A Bond in the Darkness

A Bond in the Darkness | By: | Genre: Friendship, Sci-Fi | Rating: M | Series: Toaru Majutsu no Index/とある魔術の禁書目録 | Status: In Progress | Tags: Darkfic, Crack Pairing, Violence, Kuroko, Accelerator, Kihara | Summary:

In the secret facility known as Mayday Project of Darkness; two children will form an unlikely friendship.

I was alone when I woke up the next morning. It appeared like I had overslept and that guy didn't bother to wake me.
Of course that was to be expected considering what was said the other night.

Luckily the door was unlocked; so I could go to the mess hall and get something to eat.

It took quite a bit of time for me to get served now that Accelerator wasn't there with me. As I waited, I looked around for aniki.
Unfortunately he was nowhere to be seen.

Since I couldn't find him anywhere, the only other person I knew was Mugino. She was sitting in a corner; eating on her own.
Hesitantly, I walked over to her.

"Well, well, did you have a change of heart sweetie?" Mugino teased with a smile on her face.

"Um… well, more or less…" I muttered coyly as I sat on the opposite side of her.

"Anyway I wanted to ask you about your friend the terminator girl." I quickly changed the subject. I still wasn't so sure about her.

"Terminator girl, you mean Saiai?" She asked a bit puzzled as to who I was referring.

"Yeah Saiai, how is she? She isn't seriously hurt, is she?" I asked. One of the reasons that I went to Mugino was so she would tell me how
her friend was doing; as I was a little worried about her since the fight with aniki.

"Well the doctors told me she was fine…" She paused, a hint of concern seeming to escape out of her tone.
"I didn't see her last night though; so I was planning on visiting her after I was done eating; you can come with me if you want."

"Sure… " I nodded as I began to eat my food. For a moment there was an awkward silence between us as we ate, but then
I saw what Mugino was having for a meal.

"Hey what are you eating?" I asked in curiosity; unlike the rest of the students here Mugino was using
chopsticks as she ate some kind of bento.

"Oh, this is my salmon bento." Mugino chirped happily as she took another bite. "Look's tasty, right?"

"It sure does." That was an understatement. Compared to the mediocre food that I and the others were served, her bento looked absolutely delectable.

"Let me try some." I asked, taking my fork in my right hand and reaching out to take a small bite to eat. Mugino reacted violently, however. Taking one of her chopsticks and trying to stab my quickly evading, right hand.

"My dear Kuro-chan, I heard about your little incident with accelerator yesterday." Mugino said with a fake smile, likely referring
to when I took a drink out of aniki's soda can. "So let me make myself clear, if you dare take any of my salmon you die!" Mugino warned,
her eyes giving off a piercing glare even though she kept her fake smile.

I quickly backed away in fear, Mugino's threat reminding me what was bothering me about her. "Mugino-san I have to ask, what's your angle?"

"My angle, what do you mean?" she asked with an amused smile on her face, taking another bite of her salmon.

"Why did you try to befriend me yesterday; you don't seem like the kind of person that would bother with a useless kid like me?"
I asked, looking at her warily.

"My, aren't you a cynical girl. Is it so difficult to believe that I would give a helping hand to a cute, little kouhai like you?"
Mugino mocked in disbelief.

I still kept looking at her skeptically however; what she did at the coliseum was still fresh on my mind, so her trying to look
after me out of the kindness of her heart was a little hard to buy.

In return Mugino sighed in exasperation and said. "I'm always looking for unique espers to join my group. And since you are
teleporter with a lot of guts, I thought you'd be a good addition."

"I'm not that brave, really…" I whispered timidly; the truth was that I was terrified of this place.

Mugino, seeing my self-doubt, began to chuckle a little bit as she pat my head. "You are the brat that dared to get close to number one after all; besides…"

She paused for a moment as her hand lowered to my cheek and began to pinch it in a playful manner. "You are a pretty bold kid you know, getting all sassy with me even though you know what I'm capable of."

"I mean really… your cheekiness can be cute at times, but you need to be careful whom you are talking to sweetie." Even though Mugino chirped cheerfully, the grip on my cheek grew painfully harder with each passing word.

"Now that that's settled lets be good friends, shall we?" Mugino said with a bright smile as she released her hold. I hesitantly nodded back in return as my hand nursed my wounded cheek; her veiled threat making it perfectly clear who the boss was.

The rest of the meal wasn't so bad afterwards. Mugino at the very least wasn't as anti-social as Accelerator and was better holding a conversation. Even so she still had that arrogant air of an ojou-san; at times talking down at me with that condescending tone of hers.

"Actually, there was another reason why I wanted you to join." Mugino confessed, looking back at me while I followed right behind.

"Truth is that it would be troublesome for me if you were to stay close to number one." We were now passing through several hallways on our way to see Saiai at the infirmary.

"Why?" I asked, curious to know what other reason there was.

"That guy… he could easily control this place if he wanted, you know." Mugino explained in exasperation, "Instead he remains introverted in his own world; completely indifferent to others." She continued with a smirk on her face even though it seemed to have a hint of jealousy.

"That's why groups like my own can exist in the first place." She admitted as she stopped and sighed for a moment.

"But say someone shows up and manages to get him out of his shell." Mugino said as she looked at me with a piercing look through the corner of her eyes. "If someone like that appeared; he or she could threaten the power balance between the factions." That certain someone was most likely implied to be me as once again her veiled threat was made clear to me.

"In any case that's just as a word of advice; while I wouldn't go as far as to hurt you, others might come after you because of your connection to Accelerator." Mugino warned as she turned left and passed through a sliding door; entering the medical wing.

The infirmary wasn't well maintained to say the least. While the place was filled with countless medical equipment, it didn't seem as clean as it should; aggravating the problem was how understaffed it was considering how many patients there were.

Almost every other step I saw someone lying on a bed; which were separated from each other by a thin curtain; giving that person at least some slight privacy. The condition of each patient varied greatly; from broken bones to burn marks, from lacerations to mental trauma.

But of all the patients the one that struck me the most was a black haired girl of roughly the same age as me. Her arms were completely missing and her body completely mangled as an insane amalgamation of machines, wires and tubes did their best to keep the unconscious girl alive.

But in the end most of them were forgotten or even abandoned; the staff only giving them the bare minimum attention to keep them alive. And only then if they were worth it, if the esper in question was valuable enough to even bother; because in here, they weren't taking care of human beings, merely investments.

And so after passing several patients we found Saiai sitting on her bed. Even though she didn't seem to have suffered any serious injury from her fight yesterday; she appeared somewhat depressed; her face seeming a bit down.

"Knock, knock anybody there?" Mugino called out cheerfully as she approached Saiai; trying to get her attention and out of her slump.

"Hey Mugino, didn't see you there." Saiai answered in a somber tone, smiling weakly at Mugino. "This is an unexpected super surprise."

"Yes well, the doctors had told me you were fine, so imagine my surprise when you didn't show up to our room last night."

"I'm sorry that I made you worry, it's just…" She paused for a moment, her hands holding her bent knees tightly. "Guess I was embarrassed to show up after I made such a super fool of myself." Saiai used this as an excuse. Even so she was shaking so much that I thought it was fear the reason that kept her here.

"That you did…" Said Mugino bluntly, "You should have seen yourself back then," She continued in a mocking tone. "You even pissed your pants, it was pretty pathetic; ha ha ha ha."

"Stop it Mugino!" I said irritably at a chuckling Mugino, this was not the time for her to act so snobbish.

"But you know…" Mugino in turn placed her hand on my shoulder and said in a softer tone. "Considering the situation you were in, anyone would have soiled their pants; even me…"

"Kinuhata, you are the toughest person I know. Unlike everybody else, At least you were brave enough to stand up for yourself." Mugino praised; looking at Saiai with an elegant, almost warm smile on her face.

"Mugino…" Saiai muttered; looking back somewhat surprised at her friend. Apparently I wasn't the only one who was taken aback by Muginos' words.

"So to hell with what the others might think; if any them has the nerve to talk trash about you, we can just crush them." Mugino continued, her friendly smile turning into her usual confident smirk.

"Anyway I brought you cute, Kuro-chan here as a pet to cheer you up; hope you like her." Mugino teased as she grabbed me by my shoulders and dragged me in front of her; almost as if she was presenting me to Saiai.

"Who are you calling a pet, you old hag?" I retorted, glaring back at Mugino angrily. I don't know where I got the courage; maybe Mugino's kinder words from before made me think I could get away with it.

"Oh my, and who did you just called an old hag!" However my transgression was soon punished, the older girl taking hold of my cheeks and pinching them mercilessly.

"That's enough Mugino or you might break my super cute pet." said Saiai with an amused smile on her face; getting up from the bed and trying to rescue me from my tormentors' hold. Seeing an improvement in her best friends' mood, Mugino complied and released me.

"Hi there Kuro-chan, I'm Kinuhata Saiai. Call me Saiai okay?" She introduced herself, looking at me with a friendly smile.

"Stop calling me Kuro-chan as if I were some dog," I answered irately while rubbing my aching cheeks; I hated that nickname. "My name is Shirai Kuroko."

"Ah, My apologies Shirai-san…" Saiai chuckled slightly; maintaining her calm, friendly demeanor.

"It's ok," Considering where I was and the people I had met; I was surprised by how nice Saiai was being. "You can call me Kuroko if you want."

Looking back at her I began to feel a bit guilty, "Um, Saiai-san... you are ok, right?" I had come here because I was worried about Kinuhata; instead I ended up behaving rudely towards her. "Ani- I mean, Accelerator didn't hurt you too badly; did he?"

"Nah, I'm super fine, don't worry." She answered with an easygoing smile.

"Kid; you should know just how tough Saiai is; after all, she IS 'terminator girl'." Mugino teased, putting stronger emphasis at the end.

"Terminator girl..?" Saiai asked in confusion.

"Oh nothing, forget it. Anyway how about we get out of here? This kind of place is really ruining my mood." Mugino suggested as she began to leave ahead of us.

Listening to the monotonous beeping of several life monitors around us, as well as the combined heavy smell of anesthetic and other unpleasant bodily fluids; Saiai and I agreed, following right behind.

I found Saiai to be a much more pleasant person to be around with than Accelerator or Mugino. She was much humbler and less temperamental than those two. She was also easier to talk with as we chit chatted about everything really. From fashion to music, from what television shows we watched and movies stars we liked; I found that we had a lot in common with. She did have poor taste in movies however, many of her favorite ones being mediocre at best.

"Look Kuroko, this is what I was talking about." Saiai said as she showed me the magazine.

After leaving the medical ward we had gone to the rec-room. Now as we sat in one of the tables; Saiai and I were reading a magazine; while Mugino, who sat next to us, read a novel of hers.

"Oooh! So this is lingerie?" I asked with excited curiosity. Talking about fashion with Saiai before, the word lingerie had popped out. Looking at the magazine I grew fascinated with those clothes. They had such a mature and classy feel to them.

"Mmmhm, they are a type of super-special underwear you show off to that special boy you like." Hearing Saiai explanation, I tried to remember if there was ever a boy I had been close with; there were none really… well except maybe Aniki.

As for that guy he was as usual watching tv; everyone else just keeping their distance and ignoring him. I kind of felt bad for him. I know that Accelerator pretended like he didn't care for others, but I thought otherwise. Remembering what he said in his sleep last night; he probably felt lonely deep inside.

"Looks like it's almost that time already..." Mugino mused as she stopped reading and got up from her chair.

"Seems like it," Saiai answered back; putting her magazine down and getting up as well. "These exercises are such a pain." She complained while stretching.

"You coming, Kuroko..?" Saiai asked; seeing that my attention was elsewhere.

"Nah, you guys go on ahead." I answered with a reassuring smile, "I think I'll stay a bit longer."

For a moment Saiai and Mugino stared at each other with an indecipherable look on their faces. "Okay… you take care now." Saiai said with a somewhat worried frown on her face before leaving with Mugino.

After looking at the magazine for a couple of more minutes I decided to go to the couch. "Aniki!" I shouted, jumping on top of Aniki as I began to glomp on him.

The fuck are you doing!" Aniki shouted in a mix of anger and shock as he tried his best to dislodge himself from my hug.

"Oh aniki, you looked kind of lonely sitting there all by yourself." I answered as I kept holding him happily and rubbing my face next to him. "So I thought that maybe you'd like a hug."

"Well you are wrong!" Accelerator retorted, angrily grabbing me from my neck and face and shoving me off. "Now fuck off!"

"Besides, The passions of the law is about to start." I said; that soap being both my excuse and ulterior motive.

"Eh? And what makes you think I'm gonna let ya?" sneered Accelerator as he held the remote, his attitude not unlike a bully who was taunting his helpless victim.

However, I already had a weapon that was effective against him. "But…but…" I said as my eyes got all watery.

"'The passions of the law' is my favorite show!" I blurted out before crying out loud; doing the same type of bawling that I used whenever I wanted my father to get me something.

As expected, after a few moments of hearing my weeping, aniki relented. "tsk, do as you like you little shit!" Exasperated Accelerator, throwing me the remote as he then got up from the couch and began to leave.

"Wait, where are you going?" I asked looking back at aniki; I didn't think he would run off.

"Where do you think?" Accelerator asked in return, merely turning his heads to the side and looking at me through the corner of his eyes. "Didn't you notice that everyone else is gone?" He then continued walking towards the door.

It was just like he said; the whole room was empty except for aniki and me. But just as Accelerator was about to open the door and leave, someone else opened it and came in. It was the director.

"Ah Kihara-kun, tell me, just how desperate were you?" Accelerator taunted. The instant their eyes met, the two of them began to sneer at each other. "I know that like the rest of you shitheads, you have a massive hard for all that stupid data. But did you have to bring some little shit from the streets?"

"How moving you faggot," Without skipping a beat Kihara answered in kind. "Is Accelerator worried about his little friend, hmm?"

"As if…"Aniki spat as he continued forward even though Kihara was in the way. The director quickly sidestepped to the side however, realizing that Accelerator intended to shove him out of the way with his reflect if he didn't move.

"More like in your hurry to find a new teleporter you were too stupid to confirm if she was capable enough for the test," taunted Accelerator just outside the door; placing his finger under his chin like he was trying to remember something. "So tell me, how long till you run out of time, a couple of weeks; a month at most? Time is ticking Kihara-kun."

"Fuck you!" Snapped Kihara as he slammed the door on Accelerators' face, "And you!" He turned, looking at me angrily. "What the hell are you still doing here you little brat!" The director shouted as he approached me at a furious pace.

"You think you are here to sit on your ass all day!"Taking out his anger on me, Kihara grabbed me by my shoulders and, in a rough manner, yanked me up my feet. "The exercises have already started you little brat, get moving!" Kihara ordered as he began dragging me violently.

"Now then Kuro-chan…" Announced Kihara through the intercom, "We will now test the accuracy of your ability," I was inside one of the exercise rooms. "All you have to do is teleport that little bag inside the target." The director had angrily hauled me all the way from the rec-room to this place.

The exercise room was a large squared chamber around ten meters in diameter. Its walls, roof, and floor were made out of some sort of metallic looking tiles. The room was all but empty except for a small table right next to me, which had a pile of sandbags on top of it.

I was holding one of those bags in my hand, the little red thing, small and light enough that they would fit nicely in my palm. A couple meters in front of me there were several circles made out of a bluish light. Each of them was placed inside one another, the smaller circles inside the bigger ones, making a sort of bull'seye.

My job was to teleport the bag as close to the tiny circle in the middle.

I had never teleported successfully an object from that distance; usually my ability would lose accuracy the farther away I tried to place a teleported object. So if I tried to teleport something to a specific place that was farther than few feet away from me; most likely it would fail and end up somewhere else.

"Well hurry up brat," bellowed the director as he sensed my hesitance; "I don't have all day!"

I didn't have much of a choice in the matter considering the position I was in. I did my best though, focusing on teleporting the bag as close to the circle as possible. To my relief it ended up close enough to the target, touching the outer edges of the first circle.

I was pleased with my performance back then; it had been one of my best.

"What the fuck was that, you shitty brat!" Kihara on the other hand, wasn't all that satisfied. "I said inside the target, INSIDE the target!" he repeated, shouting at the end with stronger emphasis. "Now try again!"

I did as ordered and tried a second time, then a third; each time doing worse than before. Thanks in part to the angry shouts and insults coming out of the intercom every time I failed to live up to his expectations.

"Well what are you waiting for you little bitch, teleport the damn thing?" By the fifth attempt I wasn't able to concentrate enough to even teleport the bag; the constant sneers and threats of Kihara making me too nervous.

"I would, if you'd just shut up for a second!" I snapped back at him, looking angrily at the window that I knew Kihara and the others were watching.

Kihara and two guards entered the room an instant later. "Oh I'm sorry Kuro-chan, was I being too hard on you?" He asked in an unusual calm manner as he walked right next to me.

"You sassy little bitch!" growled Kihara as he suddenly smacked me hard on the face; knocking me to the floor. "Just who do you think you are talking too!"

Although I really wanted to answer back, to curse at that bastard; I was smart enough to keep my mouth shut. Instead I glared daggers at him.

"Oh how cute, Kuro-chan!" Kihara however couldn't care less. "I'm glad to see you're adapting nicely to this place." as he began to mock me.

Then with a sigh the director indifferently grabbed me by the hair and forced me up my feet; "I guess it was too much to ask for some competence from a brat like you." before shoving me to the waiting guards. "So I guess we'll start from step one." Kihara stated as he walked away; the guards dragging me right behind him.

"I've told you about these before, right Kuro-chan?" Kihara asked as the guards forced me to sit down on a leather chair; I had been led to the hall with the head masseurs, the guards on either side strapping my wrists and feet. "We usually use the masseurs as a sort of supplemental study."

"See those other students; they are like you; incompetent trash that failed to perform to our expectations." around me were several other students sitting in similar head masseurs, all of them buckling in a pain that I would soon experience. "So we are helping them a bit."

Then my senses were taken away by the large helmet that covered my face. The screams around me were deafen, the lights on the roof gone; as I was enveloped in total darkness.

Suddenly it began. My eyes were assaulted by ever changing flashes of light; the patterns and colors of which were constantly changing with every passing second. Meanwhile, through my ears reverberated a sound that switched between an intense high-pitch screech and a deep, low-pitch rumble.

The pain was indescribable. The stimulation from the machine so intense that it felt like drills were piercing through my eyes and ears; and pounding at my brain. "Stop, stop, it hurts; please!" I begged frantically. I couldn't take it after less than a minute.

I fought desperately against my bindings as I whined and cried. But it was of no avail, no matter how much I struggled, the straps in my arms and legs would hold tight. And no matter how much I screamed or pleaded, I was ignored by the adults; just like the other students around me.

And so, for what felt like forever, all I could do was thrash around as I cried helplessly; that infernal machine making my brain feel like it was being churned inside out as countless images and formulas were carved into my mind.

"Wakey, wakey Kuro-chan…" That bastards' voice came through the intercom; breaking my trance. Once again I was on one of the exercise rooms, it seemed like I had lost consciousness while sitting on the head masseur and was eventually carried here by the guards.

"…time to start another test." Kihara said in a mocking tone. The exercise room looked almost identical to the previous one; the main difference being the size, it was much bigger. "Since you were having so much trouble teleporting those dumb little bags, I've decided to get rid of them."

All of a sudden a large squared shaped object appeared on the middle of the room. The square was roughly four meters in diameter and seemed to be made out of a semi-transparent red light. "Instead we're going to see just how well you can teleport yourself."

"But… I'm not supposed to teleport my own body yet." I said nervously as I slowly got up. "Ah so you've been taught well, have you?" The director asked sardonically. "But don't worry; this is just a test. That thing is just a hologram, so you won't receive any serious injury if you screw up."

"So go on Kuro-chan, try your best."I still hesitated even with his encouragement; I had learned to never trust the words of that man. "Then again maybe you're not ready; maybe you need some more supplemental studies, hmmm?" The threat of those "supplemental studies" was all the encouragement I needed; I still wonder if the head masseurs were only there as a tool of intimidation.

Since the square was semi transparent, at least I could visualize were I needed to teleport. Yet I still didn't know how to do the proper calculations. So instead of appearing inside of the hologram as I intended, I ended up on the edge of the square; my left shoulder and leg just inside the hologram.

Suddenly I felt a sharp, burning pain on the parts of my body that were touching the red light. I fell to the ground with a squeal as I jumped out of the hologram reflexively, the reaction of which was not unlike a hand that had touched a hot stove.

"Like I said you won't get seriously injured if you make a mistake…" Kihara began to clarify as the hologram vanished abruptly. "But that doesn't mean that it won't be painful at all." The director continued to say mockingly. "After all, it's important that you experience the repercussion of a botched teleportation."

Red marks had appeared on the parts of my body that had touched the square. Was that really just a hologram? Usually you wouldn't feel anything by touching a normal hologram; and although I had heard that they could be programmed to make someone feel certain sensations; for it to actually leave a mark was completely unheard of.

"Heads up Kuro-chan, here comes another one." Kihara warned sarcastically as a large hologram appeared on the other side of the room. "You'll have to teleport to the other side if you want to avoid that." The hologram covered the whole room, from the floor all the way up to the roof. The large red wall of light steadily approached me.

Luckily the hologram wasn't moving too fast; giving me enough time to get my thoughts together and teleport to the other side just before it touched me. "Well done, but now's not the time to celebrate." Kihara said emptily before the whole room was filled with beams of red lights.

I was completely surrounded by those red lights. Only where I was standing, and a few other patches in front of me, were the only spaces free of those beams. "Hurry Kuro-chan, they are getting clooooser." The director snidely chirped as more and more beams appeared around me; slowly shrinking my free space and forcing me to teleport.

But because of my own inexperience I ended up several meters off; countless beams hitting my body as I emerged. Like before I fell to the ground with a cry, and just like before the beams automatically disappeared; almost like it was on purpose.

"From the sides Kuro-chan…" The director warned with a hiss. Before I could recover a couple walls of light had appeared from my front and left; the red holograms approaching me faster than the previous wall. Luckily I managed just in time; frantically teleporting out of their way.

"Nice dodge kiddo, keep at it!" Kihara praised as more and more holograms appeared. I was chased relentlessly by those horrid red lights, the holograms forcing me to teleport all over the room. Sometimes walls of light would come at me and make me teleport this way and that. While at other times beams would surround me and limit my movement as I tried to avoid them.

It felt like being pursued by a wild predator. One that, sooner or later, would always catch its prey; when that happened, a hot stinging pain would surge were my skin made contact; before disappearing along with the stalking holograms. And all the while the director just kept on shouting through the intercom, his derisive voice urging me to keep going as I was forced to prance around for that sadist.

The little shit was already there when I returned to our room late in the evening. She was lying face down on her bed, weeping quietly into her pillow. Glancing at her as I got closer, I noticed that her arms and legs were filled with red marks; seems like the pipsqueak had a pretty shitty day…

I ignored her however and instead took out my notebook from the desk; before sitting down on my bed and writing calculation formulas. But as I worked silently on my notebook, I grew increasingly upset listening to her sobs.

I wondered why that was; it wasn't like the pipsqueak was crying unbearably loud like before, she was barely making a sound. So why was I so fucking pissed?

Maybe because I knew from experience what was gonna happen to her. Most likely Kihara and the others would exploit her until she was completely broken. Then after they were done, they would get rid of her like she was trash; just like many others before her.

The thought of that annoying girl being discarded like a broken doll pissed me even further. So much so that after just a couple of minutes of silently listening to her muffled cries, I snapped. My right fist angrily punching the wall next to me as the whole room shook violently.

"When the fuck are you going to stop crying?" I asked with a bitter hiss, my eyes looking at her impatiently.

"Didn't I tell you this before?" I said rhetorically as the pipsqueak looked on fearfully, "if you want to survive then become stronger!"

"Strong enough that they'll leave you alone," I told her through self experience. "Strong enough to shut those bastards up!"

"Become stronger..? Don't mess with me!" The girl angrily blurted out in response. "That's easy for you to say because you're a level 5!"

"You think that I haven't tried to improve on my teleportation?" she cried loudly, discharging all her pent up frustration. "I've been working on it ever since I got to Academy City!"

"But because teleportation is so rare, and so hard to understand," The pipsqueak used as an excuse as she placed her hands in her eyes and continued crying. "All the teachers have been able to do is teach me how to barely control it, much less use it corr-"

"Oh cry me a fucking river!" I interrupted impatiently. "You think anyone here gives a shit about your little sob story?"

"Are you deaf, you little shit?" I continued as my right hand dug deeply into the crack on the wall I had just made, "This place is going to swallow you whole unless you change yourself." The concrete wall giving way to my thrusting hand like it was made out of jelly.

"If you can't do that then you're as good as dead." I told her as a small slab of concrete fell onto my bed.

"Now grab this and teleport it next to the door." I ordered, picking that chunk and throwing it right next to her.


"Just do as I say; truth is I'm sick and tired of your pathetic whining!" I interrupted angrily once again. "If you are too weak to even try. Then I guess I'll just have to save us both the trouble and kill you right here and now."

My threat worked as the hesitant girl did as told and took the chunk of concrete into her hand; knowing full well that any excuse would just backfire.

"Take your time and concentrate." I said in a softer tone, trying to calm her nerves so that she could use her powers effectively.

A few moments later that piece emerged on the other side of the room. It didn't appear next to the door however, ending up on the left corner of the room instead.

"It's like I've been trying to say!" The brat whined in frustration. "If I try to teleport something too far, it'll always appear on the wrong place!" The way the brat cried as she tried to explain, reminded me of the cries and whines of an exploited farm animal, one that couldn't bear his masters' unreasonable demands.

It was probably all Kihara's doing. That bastard most likely abused the pipsqueak every time she made a mistake or didn't perform to his expectations. So now she was afraid that I would do the same.

"So your teleportation gets all screwed up whenever you do it too far, huh?" I mused, the girl nodding back in return. "Then what about teleporting things nearby, can you do that without a hitch?" I asked, remembering yesterday when she had teleported my coffee can.

"I guess so…" The girl muttered unsurely as she began to calm down and wondered about my question.

"I see… then get up and try using your powers on that." I said while pointing at her bed.

"Teleport the bed; you've got to be kidding!" The brat asked in disbelief when she saw where I was pointing.

"I'm not telling you to teleport the bed somewhere else, just redirect its position."

"Redirect its position?" She asked in confusion, not quite understanding what I meant.

"Yeah, teleport the bed on the same place; only try flipping it upside down." I clarified with a sigh, "Just give it a try, you should be able to do it."

The brat got up and did as suggested, placing her right hand on the corner of the bed. To her surprise the bed crashed loudly on the floor, emerging on the same place; only this time its position was completely inverted.

"Yah see pipsqueak," I said with a satisfied smirk. "Now with a touch of a finger, you can take down any bastard who crosses your path."

"Now then…" I mused as I grabbed my calculation notebook. "The reason your teleportation works without a hitch from close range is because of you AIM field." I continued while scribbling down.

"Normally you'd need to use N-dimensional formulas to even begin using teleportation."I explained, the pipsqueak just staring at me with that dumb puzzled look on her face. "Luckily, you seem to be able to do them unconsciously."

"However if you are going to teleport something more than a few feet, you need to use the right coordinate formulas." I turned my notebook towards her and showed her the formula I had just written.

"Um… ok but what's that?" The kid asked, pointing at my note book.

"That's a mathematical formula."

"So, it's some kind of math?" She asked confusedly.

"Yeah, sort of…"

"Then why does it have letters on it?"

I just kept staring at the little dumbass for a moment. "This is gonna take a while…" I sighed in exasperation.

The next couple of hours were pretty frustrating ones. From Summations to variables, from my calculation tricks to applicable ways of using the formulas; I tried my best to explain things to the little shit in the simplest of manners.

At times, it seemed like we were making some progress. For example there had been a few times, and after taking a long time calculating things, that the pipsqueak had managed to teleport objects fairly accurately. But those were few and far between; mostly she just kept screwing up even when I practically told her how; it felt like we were going around in circles.

"No you stupid brat, how many times do I have to tell you!" I told her frustratingly as she once again forgot how to use the square trick. "All you have to do is just subtract'em to twenty five and then just find the square of what remains!" We were sitting on the floor right between our beds.

"Ok, ok, fine I got it." The girl muttered tiredly as she wrote down that part of the formula on the notebook. Looking at her it was obvious that she was too tired to really 'get it' and was just writing down mechanically what I told her to.

"Meh, fuck it let's take a break." I groaned wearily. "We'd get nowhere in the state you are in anyway." To be honest we had done a lot of progress, considering that she was a brat that barely knew the basics when we started.

With a sigh of relief, the pipsqueak dropped unceremoniously on the floor; seems like she was even more exhausted than I thought. I instead I got up from the floor and went to my bed to rest.

"Hey aniki how about we play a game?" She suggested after passing a few minutes in silence, it seemed like the pipsqueak wasn't that tired after all.

"Play a game?" I snorted in disbelief, just who the hell did she think I was?

"Well yeah, you know… maybe that can help us clear our heads." The brat used as a lame excuse.

"And what exactly do you wanna play?" I said hesitantly with an exasperated sigh. I didn't know why I agreed; maybe I was just that bored, or maybe I just felt bad for her and wanted to humor her just this once.

"How about hangman, I'm really good at that!" She said excitedly as she grabbed the notebook and pencil.

"Fine…" I said with a groan, I was already regretting my decision. "But I go first." I said as I took the notebook from her hands and began drawing the lines.

The next few minutes the pipsqueak tried to figure out the word without much success. She was barely halfway through and the diagram was almost complete; the progress she had on the word looking like this: TRO_ _O_ _TE.

"It must be a real word, you know." She said with an annoyed look on her face.

"It's a real word you dumbass!" I angrily retorted. "Now hurry up and guess, I don't have all night." We were again sitting in the floor playing that asinine game.

"M...?" After a few more moments of frustrating thought, the brat finally asked.

"Nope, you lose!" I said as I wrote the last leg of the hangman figurine and began to laugh victoriously.

"Oh yeah, well what's the word then?" She questioned suspiciously.

"It's troglodyte." I answered; I knew that the brat wouldn't be able to figure out if I used a complex word like that.

"What, you cheater, that isn't a real word!" The brat angrily shouted as she pointed at me in an accusatory way.

"Sure it is; the troglodytes were our retarded, gorilla-like cavemen cousins." I answered the pipsqueak with a cocky smile. "You remind me of them, actually." I teased cruelly.

The pipsqueak angrily pouted at me for a moment. "Fine, now it's my turn." she said before ripping the notebook out of my hand.

She quickly drew the lines and diagram. "Ok, it's ready." She said with an annoyed tone, it was obvious that she was trying to get back at me. I played along however and said: "A?" which I got correctly, the word appearing: _A_ _A_ _.

The next two tries where misses but my third, the letter S, was correct, the word now appearing as: _A_ _ASS. It was pretty clear what the word was already.

"Jackass…" did she really think that a lame insult like that would bother me.

"That's right, and you know what jackass means?" she asked eagerly, her tone still fairly irritated.

"Yeah…" I answered indifferently as I just ignored her silly retort and went back to my bed.

"Well you remind me of one." She said with a smirk, the brat probably thought that she was being really clever.

"Oh, you got me there." I said sarcastically. "Anyway, I've had enough of this retarded game, so I'm gonna call it a day." I continued while turning off the lights.

"What already?" She said disappointingly. "Let's play something else then, how about I spy?"

"Forget it brat I'm tired!"

"Come on, just one more!" The pipsqueak continued to beg, it was obvious that she wasn't going to stop unless I agreed.

"Argh, Just once and I choose!" I said with a growl, knowing that playing along would be faster. "I spy something beginning with B." I phrased quickly, not really thinking of anything in particular.

"…bed?" asked the pipsqueak after a moment of thought.

"Yep that's right, you win." I lied. "Ok then, let's go to sleep now." I had planned to finish this as quickly as possible by letting her win with her first try.

"Hey, you lied!" but after a few minutes of silence the pipsqueak had realized. "You didn't even think of anything, did you!"

"Yes I did…"

"No you didn't!" she said accusatorily. "You just said a random letter and then just agreed to whatever I guessed!" It seemed like the pipsqueak wasn't as dumb as I had thought.

I remained silent however, hoping that she would drop it and go to sleep. "Let's play something else."

"So you wanna play something else, huh?" I said coolly, even though I had just about enough of her crap. "Okay, then let's play accelerated."

"Accelerated, how do you play that?"

"Oh it's real simple; the first person to talk GETS FUCKING ACCELERATED; NOW SHUT UP!" I shouted, snapping angrily at little shit.

That was finally enough for her to stop pestering me for the night, leaving me alone for the next ten to fifteen minutes. But just when I was about to fall asleep, I felt the bed shifting; the feeling of something warm coming to rest right next to me. It was the pipsqueak; she had the nerve to climb unto my bed.

"Mother…"but then the pipsqueak whispered just as I was about to kick her out.

It had actually worked! This room, this awfully cold and gloomy room, wouldn't let me sleep. So much so, that after some deliberation I had decided to sneak into aniki's bed, hoping that I wouldn't feel as lonely if I did.

I waited several more minutes for aniki to fall asleep, and then crept slowly unto his bed. But I had barely gotten comfortable when he found out, turning around to most likely kick me out.

That's when I used my backup plan, whispering in my best 'sad little girl' tone, as I pretended to be half-asleep. To my surprise aniki relented, his hand stopping just as it was about to shove me out.

I was almost laughing inside; I couldn't believe that he had fallen for such a lame act. But then I felt it. His hand instead of pushing me began to move slightly over my face, almost like it was caressing me, before wrapping itself around me.

I blushed instantly at his embrace. I had wanted to sleep close to aniki so that I wouldn't feel as cold. But not that close! I couldn't do anything however, so I just accepted it and went to sleep. At least, for the first time; I felt warmth in this place.

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