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Before total darkness, there is always a bright light. This is the love story of Gendo Rokobungi and Yui Ikari. And the joy that they shared before the world fell apart.

  1. One of the best things about the library, Yui reflected " was it was much easier to sit and do homework. She couldn't say the same about the apartment she shared with three other female students. One of them was constantly on the phone; the other was out to see how fast she could finish Final Fantasy 8. As for the third " she couldn't say. The only time she was home she was either sleeping or in the bathroom. With the noise caused by the other two, it was enough to drive her crazy sometimes.

  2. After hanging up the phone, Gendo leaned back in his chair and sighed. From the sound of it, Ikari probably had a decent sized place to live. Then again, she was sharing it with three other people. He, on the other hand, was living alone " in something akin to a hole in the wall. Or at least, that's how it sometimes seemed. There were three rooms " including the W.C. He was hardly ever here, so it didn't matter to him.



    "You can't be serious." Fuyutsuki stared at Yui in a mixture of disbelief and horror.

    Yui merely smiled. "It's true. I've been dating Gendo Rokobungi, a lot."

    Kozo shook his head and turned back down the path. This was impossible. Yui and that " man " dating? That was absurd. "I'm just a little surprised, Yui."

  5. Time is one thing that seems to flow more and more quickly now. I can't explain it. Time seems to slip through my fingers faster than water would. I can only hope I can grasp some time to remember what is happening in my life. It is July. Gendo and I were married in March. And still time rushes past me " I was once told that your life always seems to speed up just before something altering slams into you. I can only hope that the shock comes soon. Watching life rush by is not something I enjoy.

  6. Gendo set Yui down gently on the bed and then lay down next to her. He traced her face gently with the tips of his fingers, smiling. He had missed her so much " she was his everything. Yui set her hand against his neck and pulled him down into a long, deep kiss. Gendo deepened the kiss, his tongue slowly exploring the corners of her mouth and then gently moving from her lips to trail soft kisses along her cheek bone down to her ear. Yui gasped softly as he traced her ear with the tip of his tongue and then placed a soft kiss behind her earlobe.

    "I love you, Yui."

  7. The winter holidays came and went " the world was still in hell. But in the Ikari's apartment, one would never have assumed that. It was February, and for Yui " things were going rather well. The pregnancy wasn't giving her any troubles, much to her and Gendo's relief. Gendo was staring out the window at the moment, watching the rain. In a few hours, they were due at the doctor's office.

    "So today we find out..."

    "Yes. Have you decided?"

  8. There was nothing left " once a vast continent of ice " Antartica had been turned into a sea. A sea that was as red as the sky above it. A few shafts of ice and rock jutted up from the lifeless waters " like daggers, or claws. It was completely gone " were it not for the color and ice shafts, one would not know there had ever been anything here. Fuyutski Kozo swallowed as he looked out from the viewing deck of the ship.

    "Professor Fuyutski."

    Kozo turned, and received another shock. Rokobungi Gendo was standing near the door.

  9. 2004

    Misato turned to the girl next to her. "Katsuragi Misato pleased to meet ya!"

    Ritziko blinked and then smiled. She had never heard anyone so perky before in her life. She knew who the girl was " the only survivor of the Katsuragi Expedition, that is, if you thought of Mr. Ikari as not a part of the Expedition. "Akagi Ritziko."

    Misato smiled. "Nice to meet you, Akagi Ritziko!"

  10. Shinji had never been to the place his parents worked. At least, he couldn't remember if he had or not. Right now, he was staring out the window of the train car as he huge Geo-Front spread out below him. It was like nothing he had ever seen " he giggled and turned towards his parents.


    Yui smiled and pulled Shinji into her lap. "Very big. Do you like it?"

    "Its neat, mama."

    "That it is, Shinji. Do you know what this is called?"

    Shinji shook his head. "No, what?"

  11. After dropping Shinji off at the train station, Gendo came back to the apartment and opened the small liquor cabinet in the kitchen. Granted, there wasn't much in it. Mostly, it was coffee liqueurs, but there was one bottle of vodka, nearly full. He sat down at the kitchen table with a glass. He made sure the answering machine was on and then proceeded for the first time in years to get falling down drunk. Most of the rest of the day was a blur, save for image of shattering both the glass and the empty bottle against the wall above the sink.

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