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Sometimes the only thing you can do to protect what you love is run.

  1. "It'll be alright baby," he said as he held the small child in his arms. They had been on the run for what felt like forever, but had actually been only a month. Only brief hours of rest had been granted to the pair as they ran, him looking over his shoulder at every turn. Had it been only him he'd probably not have been concerned, but his daughter meant too much to him to even risk being taken from her. He could only hope that the few people he knew all those years ago would still be around and help him in his time of need.

  2. Misato drove fast through the streets of Tokyo-3. The emergency transponder in her car tracked her through the city, notifying any public authorities she may have passed that she was on official business and not to be stopped. Asuka held onto the handle that was attached to the passenger side above the door. This was not unusual in itself, however now it wasn't simply out of fear for her life.

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