Among Monsters

A Bond in the Darkness | By: | Genre: Friendship, Sci-Fi | Rating: M | Series: Toaru Majutsu no Index/とある魔術の禁書目録 | Status: In Progress | Tags: Darkfic, Crack Pairing, Violence, Kuroko, Accelerator, Kihara | Summary:

In the secret facility known as Mayday Project of Darkness; two children will form an unlikely friendship.


Authors' notes: well I kinda forgot to put my comments, so I might as well put them now that I did some minor edits. Anyway I'd like to thank the anons at 4chan for their comments and help, also a special thanks to marro for beta reading for me. I tried to put the chou suffix of saiai on my story by translating it as "super" I don't know if that sounds right or if it sounds dumb/awkward. So any ones comments and criticism are always welcome.

Kihara had just turned tail and run; dumping the little shit with me. Just what the hell was that bastard thinking putting her here? The brown-haired, twin pigtailed girl was banging desperately at the door, trying to find some way of opening it.

When I began to approach her, the pipsqueak turned around to face me; her mouth twisting into a fake smile in an effort to appease me.

"H-hi there onii-cha-" I quickly interrupted with a blow to the door right next to her; my vectors making it shake violently.

"Do I look like your fucking onii-chan?" I said coldly, my eyes glaring down at the trembling girl.

The brat in turn completely lost it, breaking down in tears.

"No, don't hurt me please!" The pipsqueak cried desperately; her body crouching down to the floor, as her hands covered her face in a sad attempt to protect herself. I liked to intimidate any student who got too close to me, that way they wouldn't dare bothering me. But scaring a little girl like her, who looked no older than nine or ten, was too low; even for me.

"I want my mommy!" She cried loudly; her incessant high pitch wailing making my temples feel like they would explode. God was her voice annoying!

"Shut the fuck up you little shithead!" I shouted loudly as I gave her some space and lay down on my bed; maybe the kid would calm down once she saw that I wasn't going to do anything to her.

"I hate this place; I want to go home!" The little shit however, just kept on crying and crying; most likely discharging all the pent up pain and fear she had bottled up inside since her arrival. Something that wasn't so unusual for newcomers here.

My patience was running short though; for well over an hour she had been crying now with no signs of stopping. I was sure that if she didn't shut up already, I really was going to tear her to shreds.

"I'm trying to sleep here you damn pipsqueak, do you want to die!" I snapped angrily, it was late at night when Kihara had brought her to my room, so I was already tired.

But all those threats just backfired on me as the brat cried even harder. She just kept on bawling in the same spot in front of the door, her head resting on her bent knees.

"You dumbass, do you even know what this place is?" Since threats weren't working on her, I tried another approach. "You are in the underworld of Academy City, crying isn't going to help you survive in here!"

"Then…then how do I make it here?" The girl asked in between sobs, her teary eyes looking at me.

"Oh I wouldn't know about that; I'm not a weakling after all. Usually though, worms like you tend to stick together." I mused with a cocky smile.

"But I don't know anyone here." the pipsqueak complained as she finally began to calm down.

"Tough shit then…" I answered indifferently, shifting to the other side of the bed as I tried to sleep; enjoying some peace and quiet since she was deep in thought.

"Then… can I stick… with you?" the girl asked hesitantly.

" Ha ha ha, fuck no; why would I want an obnoxious brat like you!" Just the thought of that little shit being near me all the time made me wanna kill myself.

The rejection however, made the pipsqueak cry even louder than before; her endless annoying wailing filling the room. Back then I hadn't realized that I could have used my powers to block the sound waves entering my ears. As such the only options I had left were killing her or agreeing with her.

"Alright, fine; you can be my underling!" I snapped angrily in defeat. I don't know why I just didn't kill her; all I knew was that I wanted her to shut up so I could get some sleep.

"Really…?" The pipsqueak looked at me back as she wept, her sad eyes trying to confirm what I said.

"Yes really, but underlings do as they are told; so shut up and go to sleep!" That was finally enough to stop her wailing for good as she obeyed me and went to her bed.

I didn't really mean anything by that, but if that was enough to stop her tantrum for the night; then so be it. Besides, once she had been here long enough she would see what a sick monster I was and learn to keep her distance.

For the rest of the night the brat wept silently on her bed, a few muffled sniffles the only sound coming out from her. It was kind of messed up for a little girl like her to be in a place like this. But this was the dark side of Academy City after all; things like this were common place.

The light of the sun coming from the small window on the room woke me up the next morning. The whole scene was pretty serene compared to the night before, the only sound being the chirping of some birds outside.

As for the pipsqueak, she was sitting on the bed staring blankly towards the front wall; looking at her I wondered if she had even slept at all. With an annoyed click of my tongue I got up and went to the door.

"Where are you going? The doors' locked." The girl asked in confusion, she probably thought that the only way out was for someone to open it from outside.

"Not anymore." I said as I tapped on the door, the whole thing opening instantly as I used my vectors on it.

As I got out of my room and began to walk through the corridors, I realized what an idiot I was. Why didn't I just open the door and kick the pipsqueak out? She probably wanted to get out of there anyway. The brat herself was now following me like a lost puppy.

I ignored her however, and headed for the mess hall to get something to eat.

The mess hall was a huge space filled with large, rectangular tables. The whole place pretty chaotic as the boisterous chatter between the students filled the hall. Or atleast it did until I arrived. Once I was there however the others usually quieted, mainly because they knew what would happen if they'd annoyed me.

At the end of the room, in the front corner, was a long line of students waiting to be served. Normally the students would get at the back of the line when they arrived, but I wasn't just any normal student, after all.

I just cut through the front of the line and got served; none of the other students had enough guts to complain. Hell, most of them even backed away in fear, all except for the little pipsqueak who stood right behind me; bewildered as to why the others acted that way.

While the other students would eat together in their own little cliques and gangs. I sat alone on my own personal table eating peacefully. Or at least I would be, if it wasn't for that little shit.

"Why the hell are you still following me, dumbass?" I asked the girl seated on the other side of the table.

"Hm; what are you talking about aniki, aren't underlings supposed to be with their boss?" the girl said as she looked at me while gobbling down her food.

"So I'm 'aniki' now, huh?" She must have seen some retarded yakuza movie for her to call me that.

"Feh! Whatever…" I said with an annoyed sigh. I didn't push the issue however, and just ignored her; eating for a few minutes quietly. The little shit however, had to go and ruin that with that irritating, shrilly voice of hers.

"So aniki, um…" she said awkwardly in an effort to break the ice, "What kind of power do you have?"

I looked back at her with an annoyed look for a moment, "Redirection…" I said indifferently as I ate my food.

"Redirection; what's that about?" asked the pipsqueak as she tilted her head inquisitively.

"It means I can change the force and speed of anything I touch." I explained as I reached out for the girls' milk carton; touching it with one of my fingers before it flew off rapidly to the left side. I had hoped that my little demonstration would upset her enough that she would stop pestering me, instead the pipsqueak touched my coffee can in return; teleporting it to her other hand.

"Well I can teleport anything I touch too," the girl said as she drank from my can. "Although I can't control it all that wel…" the little shit stopped in mid sentence when she saw the death glare I was giving her.

"Do you wanna die kid?" I asked coldly, my tone filled with killing intent even though I tried to hold it back.

"Um, no…" she said in a soft, trembling voice; as her eyes began to get wet with fear.

"Then go and get me another fucking one!" I snapped angrily at the girl as she got up quickly and went to retrieve one; the students on the line having enough pity for her to let her get another one quickly.

That little outburst managed to quiet her down, the pipsqueak not daring to open her mouth for the rest of the meal. She still kept following me however, as I left for the rec-room.

Now in this "school" there are two types of students. While the majority here are like the brat, outcasts and child errors that are exploited and kept against their will. There are those that are like me, monsters so powerful and destructive that it is impossible for the staff to keep confined in this place without our consent. For that reason this place wasn't as bad as one might think.

This place had libraries and computer labs for everyone to use. There were also many exercise rooms which were fitted so that the student could do recreational sports like tennis, basketball, etc; there were even some that had swimming pools in them.

And then there was the rec-room; which was a large squared lobby where many students would go to spend their free time. From pool tables to pinball machines, this place had a multitude of ways to keep us busy. There was even a large high-def TV at the end of the room, where a dozen or so students would sit around several couches and watch television together.

Or at least they did until I got in front of the television and callously changed the channel. As always the others just left in silent indignation; too scared to say anything or even stay near me for that matter. I would usually sit alone in the large leather sofa in the middle, almost as if it were my throne as tyrant of the school. But like other times before it, the little shit just had to sit right next to me.

I glared at her angrily once again. But when her face turned all teary-eyed with fear; I decided to just ignore her. I didn't want her to start another one of her fits after all. Instead I took the remote control and began to flip through the channels. We had the best cable network in Academy City, more than 400 channels; all of them however, were total crap.

"Meh!" I grumbled; turning the television off and throwing the remote to the other side of the couch.

I closed my eyes and rested my head in my hand, bored that I had nothing to do as I waited. But a moment later I heard the television getting turned back on. The kid had taken the remote and changed it to some retarded, soap opera.

That insufferable little shit just kept on watching show after show of asinine crap. I had to endure it for what felt like forever, until thankfully; she fell asleep, her head resting on my shoulder. For a second I thought of pushing her head off me, but then I risked the chance of waking her up, so instead I turned off the TV and just tolerated her proximity.

I kept looking at the time as I grew more and more pissed. The other students were giving looks of disbelief that I, Accelerator, the worse monster of this school; had some little kid almost cuddling with him! And no matter how many times I forced them to look away by glaring back at them, they just kept looking back. Finally, after looking at the clock for the hundredth time; the moment had arrived…

I had fallen asleep while watching TV. When I awoke, aniki was no longer there. In fact nobody was there, the whole room almost empty; all except for a teenage girl who was on the couch adjacent to me. It was that sadistic girl called Mugino; the one that I had seen on the coliseum yesterday. She was sitting there watching a popular fashion show.

"So… you've finally decided to wake up." She said with a friendly smile; sitting all ladylike with her legs crossed.

"You must be the teleporter; the one that's been following Accelerator around." She continued while I coldly looked at her in silence.

"You are a pretty brave one, you know. But you should stop before that freak kills you; if you want, you can follow me instead." I didn't really buy that she had any interest in my well being, and while I didn't want to have anything to do with her; I wasn't dumb enough to risk her anger by telling her off.

"What's the matter kid, cat got your tongue?" Asked Mugino with a piercing look on her eyes, seemingly annoyed at my lack of response.

"Thanks but no thanks; I'd probably end up like that guy on the coliseum if I followed you." I answered as politely as possible, even if the cold and accusatory look I gave her said otherwise.

"Oh him; that freak was a pyromaniac who got off setting people on fire; trust me, the world is better without him." She said with a smile on her face; not an apologetic one that was trying to explain the situation to someone, but a big boastful one that was full of pride in its handiwork.

"In any case I refuse. Aniki might be an antisocial jerk but at least he is not a sadistic killer like you!" I said in a disdainful tone, as I was unable to hide my anger over her attitude anymore. But Mugino, who I feared of upsetting with my response, began to cackle loudly instead.

"Oh is that so?" She asked in a mocking tone as she got up from the couch, "Let me show you something sweetie." Mugino said as she began to leave. When she looked back and saw my hesitance; she began to wave a finger at me as if she was calling a dog.

"Cooome on…" She chirped in a melodic, almost patronizing tone. I did as asked and began to follow her. Even though I didn't trust her, I had nothing else to do at the moment. Besides, I was a little curious as to what she wanted to show me.

After passing through several corridors with Mugino, I noticed the absence of other students; the whole place almost deserted except for a few staff members here and there. When we turned to the left and entered a large hall, I saw why.

That large room was completely packed with them; it was almost impossible to even enter inside. Only Mugino's glare gave us enough space to get in and see what was happening. The students within were all looking up at a corner of the room. There, on the upper part of the eastern wall, stood a large screen.

Looking up at it, I saw two students facing each other. It was Aniki and that 'terminator' girl that I had seen on one of the exercise rooms before. They were both in the coliseum. It seemed like it wasn't just the director who liked this sort of 'entertainment'.

["What's the matter 'knock off'; are you starting to piss your pants now that you're facing the real thing?"] taunted Accelerator with a cocky smirk. That place must have had some amazing microphones and cameras if the screen was able to show us what they said and did so perfectly clear.

["'Knock off' this, 'rip off' that; that's all you say…"] the brown haired girl answered in a coolly if somewhat annoyed tone. ["I'm super sick of you looking down on all of my hard work."] she continued with a look on her face that reminded me of a kid that was finally standing up to his bully.

["Hard work; hahahahaha, don't make me laugh! All you did was copy my patterns you cheap copycat!"] Aniki sneered with a disdainful look in return. ["Then again, that might have been a huge achievement for a mongrel like you."] he continued to mock; it was almost like he was trying to provoke her by being as derisive as possible.

While they continued arguing, one of the students approached Mugino. "Geez; Saiai must be pretty confident to go and challenge Accelerator like that." the student mused with a smarmy grin on his face; he was a tall teen with light brown hair and seemed to have shady air about him.

"Overconfident is more like it." Mugino answered frigidly as she did her best to ignore him. Even though their eyes never met, as Mugino kept her gaze glued to the screen; the tension between those two seemed to increase with every passing second.

"So you won't bet on your friend then? How cold of you Mugino…" the tall teen mocked; apparently watching the fights wasn't enough for some students; they had to bet on them to keep things interesting.

"Fuck off Kakine; you think I'm going to bet my territory for a fight like this!" Mugino snapped angrily at the student called Kakine. "Just what kind of fool do you take me for!"

Although the students had no money to bet, they improvised with what they had. The older ones would bet tobacco or other stuff like that, while the younger would bet their mangas or games. At higher stakes whole gangs would bet their rights to use and control certain exercise rooms or 'territories' as they called it.

And that's what was happening between those two; Kakine, who was the leader of one gang, was taunting Mugino, the leader of the rival faction, by proposing that bet. However the tension between those two began to dissolve as the argument on the screen got to a head.

["You bastard I'll show you that my 'offense armor' is as good as yours!"] shouted the usually mellow Saiai. It seemed like aniki's constant taunting was finally getting through to her.

["Come at me then, what are you waiting for 'knock off'!"] Aniki said with a psychotic look on his face; his hands extending to the sides as he began to walk casually towards Saiai.

Since there was nothing else to be said, Saiai began to charge at aniki in return. But just as she was getting closer to him, aniki suddenly dashed at her at full speed; the change of pace catching Saiai by surprise as she was punched in the face, the blow sending her flying against the wall.

Seeing aniki in action, I began to realize why he was called Accelerator. Not only could he move objects with his power, but his own body as well. His speed was inhumane. Before Saiai could recover from the previous blow he was already on top of her; Leaping in the air as he tried to land a flying kick on her face.

Luckily Saiai managed to dodge by sidestepping to the right. However a follow up attack by aniki, a kick to the guts, sent her tumbling to the opposite wall of the coliseum; not unlike a ball in a football field. Any normal human would have died if hit by one of those blows. But Saiai, who was indeed like a terminator, got up as if it was nothing.

["hahahahaha You know 'knock off' I have to give credit where credit is due; if nothing else, you do make an excellent punching bag!"] Mocked aniki with a maniacal laugh, as he rushed at her with blinding speed; unlike before however, Saiai was ready for him.

While anikis' strikes were fast and brutal, they were also amateurish; the swing of his punches so wide that an experienced fighter would have had no problem avoiding them. And Saiai, who seemed skilled enough to do just that, kept dodging all of his wild punches by sidestepping or backing away.

After ducking one particularly long swing. Saia finally gained enough courage to counter attack; landing a solid uppercut on aniki's chin; only to have her whole body rebound back to the ground.

"Wh-what was that!" I asked Mugino in bewilderment. It just didn't make sense, one moment Saiai's fist was about to hit aniki and then the next she was staggering back and falling on her butt.

"What, you've been with him the whole day and you didn't even know about his reflection?" Mugino asked in a mocking tone, not unlike the way aniki was mocking Saiai at that moment.

While Mugino began to laugh, Kakine, who was listening to our conversation, finally explained, "Kid, that's Accelerators' ultimate defense." He said while looking at me as if I were a bug.

"Basically, he repulses anything that touches him with his AIM field." Mugino clarified as I saw his power in action. Every time Saiai was about to hit aniki, she would bounce back and fall on the ground; All the while being sneered by Accelerator.

"Mugino, who's this little mouse, were you so scared that Accelerator is going to kill your other pet that you went and got yourself a new one?" Kakine taunted as he gazed at Mugino; his eyes never bothering to look at a 'mouse' like me.

"She's Number ones' new pet actually." She answered with a wide smirk.

"Is that so?" Kakine asked in skepticism; his face growing sterner as now, he decides to glare at me. His look gave me a chill down my spine, somewhat reminding me of aniki when he gets really mad.

"Tell me sweetie, do you even know why you are here?" surprisingly it was Mugino who broke his gaze by standing between us and asking me that. Somehow it felt like she had just protected me even though her tone was patronizing.

"Something about working with aniki..?" I answered while trying to remember what Kihara had told me before.

"That's right. Everyone here; this facility even; was made so they could test and study 'anikis' abilities." The beautiful girl said as she smiled smugly at kakine; emphasizing the word 'aniki' to him.

"Take Saiai for example; that nitrogen armor she uses, was developed by copying Accelerators' powers." Mugino explained; as I realized why aniki went on about Saiai being a 'Rip off.'

"Is he really that impressive?" I asked in disbelief; it was true that aniki had to be a pretty powerful guy for so many students to be scared of him. But for this whole place to be made just because of one ESPer was a little hard to buy.

"Bah; he's just some overrated fag!" Kakine said dismissively as he began to leave; his voice however seemed to have a bit of jealousy to it.

"Then there are those like Kakine there; idiots who think that they can overcome Accelerators' reflect." Mugino said to me, even though in reality she was taunting the brown haired student.

"Feh! I'll crush that bastard; just wait and see!" he said bitterly as he glanced back at Mugino for a moment, before he disappeared into the crowd.

Back on the screen Saiai appeared to have grown dispirited. She was on all fours, her behind facing her opponent. ["Hahaha, you just have to tease me with your ass; don't you knock off?"] Accelerator jeered, Saiai's suggestive pose giving him another chance to toy with her.

["I must admit… your' 'reflect' is really something… I can't even get one hit no matter how much I try… "] The exhausted Saiai panted as she staggered up slowly.

["But you haven't broken through my armor either; so don't look down on me, you super-asshole!"] Saiai said, bellowing loudly at the end almost as if it were a battle cry; her eyes glaring at aniki with renewed determination.

["My, aren't we cocky, knock off?"] Aniki mused as his eyes narrowed in response. Then suddenly he had closed the distance and punched Saiai in the gut, her body rebounding again. Unlike before however; when she recovered from the hit, some sort of sheet of ice began to fall from her skin.

Saiai's 'Offense Armor' was starting to break down.

["Silly knock off; it's not that I couldn't break through your armor, but that I didn't want to."] Aniki explained smugly to a confused Saiai. ["Did you forget? I can control any vector, even those of your ridiculous armor."] He continued as he resumed his onslaught on the tired girl.

Saiai in turn tried her best to avoid aniki's attack. But by now she was just too tired to dodge Accelerator's wild flurry. As a result, every time aniki connected a blow, more and more of her nitrogen armor was being destroyed.

["Noooo!"] Saiai screamed not unlike a person who was having is clothes slowly torn up ["Stop, I give up!"] she begged uselessly as she used all her remaining strength to block and try to reform her nitrogen armor.

But Saiais' pleas fell on deaf ears as Accelerator began laughing in a creepy high pitch tone as he continued his merciless beat down. ["No, don't hurt me please!"] While Saiai in turn cried helplessly as she lay curled up in a ball.

Hearing her words, aniki grew silent and stopped his onslaught for a moment. [What are you!] He asked coldly as he resumed his attack on her armor.

["W-what?"] Saiai asked quizzically; her mind trying to understand his question as she tried her best to endure his assault.

["Say it! What are you!] Accelerator demanded, his tone now reminding me more of a sort of school bully than the maniacal sadist from a few seconds before.

Saiai remained silent for a moment as she likely tried to find the answer that would save her life, ["…I'm a rip off, a knock off; just a super-cheap imitation, just please stop!"] She blurted out hysterically.

["Good, now don't super forget it rip off.] Aniki said sarcastically as he stopped his assault and began to leave. Saiai in turn was in a complete mess as she started bawling on the floor.

Now that the fight was over, the students began exiting the hall. Saying things like; "I think Saiai pissed herself back there." And, "what did you expect? She was fighting against Accelerator after all." as they left.

Meanwhile, I stood there silently watching the screen; my mind on the fight that had just transpired. "Now what were you saying about your aniki not being a sadistic killer?" Mugino asked me mockingly.

"He didn't kill her now, did he?" I answered coldly at Mugino; my eyes giving her an annoyed look.

"Suit yourself kid, just don't go crying over to me when things turn sour." I heard her say pretentiously, as I too began to leave.

I didn't do much else for the rest of the day; afraid of getting into a confrontation with any the other students. Instead I sat in a corner and did my best not to get on anyone's way; as I thought about what Mugino said.

Even though I had acted dismissively towards Mugino; the truth was that I was considering her offer. And while she didn't seem any saner than aniki, at least she was less hostile. Every time I tried to talk to Accelerator he would glare at me so angrily, sometimes I even thought he was going to snap and hurt me.

I didn't see aniki until night time; when I had returned to our room. He was sitting on his bed writing something on a notebook. I wanted to ask about the fight but was too scared of his ire. So instead I sat on my bed and began to stare at Accelerator; trying to find the courage to confront him.

"What?" In the end it was aniki who broke the silence, as he gave me a quick annoyed glance before resuming with his notebook.

"You weren't going to hurt her for real, right?" I asked hesitantly, almost as if I was asking him to deny it.

"So you saw me in action then?" Aniki mused as a he stopped scribbling in the note book.

"See, every once in awhile, one of these pieces of shit gets cocky, so I need to put them in their place;" He continued as he looked at me with a big arrogant smirk. "That bitch was smart enough to learn hers, so I let her off easily; it's as simple as that."

"So you really would have done it…" I whispered to myself more than anything else.

"Would have done it?" Accelerator asked as he laughed hysterically. "Pipsqueak, let me make things clear…" he said while glaring at me with that psychotic look of his. "I'm a monster, I eat girls like you for breakfast; you mess with me and I'll squash you like a bug."

"Mugino was right about you then." I told ani-, no Accelerator, sternly; his arrogant attitude was starting to annoy me.

"Oh so you've met that fourth rated ojou-san?" Accelerator apparently had to have a nickname for just about anyone.

"Mmhm, she said that I should stop following you before I get hurt and join her group instead." I don't know what I expected from Accelerator as I said that. Maybe I wanted to see if he would grow upset or just a little annoyed even; just show that he wasn't completely indifferent of me.

"Good! You know how sick and tired I am of you pestering me all the time?" Accelerator said; even while smiling snidely, there seemed to be a hint of anger in his voice.

"You just go and follow that rich girl from now on. Just don't bother me; hell don't even talk to me again you little shit." He continued as he placed the notebook inside the drawer of the desk on the middle. Before turning off the lights and going to sleep.

I couldn't sleep for much of that night; this place felt so overbearingly gloomy. The small room so obscured that I almost couldn't tell whether my eyes were open or not. Even worse the air conditioner was so cold that the flimsy sheets were not enough to keep me warm. These two things; combined with the loneliness that I felt, pushed me to the brink of tears.

I missed my parents so much… why did they forget about me? Was I really that bad? Before I knew it, I was sobbing thinking of them. Then I remembered were I was and who was sleeping next to me. So I forced myself to stop crying in case he woke up.

In an effort to calm myself, I reminisced about today's events. Something didn't add up in my head, if Accelerator was as bad as he and the others said, why didn't he hurt me then? Why did he put up with me the whole day? He could have gotten rid of me real easily.

I got my answer sooner than expected as I heard a faint murmur resonating through the stillness of the room. It was Accelerator; he was whispering something in his sleep. The room was so quiet that I could almost make out what he was saying.

"Mo…mmy…" He was calling out for his mother. Aniki, for all his posturing about being such a monster, was just like me in the end; he was just a kid.

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