.

“Oh god did he ever do one on me” Asuka smiled back with a little moan. She was feeling very wonderful right now.

Misato then saw something happen on the beach. Keiko squealed with joy and hugged Shinji while her husband got a big grin on his face. “What's going on down there?”

“Oh nothing much” Asuka said back. “Shinji just asked Keiko if she wanted to have a slumber party at our place tonight. Looks like she said yes.”

There was only one thing Misato could say. “Thank you.”

“You're welcome” Asuka replied back. This was how she could really pay Misato back. Actions always spoke louder than words.

A little bit later Asuka asked “So anything happening today?”

“There's going to be a fishing trip if you want to come” Misato answered.

Considering it looked like that was what Kaji and Shinji were talking about down below Asuka figured Shinji wanted to do that. “Sure. Is it any fun?”

“Deep sea fishing is really fun” Misato answered. “Everything but the actual reeling in of the fish is done for you by the captain so you don't even have to touch the fish if you don't want to.”

“Cool” Asuka said back. Reaching in and taking a slimy fish out of the water was not something Asuka liked to do. “So should we even bother to ask those two if they want to come?” Asuka asked looking towards Rei and Kensuke's hut.

“Only if they ever decide to come out of that hut” Misato chuckled back. She knew what those two were doing and she had no plans to stop them to even ask.

Asuka just giggled to herself at that.


Rei and Kensuke never came out of their hut and the fishing trip was just Admiral as captain and Misato, Kaji, Keiko, Shinji, and Asuka as his guests. Right now though Keiko was down below in the cabin sleeping away. It was her nap time and she already caught a big fish so she was content. Her big fish was just a small fish they were using as bait fish but to her that was good enough for her. As for the real big fish, it was being caught by Shinji right now. They saw it jump earlier and it was a good size dolphin fish. It was going to take him ten or so minutes to bring it in. It was also going to be dinner tonight if he did get it in.

“So you built that island?” Asuka asked Admiral as that was what he made it sound like while they were talking.

“Yup” the old fisherman replied. “I was put in charge of building the island and the base. Wasn't easy I'll tell you that.”

“I suppose building an island in the middle of the ocean isn't very easy” Asuka said back.

“Not really” Admiral replied. “But not as hard as most people think. The whole area around Baker Island was reefs so even with the rise in sea level it wasn't that deep around here. We just built some fifty foot retaining walls, drained the water out, and built a big giant hill.”

“Too bad you can't say the same thing about the base” Kaji joked back. He knew the background of this area too.

“Damn Skippy!” Admiral chortled back. “That stupid chunk of metal cost a fortune. I had the committee on my ass every second too. It was always build it faster, faster, Faster.”

“No patience at all huh?” Asuka laughed.

“Not one bit” Admiral replied. “They wanted their grand spy base and they wanted it a week before we even started work. I mean hell, we hired the best and fastest people possible as money was no object, but it still took too long for those old farts.”

“So any of the committee ever show up?” Misato asked.

“Chairmen Keel himself” Admiral answered. “He was here several times while building and came by quite often once the base was operational.”

“That's how I got in good with the old geezer” Kaji added on.

“I still can't believe you were a freelance agent” Admiral said about that. In all the time he knew Kaji he thought he was a company man just like himself.

“I just wanted to know the truth” Kaji said back.

“If I would've known the truth then I'd probably have personally jammed a satellite dish down Keel's throat” Admiral stated. He didn't like being played for a fool by the committee. As far as he knew they were trying to protect the earth and human kind from the big monstrous beasts intent on wiping them all off the planet. That's why he sold SEELE out so fast when he came back and learned the real truth.

“I'm sure you would've had a lot of help” Kaji said back to his old friend. There was a lot of things done in the false name of trying to protect everyone.

“Umm… guys…” Shinji interrupted everyone as he needed some help.

At that call the captain got up and grabbed a big gaff. “That's a mighty fine fish you got there Shinji.” And then he reached over and gaffed the fish and had Shinji help him drag it on board and then into a live well.

“Those are pretty fish” Asuka commented. The fish she caught before was this ugly looking grouper that they didn't even bother trying to keep. The captain just cut the hook with a long pair of pliers and let it go.

“They sure are” Admiral said back. “And pretty good tastin' too.”


A while later everyone was watching Asuka trying to lug in something very big. Not even the captain knew what it was as it never came close to the surface. It just pulled and pulled while Asuka cranked and cranked on the reel. And this battle went on for quite a while as Asuka shouted “I ain't losing to no stupid fish!” when the captain asked if she wanted him to cut the line.

Everyone in the boat just chuckled at that. Obviously this had turned into a battle of will between Asuka and what ever was on the end of that line.

Everyone except Keiko. She was steadfast glued to the back of the boat and watching Asuka. She heard everyone say Asuka was catching something really big and she wanted to know what it was. And over the next hour she kept asking “Wha is it Asa? Wha is it???”

Sadly the answer frightened her and she went running to her mommy when a giant mass of fins, teeth, and tails jumped above the water line.

Asuka had the opposite reaction when saw what it was “Kick Ass!... I caught a shark!” Worse yet that sight caused the three males in the boat to race to the back and look.

“I'll be damned… Little lady, what you have is a tiger shark. Big one at that!” Admiral declared when he saw it.

“Cool!” Asuka yelled and kept on reeling. Unlike everyone else she was going to catch a fish bigger than her. And not only bigger but probably more than twice as big.

And over the next half hour the guys cheered Asuka on as she caught this massive shark. Well at least massive to everyone but Admiral. He'd seen plenty of these sharks on the line and even had clients who fished for them. This one was one that would make some of the clients jealous though. It was a decent size adult.

Misato on the other hand grabbed her little one and headed towards the cabin below. She didn't find this as cool as the other people and instead held onto her baby as she didn't want her anywhere near the edges of the boat at this time.

Asuka was completely exhausted when she finally got the shark to the boat. And while collapsing down onto a seat she asked “Now that I caught it, what are we gonna do with it?”

“Let it go” Admiral answered and grabbed a pair of wire snips with a rather long handle. He then snipped the hook and off went the shark back into the sea below.

“Good” Asuka said back as she didn't want to find out what an animal called the trashcan of the seas would taste like. Plus the overgrown wastebasket gave her a good and fun fight and she thought it deserved to be let go.


Back on the dock Asuka was met by Rei. From the shore of the beach you could see the boat still and with a pair of binoculars she could see Asuka caught something. And considering how long it took her to bring it in it had to be something. “Bluefin or Yellow Tail?”

Rei actually looked excited about it so Asuka hated to be the one to burst her bubble. “Shark.”

“So no tuna?” Rei asked dejected. She was sort of hoping Asuka hit the jackpot and they would be dining on tuna for several months to come.

“Sorry” Asuka said back. “Just a big ol' tiger shark that we let go.” Asuka did have some good news though. “Don't worry, Shinji caught something good to eat for dinner.”

Rei then watched as the guys dragged a big dolphin fish off the boat and towards the kitchen in the dinning hut. “I don't think I have ever tried dolphin fish as sushi.”

“Makes great sashimi” Admiral told her. “Also great when grilled and served with a mango relish.”

“Sashimi will be fine” Rei replied.

“If you're still in the mood afterwards for some tuna I'll take you out tomorrow” Admiral told her.

While Rei wasn't sure about that, Kensuke was more than welcome to get her something. She wanted nothing to do with catching of delicious fish, only the eating. But that's where her loving boyfriend came in. He liked to go fishing so tomorrow she was going to send him off in search of her prize.


After dinner Asuka and Shinji took Keiko back to their hut and told her they were going to play some games. Basically just trying to tire out the excited little one so they could get her to go to sleep that evening. That of course left Misato and Kaji alone in their hut.

“That was a lovely meal” Misato cooed as she was feeling so relaxed and at peace right now. Yes this trip was more for the teens than herself but that didn't stop her from enjoying it.

“It was only missing one thing” Kaji said back. But after he said that he walked out towards the kitchen

“And what was that?” Misato said out loud, wondering what he was up to.

Kaji came back into the bedroom with two halves of a passion fruit. “Dessert.”

“Ohhh… I like the way you think Ryo-kun” Misato moaned as she was ready for all the dessert he could give her.

Kaji smirked at his lovely wife. She was so beautiful lying there on the bed in only a skimpy black bikini that he couldn't resist a little pre-taste of his lover and he laid down on top of her and started to kiss his wife while he stripped her of her bikini.

Misato let out another soft moan as her husband's hands roamed freely over her body, exciting her fully while she tasted him back in the form of a deep and loving kiss. She knew she was going to get this ever since Asuka told her they would take Keiko tonight, so much anticipation had been built up inside her.

Since this was a special night Kaji slowed things down by drawing out the kiss while a hand gently rubbed Misato between her legs and another felt her bountiful bosoms. He wanted to make sure his dessert was nice and ready for him. And when he saw that special spark in Misato's eyes he pulled away from the kiss and grabbed the two halves of the passion fruit. He poured the sweet nectar of one half onto Misato's magnificent breasts while the other half's juice made a winding trail downwards towards his wife personal pot of nectar.

Misato moaned out another “Ohhhhh… Ryo-kunnnnnn….” as Kaji started with her breasts first, slowly lapping away the sweet juice that covered her. Not one inch of the area was left untouched by his lips and she had to grab the sheets of the bed as he sucked her passion flavored nipples. And it only got better as after he ate the first part of his dessert he licked his way down to the main part.

And as he elicited a giggle from his wife as he tickled her tummy with his tongue he told her “You taste delicious. I don't know if I'm going to be able to be satisfied with only one serving.”

Misato could only shudder with excitement over that. This was going to be an all night thing. “Then have…. as mu-ch-ch-ch… of meeeee….as you waaaannnnnntttttttt…” Misato cried out as her husband moved from licking the last traces of juice from her cute belly and now was going after the juices her own body was giving him. And he was so good down there too as she found herself crying out in pleasure soon afterwards. The setting was absolutely perfect in Misato's mind and that meant she surrendered to it and Kaji as soon as she could.

But it didn't end there as while she tried to get her breath back she felt something trying to make its way into her. “Wh- what are you… doing?”

“Making some of my dessert even sweeter” Kaji smirked as he pushed a slice of the soft fruit inside his wife, her pussy squeezing it in return as he continued to entice her.

Misato could only smile and look up at the ceiling as Kaji went back to lapping up the juices she squeezed out. She really was his dessert tonight and he wanted passion. This kind of kinkiness really turned her on, and slice by slice this fruit was put inside of her only to get eaten out afterwards. The whole time she could do nothing but let her husband lavish that sticky and sweet pussy of hers while he dinned on her body.

When it was all over with she was ready for some dessert of her own. And still with her voice waving from breathlessness of orgasm she sat up and licked her lips as she declared. “I'm much fonder of cream with my fruit.” She then pounced on her husband and paid him back for the sweet dinning he did on her.

Kaji let out a content groan of pleasure as Misato ripped off his swim trunks and started blowing him. “You're the best honey…”

“I know” Misato smiled back. She then took the last slice of the passion fruit left and broke into a couple small chunks. And using one of the chunks she flavored Kaji's stiff rod with her tongue, sensuously following and licking away the sweet juice as she wandered it aimlessly around until she saw a little pre-cum on her dessert. She finished off that piece of fruit while circling her tongue around the head of his cock, savoring the first bit of fruit and cream she was to be served.

That wife of his was so talented and soon afterwards he felt her mouth envelope him and start to suck. “You remember what happened… last time we did this on a tropical island?”

“Mmmmhmmm” Misato hummed on his dick. She remembered it very well. She got pregnant. And that made her honeymoon the greatest it could possibly be. She then slowly withdrew his long rod from her mouth. “As I recall you poured yourself into me over and over. And I loved every second of it.” She then put a small piece of that sweet and mushy passion fruit into her mouth before she returned to sucking on him. She pressed it up against his cock and mashed it all around her sweet dessert, this time humming sweetly the whole time as well.

Kaji could only stand this for so long and soon Misato got her fruit and cream. And a whole lot more afterwards as fun time was over with now. They both warmed each up plenty and Kaji didn't even go soft for a second after the blow job. Instead he just took his baby making tool out of Misato's sensuous mouth and then plunged it into wet and wanting tunnel down below.

“Ohhhh… Ryo-kunnnnnn…… Give it to me… I want it….” And as her husband kept thrusting into her Misato could feel another orgasm starting to ripple through her body. She was well passed the point of being warmed up and wanted nothing more than for Kaji to flood herself with his seed. This time filling her womb instead of her mouth. This was just like their honeymoon and all she could do is remember the passion.

Kaji gave her that passion that she wanted so much as he leaned her back a bit and started to play with her breasts again, making sure both of her most erogenous zones were beyond happy. He could still taste some of the fruit even.

It wasn't long aster that when Misato's whole body trembled with the euphoric waves of pleasure. “Rrrrryyyyyyoooooooo-k-k-k-kuuunnnnn…. I love youuuuuu!....”

Kaji took his mouth away from her breast for just long another to whisper back. “I love you Misato.” Then he went back to thrilling her body until he too came, filling Misato's womb with his seed and triggering an even bigger orgasm from his wife than before.

This pattern was repeated all night long and into the early morning the next day as the two had sex over and over, only stopping to catch their breaths before going at it again.

During one of those times Kaji asked “You're still on birth control, right?” The stuff before about what happened last time they were on a tropical island had made him think. He told Misato if she wanted another child he would give it to her. She told him in return she still wanted to think about it and at least wait a bit after Keiko was born. Technically this situation could be considered the end of a bit and Misato's way of telling him she wanted another child.

And Misato wasn't going to lie to him. “I am, but the thought had crossed my mind to stop getting shots the last couple months.”

“Do you want another child?”

“When I was holding little Ritsuko the thought seriously entered my mind” Misato started. “But the more I thought about it the more I think were done having kids already. I don't know if my nerves could handle another child. Sometimes I think our odd little family has too many for me already.”

Kaji smiled lovingly at his wife and gave her a reassuring kiss. “You're doing a wonderful job.” And after that he made love to his wife to show how much he appreciated everything she was doing for their family.

The slow and sensual love making put Misato's nerves at ease over everything and soon afterwards she was able to get back into the mood for more of the fun stuff.


The next day Kaji and the boys went out fishing while the girls stayed behind. They were all lying around in the shade of some palm trees and simply talking to each other. Except for Keiko, she was taking a nap next to her mommy.

“This place really makes you think about throwing everything away and living out your life here” Asuka said enjoying the slight breeze off the ocean.

“You said it” Misato answered back.

And if you looked over at Rei the content smile on her face told you she was in complete agreement with what Asuka said. “I wonder if one week is enough?” Rei questioned. But the way she said it was more like an internal question than one to the other girls.

Both Asuka and Misato chuckled at that. There was no doubt in their mind where this girl was going to go on vacation to once she got a hold of her trust money. But this was spoiling that Misato could approve of. “Go for two weeks.”

“If you insist” Rei said with a big smile. There needed to be no arm twisting in this case.

“What about you Asuka?” Misato then asked. Already she was planning on this being a permanent thing as a vacation with family over the winter break sounded like a wonderful idea. Plus in the future when everyone had lives one their own away from her it would give them all a chance to catch up.

“Same time next year and every year after that” Asuka smart mouthed back. She could see what Misato was thinking as it was written all over her face.

“You're too smart for your own good” Misato chuckled. And also got a touch embarrassed as she didn't think she was broadcasting her thoughts so loudly.

Rei loved the idea though. A week to be with family and then a week to be with only Kensuke. That would get her through these dreadful winters just fine.

Asuka then moved onto other conversational topics. “So Rei, did you and Kensuke visit that spot I told you about last night?”

Rei began to blush at that statement, but then as quickly as she blushed she pinched her cheek.

“What's wrong?” Asuka asked as that was a really weird thing for Rei to be doing.

“Nothing” Misato answered for Rei. “She just tired of getting embarrassed every time something sexual in nature comes up.”

“Ah” Asuka said understanding what happened. Rei was trying to correct her minds actions.

“I shouldn't get so embarrassed over everything” Rei said back, almost scolding herself. “Kensuke and I are lovers so it should be no big deal admitting that we have sex.”

“How far are you going to go with that thought?” Asuka asked.

Rei sighed as she didn't know. Part of her wanted to restrict this type of admittance to family and close friends while another part of her wanted it to be general knowledge that the two were intimate. That would put a completely different stamp on their relationship than just boyfriend and girlfriend. One like the stamp on Asuka and Shinji's and Hikari and Touji's. While Hikari never talked about having sex in public there wasn't a person in school who didn't know the two were doing it. “Do you think I should admit to being intimate?”

“You two need to decide that on your own” Misato quickly said. She wasn't going to let Rei have an easy out by going along with what others thought. This was a decision she needed to talk about with Kensuke and decide on their own.

Rei sighed again as she completely expected that sort of answer from Misato.

But as a way to help her Misato asked “So answer Asuka's question. You have sex on the beach last night or not?”

Around family Rei needed to hide nothing and she smiled again. Thinking about this issue could wait for later. “Yes! We had both sex and made love.”

“Good for you” Misato said back.

“So how does it feel to be among the group of people who had sex outside in public?” Asuka teased.

“Wonderful” Rei sassed back. She wasn't going to let Asuka get her to blush this time.

“Think you can play with the big girls, huh Blue?” Asuka said not backing down. “What positions?”

“I was expecting something dirtier” Rei said back. Describing positions was quite tame.

“Don't worry” Misato smirked. “We'll get there.”

That was a little scary since it came from Misato. But she wasn't going to back down, she was past doing juvenile things like that. She was going to admit to everything, even to the point of mentioning Kensuke brought along his video camera.


“So how are the tuna stocks around here?” Kaji asked. Rei had sent them all out on a mission and right now they were failing. They were catching a nice amount of fish but none of it tuna.

“Pretty good actually” Admiral said back. “They're really starting to rebound due to the new regulations.” With a lot less people in the world the seas were recovering from being over fished in the past. Plus there were now many regulations on how much you could catch of something. Gone were the days of drift nets and trawlers, in were the days of port inspections and scrutinization of the catches to make sure you took only your allotted amount.

“What's the biggest one you caught?” Kensuke asked as they passed away the time in between bites.

“One of my clients pulled in one that was probably close to five hundred pounds earlier this year” He answered. “Took him hours to land the thing”

“Wow” Kensuke said back as that would be a huge fish. “How'd you get it back to shore?” Something like that probably would have been too big to fit in the boat.

“Didn't” Admiral responded. “We have slot limits when it comes to sport fishing. Largest bluefin you can keep around here would be around the two fifty mark.”

“I wouldn't mind one around the twenty five mark” Shinji said as he at least wanted to catch one. The captain said they were fun to catch.

“Yeah” the captain of this fishing boat said back. “We should have at least caught one by now. I wonder if the school moved out of here? When it comes to deep sea fishing it's easy to catch fish, but not so to catch any particular fish.”

“Any way we can bump the odds in our favor” Kaji asked.

“Well…” Admiral said thinking about it. “If we're lucky one of the boys doing their daily rounds might have spotted the school. I'll get them on the radio.” The rescue fleet sent choppers out quite regularly for training and surveillance purposes and from that high up vantage point you can usually see where a lot of the big fish are. A simple call to the harbor master might help them out. “Hey Joe you there?”

Admiral got a reply back in the form of a crackly message. “Yeah Admiral, you need somethin'?”

“We're looking for some tuna but not in the right spot. Your boys see any of the schools around this morning?”

“Where you at now?”

“About a mile straight south of the island” Admiral told Joe.

“Go five miles out to the west of the island” Joe answered. “Chin's tellin' me he saw a big bait ball out there. If they're anywhere, that's goin' be the place.”

“Thanks Joe” Admiral said back. “If we tie into some nice ones I'll bring one back for you and the boys.”

“Much appreciated” Joe said back.

“Well boys” Admiral said getting off the radio. “Ready for a ride?”

“Haul anchor and let's go” Kaji said back as there were on the right trail now.

They knew they were in the right spot when they got there as the could see the water churning around them with tons of little fish jumping out of the water and many bigger fish following. Also there was a pod of dolphins, who were probably the ones responsible for creating this bait ball in the first place.

“How do we catch the fish without catching the dolphins?” Shinji asked.

“Don't worry about the dolphins” Admiral told him. “They're smart critters. What you need to worry about is those things” he said pointing at some fins sticking out of the water.

You could clearly see some little sharks swimming around taking advantage of the bait ball too but there were some bigger ones circling around too. The ones he was pointing at were brown in color. “I take it we don't want to be catching those?” Kensuke asked.

“It's not catching them you have to be worried about” Admiral said back. “It's them catching what you caught that you do. Those are bronze sharks down there and they love nothing more than a small tuna in distress.”

“So reel in like mad if you get a tuna” Kaji finished for his friend as he had fished with Admiral before in conditions like this back in the old days. “Because if you don't, all you're going to get is the head.”


Since there were four licensed people in the boat they were allowed to keep four tuna. They caught a lot more than that as they took advantage of the school while it was feeding. So much so that they got to be picky about what they kept.

They had kept one smaller one that was big enough for dinner for everyone and that's the one Rei saw first. She was all smiles. “Good job.”

“Huh” Kensuke said back with a grin. “This is just the little one we kept for dinner. We needed help to carry the other ones in.”

Rei's eyes went big as she saw Kaji, Shinji, and Admiral lugging a massive fish towards a cart. “Wha- what is that?”

“That Bella is two hundred and twenty so pounds of Bluefin. And there are two others in the boat just like it. But one of them is for the search and rescue guys as the helped us find the fish.”

This situation deserved much more than a simple “Good Job” and Rei gave him a kiss on the cheek. She also whispered in his ear “After you drop that off let's go take a shower so I can clean you up.”

During the shower Kensuke gave thought to the idea of scrapping studying, college, and even motorcycles to become a fisherman. Mainly because Rei was all over him in the shower and washed him using her tits. Especially his dick as that got an extra special cleaning between those curvy mounds of flesh. And after that Rei wanted him to go fishing again. He had the rod and she was the sea. And he cast himself inside that sea many, many times.

Yes this was aggressive of Rei, but she couldn't help it. Misato, Asuka, and she spent a good part of the day talking about sex and she sort of got horny. It was hard not to as she relived many sexual experiences in her mind as she told the girls what they had been doing. And not only was it her but Asuka told some stories and so did Misato.

Plus they needed to get in all the sex they could right now as she agreed to pay Misato back too when she heard what Asuka had done for their guardian. It was only right of Kensuke and her to take care of Keiko one night so Misato and Kaji could have some romance too. It was the least they could do. Granted that wasn't going to happen till tomorrow night but it was best to be adequately fucked beyond all desire leading up to then. And getting an early pre-dinner start on that wasn't exactly a bad thing.


It was the last day of the trip and Asuka was getting in one last lying on the beach session with Shinji. So as the two enjoyed their quiet time resting next to each other, with Shinji's hand groping Asuka's ass of course, they just relaxed under the sun and talked.

“You know, as much as I love this place, I'm ready to go home” Asuka told him with her eyes closed as she rested on the beach blanket.

“I'm not” Shinji replied. Asuka was sunbathing nude again and he wasn't sure he was ready to give up such a sight.

Asuka just chuckled at that. His hand on her ass was telling her the reason why. “If you want me naked all you have to do is ask.”

“It's not that” Shinji said back. “I just like being able to be with you like this. We're outside and everything but it's still just us and we can do what we want.”

“That's a nice thought” Asuka said agreeing with him. “Did you know there are nude beaches in Germany?”

Shinji knew that, and he also knew what Asuka was trying to tell him. “You want to go there again, don't you?”

“Yup” Asuka said back. “I was just thinking about it the other day. I'm not saying it's what's going to happen but if I become a teacher, I'm going to have part of the summer off. I was wondering what you might think if I said I wanted to visit there in the summers.”

“Sounds like fun” Shinji answered.

“I don't mean like a week” Asuka added on as she wasn't done with explaining her idea yet. “I mean like a month.”

Shinji leaned over and gave Asuka a kiss on the cheek. “Anything you want is fine with me Kätzchen.”

Asuka smiled at that but still said “You shouldn't give in so easily.”

“Who said I don't want to be there too?”

“Are you telling me you liked Germany?” Asuka asked.

“Yup” Shinji answered with his head right next to hers now. “It's so much different from Japan. Sort of like someplace only the two of us can run off to and escape from everything.” Shinji could tell Asuka liked that answer because she pressed her cheek against his afterwards. Asuka was looking for a different kind of escape with Shinji. While this place was certainly more than nice it's not what she wanted. She wanted to escape while still being at home. Germany was the only place in the whole world that could fulfill that request. Shinji then joked around as he pinched Asuka beautiful ass and added on “And the food's pretty good too.”

“You got that right” Asuka squealed. Someone was being naughty but she too could play this game and Asuka conintued on like nothing had happened. “Admiral's wife's an awesome cook and all but I'm so sick of fish that just a plain old hotdog sounds gourmet to me now.”

“I think you're corrupting my tastes” Shinji smiled back as he was on the same page as Asuka. Just too much fish this week. He was finding the more he was with Asuka and the closer he got to the girl the more his tastes changed. Sure Japanese food was still good to him but he liked some variety now. This is why Asuka and he went out for dinner much more often now. Pandering to his girlfriend's wishes was also pandering to his own.

Asuka was happy to hear that. “A good woman will do that to a guy.”

Shinji answered that by trying to be romantic. “I love you.” He couldn't help himself, this place just seemed to take grip of your senses and put your mind into saying those kinds of this all the time. It really was the quintessential topical honeymoon.

Asuka sighed at that. Not because she didn't love to hear it but because that was going to cause her to do something. Shinji may have started this but she was going to be the one to continue it as she moved Shinji's hand to her twat and had him grope that part of her for a while. “You know what another problem with this place is Shinji?”

“Nope” Shinji answered as he played around with Asuka welcoming pussy.

“It makes me too fucking horny” Asuka stated. “I mean we've fucked and had sex and made love over and over and over again, but all I want is more. It's really starting to tire me out.”

“Really” Shinji asked.

“Yup, really” Asuka answered.

“So you don't want to have sex?” Shinji asked confused. After all it was Asuka herself who moved his hand so he could warm her up. Plus Asuka was getting pretty wet already so he had a hard time believing she wasn't horny.

“Oh I want sex” Asuka answered. “In fact I want you to do me until the very last second before we have to leave here while I lay on this blanket. It's just that no way am I going to try the mile high club thing with you on the way home like I was thinking. I'm sleeping the whole way.”

“I… uhhhhh….” Shinji stumbled out confused as he didn't even think of doing that on the plane ride home. When it came to their kinky adventures it really was Asuka who was the brains behind most of it.

“Enough confusion” Asuka though reprimanded. “Your fingers are doing wonders to my pussy and now I'm hot, horny, and willing. Just fuck me!”

Shinji could live with that demand and he got up from his spot and laid on top of Asuka. “Kätzchen, sometimes I think you're too good for me.”

“Oh trust me Shin-kun…” Asuka moaned as she felt Shinji work his way inside of her. “The feeling's… very mutual….”


A thoroughly exhausted and tanned family sat themselves down in their seats on a private airplane and got ready to take off. Keiko didn't like this though as she wanted to play on the beach some more and didn't like the airplane. But right before it started to take off a magic trick was done for her.

“Hey Keiko” Asuka started. “You ready for me to show you the magic trick with the stickers?”

This diverted the little one's attention real quick. “Magic???”

“Yup, magic” Asuka said all mysterious like. She then said the magic words “Abracadabra” and peeled off the kitty sticker from Keiko's leg.

“Kitty!” Keiko exclaimed as her eyes grew big and she got excited. The sticker got taken away but there was still a kitty shape on her leg.

“And flower too” Asuka said taking that sticker off.

Keiko didn't even say anything, she just sat there with her mouth wide open. This was really cool.

“And just because you're so bright and shiny” Asuka finished as the plane started to move. “You got a sun on your hand” and Asuka removed the final sticker.

Keiko didn't even cry during the take-off this time as she was so amazed at the imprints on her hand. It was simply too cool to the little girl and really was magic. Her Auntie Asuka was really amazing to her.

Author's Notes: 

(A/N: And the three sun tattoos on the little girl marks the end of this chapter. Yes I know it's almost all fluff and lemon but think of it this way, most series throw in an episode like this that means very little to the story and is simply fan service. Just think of the hot springs episode from Outlaw Star for a classic example of what I'm talking about. Now for the other question as to why it took me so long to put this chapter out? It didn't. In fact I wrote this in under a week's time. What took me so long is that while starting to write this chapter I needed to look up some old information and I notice an error in the story. So I fixed it. Then I fixed another error. And before long I found myself proofreading an entire chapter. So I thought since I did that chapter I might as well do the rest of the story. Proofreading and correcting 31 some odd chapters took me a long time and that's why this chapter is so late. Don't worry, the next chapter is not going to take nearly as long. As for the corrections, for the most part they were grammatical and structural but I did add a sentence or two to each chapter to help flesh out some ideas that looked like they needed it. Till next chapter, see ya.)

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