Prologue : Welcome to Mayday

A Bond in the Darkness | By: | Genre: Friendship, Sci-Fi | Rating: M | Series: Toaru Majutsu no Index/とある魔術の禁書目録 | Status: In Progress | Tags: Darkfic, Crack Pairing, Violence, Kuroko, Accelerator, Kihara | Summary:

In the secret facility known as Mayday Project of Darkness; two children will form an unlikely friendship.


I don't own Toaru Majutsu nor its characters, this sttory is just for entertaiment purposes and im not making any profit out of it .

We humans crave for bonds with one another, for it is with these that we define ourselves; they are like a mirror in which we can see our own hearts.
However, throughout our lives, these bonds are ever changing. We are either getting closer or drifting away, and no matter how strong these
bonds may seem, sometimes they can break apart.

Take my parents for instance, at first they were always there for me, but when odd incidents began to happen, they began to drift away.

These incidents would vary: things that I touched would tend to disappear and then reappear somewhere else, or if I thought of a
certain place I would instantly appear there.

Then one day, I held daddy's hand and he suddenly vanished, reappearing two meters in the air, before crashing head first into the concrete floor.

Needless to say, I was sent to Academy City, so I could learn to control these powers. At first, my parents would call me once a month, but after a short while,
their calls became less and less frequent. Until eventually they stopped altogether.

I couldn't blame them really…

In any case, that's how I became a Child Error. Fortunately, since teleporters like me were few and far between, it was decided that I was to be sent to a
very special school. A school called the "Mayday Project"

However, before I even got near the school, I began having suspicions that there was something fishy about the whole thing.

For starters, there was the bus that was taking me there. Unlike the automated buses of Academy City, this one was being driven by some guy.

But even stranger was the fact that the whole bus was empty except for the two of us. This wouldn't have been that much of a bother if it wasn't
for the fact that the driver would ignore me whenever I tried to talk to him.

Another thing that I found weird was that after some time in the bus I realized we were nowhere near the school district I knew.

Looking outside the window I saw that the streets and buildings seemed much dirtier and in worse condition than anywhere I had been.

The bus was completely silent except for the sound of air-conditioning blowing and the slight hum of the electric engine.

Worried as to where the driver was taking me I asked,

"Hey mister, are we there-"

"We are here," the driver interrupted coldly. His voice having a hint of anger since, for a while now, I had been asking him the same question over and over again.
A few moments later, the bus turned a corner, and, that's when the school came into sight, which only helped gain more suspicion of where this bus driver was taking me.

Was it really a school? Back then I remembered thinking that it looked more like a prison or a fort. The whole "school" was surrounded by walls,
in each corner a watchtower overlooking the perimeter.

Just like everything nearby, the whole place looked old and dirty. The wall's paint was worn and covered in graffiti.

There was a man and a woman waiting for me as I got out of the bus.

"You must be Shirai Kuroko, correct?" the woman asked as she verified the writing pad that likely had my file on it.

I nodded hesitantly; both of them seemed more like guards than teachers.

"This way kid," the man said as he waved his finger in a 'come here' gesture. The pair then just started walking back, not caring to look if I was even following them or not.

Annoyed at their indifference I grabbed my suitcase and followed them.

Although the exterior of school wasn't much to look at, the interior was another story altogether. While the place wasn't spotlessly clean or anything;
at least it wasn't the garbage dump that I was expecting.

The entrance itself was just a large lobby with numerous state of the art cameras and large, metallic gates that would slide to the side when opened.
It was almost as if their only purpose was to keep people from getting in or out without being noticed.

After passing through a number of these doors I got to what was known as the processing area. This was a large squared room filled with lockers and
several changing booths on the right corner. It was there that the man took the suitcase from me and left.

"Hey what are you doing? That's mine!" I protested, trying to stop him from taking what little remained of my previous life.

"Don't worry; he'll take care of things," the woman tried to calm me as she dragged me away towards the cubicles.

"Just get inside and change into your new uniform, okay?" she demanded, opening one of the lockers and passing me the uniform.

The uniform if you could call it that; was just a white shirt with matching pants. More than what a student in a school would be dressed in,these reminded me
of what a patient would wear in a hospital, or even worse, test subjects…

As the dreary feeling that I'd been having continued to intensify, I thought of getting away using my teleportation. But I quickly dismissed that idea since I
was always told that it was too risky, that I could end up hurting myself if I didn't know how to control my power perfectly. Even if I did manage to
escape I had nowhere else to go. So it couldn't be helped…

In the end I just did what I was told and changed into my new uniform.

Afterward, when we got into an elevator, the woman said that we were going to meet with the director of the school; that made me wonder just what
kind of director could this place have? As I entered his office, it turned out to be even worse than I had imagined.

The director's office was a dump; while the endless stack of papers was a bit of a shock, compared to all the beer bottles and ashtrays, it was nothing.

As for the director, he was a tall, blond man wearing a scientist's coat.

"Hey, it's not my fault that she was an incompetent cunt!" He was standing up, talking on his cell phone. He was at the back of his office facing the window.
And while I hadn't even seen his face, I already knew I would despise him.

Director, the new stu-" The woman tried to say before being interrupted by a thrown beer bottle. And while his aim was off-mark, hitting the wall several
inches to her left, it was perfectly clear that he wasn't to be interrupted.

"Hey don't you fucking dare threaten me you asshole; If I go down, I'll take you down with me!" The two of us just kept our mouths shut as the whole room
was filled with a wide plethora of vulgar words; many of which I never even heard or knew existed.

"THEN KEEP THOSE MOTHERFUCKERS OFF MY FUCKING BACK!" The man shouted at the top of his lungs, before throwing the cell phone angrily against the wall.

For a few moments, the room remained in silence as the director began to take a swig of alcohol. Meanwhile, the woman tried to gain enough courage to speak up.


"WHAT!" the director shouted back as he turned his face towards us, finally getting a good look at his face. While the maniacal look on his eyes wasn't so
unexpected, the fact that half his face was covered in tattoos was odd. "What kind of school would have a director like this!" I thought.

"The teleporter is here." said the woman quickly, picking her words carefully to avoid his ire.

"Oh that's right!" said the director as he approached me, his tone changing from one of anger to that of fake friendliness.

"You must be the new Kuro-chan. I'm the director of the school, Kihara Amata." he said while patting my head in a rough manner.

"You are such a life saver, you know!" He continued as I, in return, glared back at him with an annoyed look; I didn't like it when people called me Kuro,
It sounded too bleak for my tastes.

"You don't know for how long we've been looking for a teleporter; and since that other Kuro-chan made such a mess of things a few days back…"
I didn't know what he meant by 'other Kuro- chan,' but for some reason my heart sank as I had another uneasy feeling.

"…that I was starting to wonder if we'd ever get to test one." I wanted to tell him to go to hell, to take his tests and shove them; but I just couldn't,
I was too scared to talk back.

"In any case let me show you around. I'm sure you must be anxious to know what this school has to offer," Kihara said in a slightly cynical tone as he
began to leave his office.

"Well don't just stand there you little brat, move!" Kihara shouted back at me when I hesitated to follow. Taking his cue the female guard began to slightly
push on my shoulder. "Come on, kid," she said as I was forced to tag along.

The director first showed me the training facilities; these were a series of long hallways filled with enclosed rooms.

The rooms' size and content varied greatly, all depending on the students' needs. The only thing they had in common with one another was the large,
reinforced window they all contained.

Through those windows, the scientist would analyze the student's progress through sensors hidden in the room.

The students inside them would practice their full range of powers doing certain exercises, from the basic telekinesis and telepathy to the
more esoteric and difficult to describe.

One student's exercise in particular was incredibly vicious. Numerous turrets were firing at a girl with short brown hair that was roughly the same age as me.

Bullet after bullet hit her body, yet they had no effect; not even a scratch. It was almost like she was the terminator or something.

But even though that seemed vicious, it was nothing compared to the treatment another student received. In the hallway right next to me,
a teenage boy was getting beaten to the ground by several staff members.

For a second there I thought it might have been some other kind of exercise, but the student's screams as he got bashed with the
guards' batons made me think otherwise.

When the director saw the shock on my face, he decided to take the opportunity to make things clear to me…

"See that Kuro-chan? That's what happens when you start acting like a shitty little brat," Kihara said as he grabbed my chin and forced me to look him in the eyes.

"Although I'm sure you are going to be a good girl and behave yourself; RIGHT!"Kihara emphasized at the end, almost forcing me to agree through intimidation.

"Ah ha ha- yes sir…" I said with a weak smile, agreeing with him meekly.

After a while we reached a room that was larger than the rest; this one was filled with reclining leather chairs not unlike those you would find at the dentist's office.

What was different; however, were the leather straps and oval shaped helmets that were placed on the students.

"Now these here are the Personal Reality Brain Modifiers or head masseurs as I call them. Using the latest technology in visual and auditive stimulation,
we are able to help you brats reach your full potential."

While Kihara explained his head masseurs in an almost uninterested tone, I looked at the students sitting down on them. Several of the students were buckling
violently, almost as if they were having seizures. While others were gasping, moaning, or even screaming in pain, yet the director and the other scientists
acted as if it was nothing.

I wanted to yell at them right then and there, to tell them: "Can't you see they are suffering you idiots!" Instead I just kept quiet.
Scared of what they would do to me if I'd speak out.

"Director, the students are waiting for the experiment," said one of the staff members after Kihara finished his explanation.

"Good, I'll be right there," Kihara answered quickly as his bored tone began to show some excitement.

He then smiled at me with that sardonic smile of his and said, "Oh that's right Kuro-chan, why don't you come with me to the coliseum?"

The coliseum, as Kihara lovingly called it, seemed at first sight like a bigger, more heavily reinforced version of the exercise rooms. At closer inspection
and with the proper knowledge, however, one could spot two key differences.

For starters, the reinforced window was high above the room; unlike the others, the coliseum was underground so that the walls could sustain more
damage and keep the damage to the facility to a minimum. As for the other difference, you had to be inside the room to notice.

The place had a faint smell of blood around it, one that could not be washed away no matter how much they tried.

I was with Kihara on the other side of the window, the spectator room as the director would call it. Around me numerous scientists worked with advance
computers analyzing the experiment. While the emperor, on the other hand, would just stand there enjoying the show.

In the coliseum below there were two students battling each others; a beautiful teenage girl with long, brown hair, fought against
a black haired young man with piercings in his face.

The black-haired teen, who struck me as a hoodlum, was a powerful pyrokinetic who could create combustion's by simply concentrating his gaze at a single point;
and that's exactly what he did as he tried to set his foe on fire. The girl, however, could avoid most of his attacks by being in constant motion, since the boy
took a moment to make the complex calculations needed to ignite a fire.

Even though the girl's constant movement made it very difficult for her opponent to catch her with his attack, sometimes that wasn't enough; the flames at times getting uncomfortably close to her.

In those cases the girl's hand would glow unnaturally and some kind of energy shield would blow the blazes away. Once she had pushed the fire away with her shield, she would counterattack with some kind of energy beam.

This beam, while incredibly fast and powerful, was slow to charge up and followed a fixed trajectory, giving its target enough time to move out of its way.

What's more, if while the beam was charging up the boy used his pyrokinesis on it, the buildup energy would collapse, spelling disaster for the girl.

For that reason the girl could only counterattack once she had driven out the fires with her shield, giving her enough time to charge up her beam before her opponent could start another fire.

It was true that she could have just exchanged with the hoodlum by driving his flames away and then firing back, but that held too many risks. It was not always assured that that she would drive the flames away without causing her any burns. Furthermore, there was always the slight chance that the boy would manage to start a fire while she was charging her attack. And if that happened, it'd all be over.

Instead, when the fight began, the girl charged straight at her opponent, who in turn tried to set her on fire. This forced the girl to side step or roll to the side to avoid getting burned.

As she used her shield, she would fire back to keep her opponent on his toes. To a casual viewer, like me back then, it seemed like they were both on a deadlock.

However, it was all going well according to the girl's plan. After several minutes of constant dodging, shooting; blocking, and counter shooting, she was closing in on the distance. The girl was now just a few meters away from her opponent, and when the boy once again used his pyrokinesis against her, the girl; as before, used her shield to block. Instead of firing back however, she continued to charge at him.

The hoodlum, who was expecting her to fire her beam, was caught off guard with a kick to the face. While the blow wasn't so hard as to knock him out, it stunned him and took
away his concentration long enough for the girl's second and final attack.

When the boy recovered from the hit and managed to look back at his opponent, it was all over.
The girl was smiling sadistically at him, her beam fully charged. Before he could do anything like dodge or say something akin to "I give up," the beam had gone through his chest.

The carnage that followed scarred me for the rest of my life. The beam was large enough to turn most of his abdomen into ash, yet not large enough to incinerate the rest of his body.

As a result, his limbs and head flew in different directions, spraying blood all over the coliseum. I would have puked if I had eaten anything back then. Instead I collapsed on my knees, my whole body shaking in horror as my heart sank into complete despair; thoughts like 'I'm going to die in here!' running through my mind.

The others around me, however, couldn't care less. They just kept working indifferently on their computers as if nothing had happened; all except for Kihara that is...

"GWA HAHAHAHA awesome finish there, Mugino-chan," laughed Kihara as he praised the girl called Mugino through the intercom.

Mugino in response simply waved at her spectator in a classy way, before leaving the coliseum as if nothing had happened; her face and attitude not showing even the slightest hint of remorse at what she just did.

Seeing that I was on the verge of tears, Kihara tried to calm me down.

"There, there Kuro-chan. I know this seems scary but the students use the coliseum to resolve their differences in a productive manner," Kihara said in a mocking tone.

"I'm sure you won't get hurt if you keep your head down and behave yourself," he continued as he ruffled my hair once again. For whatever reason, Kihara's words managed to calm me down.

"Well then, let me show you to your room. Oh that's right Kuro-chan! Since you are a new student here, why don't I put you with our ace? I'm sure that he will be more than happy to take care of a cute little girl like you." I wiped my tears and followed him silently; perhaps in my despair I wanted to believe what he said, that maybe just this once he wasn't being sarcastic.

In the school's west wing stood the dorm; the whole place was so bland and unadorned that it reminded me of a mental institution more than anything else.

It was just a series of long hallways with large white doors on each side. Each room 3 square meters in diameter with twin beds, a small desk in the middle, and a small barred window on the end of the wall.

"You know Kuro-chan, it's nice that you are going to meet our ace." said Kihara as I followed him through the hallways. "You see, there's a little something that I wanted the two of you to work on."

Like at other times, that ironic tone of his made me suspicious. "You will help me out, won't you?" Even so, the fear of what would happen if I refused, trumped my suspicions as I nodded back in silence.

After walking past several empty rooms we reached the end of the hallway; in front of me stood the aces' room. Looking around, I wondered why the other rooms were empty; it was as if this place was segregated from the rest of the dorm rooms. The answer I would later find out was inside that door.

As the director opened the door I saw that the insides were no different from the others, just a small room with two beds and a desk with a lamp. The student, however, was.

The "ace", Kihara spoke of, was a young albino boy, not a year older than thirteen. As he turned his gaze at us, his eyes seemed like those of a psychopath.

"Well if it isn't Kihara-kun… who's that next to you, your new girlfriend? I didn't know you'd liked them that young you sick fuck!" The boy said with a snide smile, his mocking tone not at all dissimilar to Kihara's.

"Oh my… aren't we projecting you little runt? And here I was hoping that you could be a nice little sempai for Kuro-chan, since I know you are into lolis." Kihara answered with a snide remark of his own.

The two of them seemed locked in a competition on who could piss the other off the most by being a dick.

"Ha ha ha! Have you been drinking again, you shit? You put that brat near me and I'll tear her to shreds!"

I jumped back and tried to run away when I heard those words. The insane look in his eyes didn't make me doubt him for even a second.

"Now, now Accelerator, there's no need to get all tsundere on me." Kihara mocked back as he pushed me inside the room and locked the door, trapping me inside.

"No! Let me out you jerk!" I shouted at Kihara, trying desperately to open the door even though it was to no avail. It felt like I had just been caged inside with a wild tiger, a wild albino tiger for that matter.

The director, however, just ignored me. Leaving me behind with these words:

"You kiddies have fun."

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