An Intermission

A Bond in the Darkness | By: | Genre: Friendship, Sci-Fi | Rating: M | Series: Toaru Majutsu no Index/とある魔術の禁書目録 | Status: In Progress | Tags: Darkfic, Crack Pairing, Violence, Kuroko, Accelerator, Kihara | Summary:

In the secret facility known as Mayday Project of Darkness; two children will form an unlikely friendship.


Welp… here's the latest chapter. As always any comments and criticisms are always welcomed, even negative ones.
Also I've done some minor changes to the previous chapters, so things might not make as much sense if you don't reread them.

We got up the next morning almost at the same time. Aniki's shifting as he awoke; waking me as well. With a big yawn I slowly sat up,
it felt like I had slept on forever. Sitting right next to me was Accelerator; his mind still half asleep as he drowsily scratched his unkempt hair.

For a moment we stared at each other; an awkward silence filling the room until aniki decided to suddenly shove me out of his bed.

"Ow, what the hell is your problem!" I asked angrily, turning around to give aniki an angry pout.

"Whatever…" groaned aniki indifferently as he got up from his bed. "Let's just go get something to eat."
He continued as he went to the door and opened it.

I followed right behind aniki as we left the room. As other times before, the students we passed were giving us weird looks,
avoiding us as we walked through the hallways and into the mess hall.

"Tch, you don't have to stick with me all day, you know." Aniki said with an irritated scowl, seems like the stares of the others were getting to him.
"Your friends should be 'round here; why don't you go to them?"

"Didn't you say that we'd go and eat something together?" I questioned as we cut through the line of waiting students.
"So why are you acting this way now?" I continued as I grabbed the eating tray and was handed out my food.

"No you heard me wrong, pipsqueak. And besides…" Aniki trailed off, glancing at me annoyingly through the corner of his eye.
"Aren't you following me just so you can cut in line?" It was just Accelerator and me who were getting served, the other students
not daring to even get close.

"Aha ha, it's not the only reason." I admitted with a lame grin; aniki however, just ignored me as he went to sit on a table.

"Hey wait for me!" I quickly tried to follow along as I saw the upset glares that the students behind me were giving,
most likely because of my opportunism.

"Argh, you got what you wanted so why don't you take a hike already?" grumbled aniki as I sat next to him.

"Don't be like that aniki!" I exclaimed, frustrated at his continued unsociable demeanor. "I'm eating with you because
I want to; not because it's convenient for me!"

"Fine…" Aniki muttered; it appeared like my whining had mellowed him out a bit.

"You know aniki," I said after a few minutes of relative silence. "Is there a way to get better food?" I inquired while tasting
my bland, insipid meal. "I remember Mugino eating a bento yesterday."

"The hell do I know; they probably serve that ojou-san some bento to keep her happy." Aniki replied indifferently as he ate.
"It's not that rare for those dickheads to give in to our demands; Helps them keep the order."

"Why don't you ask for better food then?" I suggested tentatively.

"Not interested." Aniki stated bluntly.

"What, why..?" I Asked, surprised at anikis' indifference. "Aren't you tired of eating the same damn thing!" I continued in frustration.

Aniki in return gave me an annoyed frown. "Why do I get the feeling that you're just saying this shit just so you can eat it yourself?"

"O-of course not aniki," I stammered at being found out. "I wouldn't dare to try that after how mad you got the other day."

"Oh really…" remarked aniki in sarcastic disbelief, "And I bet you won't start with your crocodile tears either, right?"
He continued with an ironic smirk.

"Yes, yes, really." I answered dismissively as I waved my hand back and forth. "Anyway I was just worried about you;
there's no need to get so cynical."

For the rest of the meal, I tried without much success to keep a conversation with aniki, and even though he wasn't as hostile or cranky
as the days before, he was still his usual aloof, taciturn self; giving short yes or no answers and a couple of snarky remarks
as we finished eating.

Afterwards, as usual, aniki headed to the rec-room. And aniki, as usual, went directly for the couch next to the TV. I on the other hand,
followed behind more tepidly. Truth be told, I was tired of doing the same thing over and over. But as we passed through the room I
saw an unused air hockey table on the left side of the room.

"Aniki..!" I shouted excitedly, hugging Aniki's left arm. "Let's play some air hockey!" I continued as I pulled on his arm eagerly;
I loved playing that game.

"What the hell you little shit; you wanna die!" Aniki asked angrily as he tried to wrest his arm from my grasp; the crowd around
us looking on in amused bewilderment.

"Oh come on aniki, all we do is watch TV!" I insisted as I kept pulling on aniki's hand. "Let's do something else for a change!"

"Fuck off shit head!" Aniki cursed as he stood his ground, a short tug of war ensuing between the two of us. "Go find someone else!"

"Please aniki; I haven't played that game for so long!" I begged with my best 'puppy eyes' look that I could muster.

"Godammit!" With a snap, aniki finally managed to shove me out of his arm. But instead of going to the couch, Accelerator stomped
furiously towards the right side of the hockey table.

"Just for that, you're gonna get your ass kicked!" He continued irritably while grabbing the puck and mallet.

"Ha ha ha, you can try aniki," I laughed cheerfully as I took the mallet on the opposite side of the table.
"But I'm pretty go-" Before I could finish the puck had already entered my through my goal.

"Hey, no fair..!" I whined as I recovered the puck from its return mechanism. "I wasn't ready that time!"
I used as an excuse before I hit the disk with all my strength.

But a moment later the puck had again passed through my goalie; flashing through the table so fast that I could barely
even see it, much less react to it. This happened over and over; every time aniki would hit the puck it would rocket out relentlessly
towards my goal, which I was unable to even follow with my eyes.

It wasn't until the fifth time that I managed to stop his onslaught. And only because, just after hitting the puck, I placed the mallet next
to the slot and began to move it left and right as quickly as I could. This resulted in the disk bouncing off my mallet and unto the other side.

Aniki didn't miss a beat however, smacking the puck as it approached; making it ricochet all around the table uncontrollably. For the next fifteen
seconds or so, I tried desperately to intercept the furiously moving disk. But it was useless, I couldn't even touch it.

It wasn't until aniki calmly placed his mallet right on the center of his corner that the puck rebounded with it and once again went through my goal.
It was now obvious what was happening. It wasn't like he had followed the puck with his eye and by reflex managed to hit the disk.
No, he had leisurely placed the mallet like it was nothing; like he knew that it was going to be there at that exact moment.

"You cheat!" I accused indignantly while I pointing at him. "You are using your powers to control the pucks' speed!"
I continued with an annoyed frown.

"No shit, Sherlock!" Aniki mocked sarcastically. "And so what; If you've got a problem then try using your teleportation."
He taunted with a smirk.

"Alright then aniki, if that's how you want to play." I grumbled as I retrieved the puck and focused on aniki's goal, trying to remember
what I had learned yesterday.

A moment later the puck warped into the other side of the table; I had tried to teleport the disk as close to the goal as possible.
However I was off by almost half a meter, appearing above the table right in front of aniki.

"You fucked up the vertical calculations pipsqueak;" Stated aniki, lightly rapping the puck with one of his knuckles, before it shot straight
unto my goal once more. "Try again."

I silently grabbed the disk and tried to concentrate further on my calculations, taking my time in teleporting it. For several seconds
I used all the calculation shortcuts that I was taught, adding to my teleportation the result of multiplying both the vertical and horizontal
vectors and then converting them to the power of the eleventh.

"Need a pen and paper?" Teased aniki with that cocky smirk of his, hearing me mumble under my breath the calculations that I was making.

"Oh shut up!" I retorted in frustration before once again teleporting the puck. This time however the disk had emerged too far to the left,
just outside the edge of the table.

"Now your horizontal ones are off." Aniki instructed as he reached out for the puck and tapped it with his finger,
the disk as always shooting through my goal.

Attempt after attempt; I tried eagerly to teleport the disk into the slot. And I was getting closer; thanks to trial and error, the calculations were
becoming a little easier to do. The puck emerging each time more accurately until finally, in my sixth attempt, it emerged inside aniki's goal.

"'Bout time brat." mocked aniki, his tone almost sounding pleased even though he tried to hide it with his usual snide.
"And here I thought it be a complete wipeout." Accelerator continued, retrieving the puck before hitting it and a quick exchange
resulted in him scoring as always.

"Come on pipsqueak, it's that all you've got!" Aniki taunted, trying his best to egg me on.

"No it's not, now try and redirect this!" I said before using my teleportation to warp the puck inside the goal.

For the next several minutes we kept going back and forth, anikis' usual smirk almost turning into an actual smile.

"Well you look at that, Number one and his little friend are playing a game!" But when aniki heard an approaching students' comment,
his smile disappeared. "How fucking adorable!" It was the student that had talked with Mugino before, the one called Kakine.

"The fuck you want, you second rate punk?" Aniki asked as he angrily smacked the puck, his attitude growing fouler even though he kept playing.

"Nothing much, I just find it funny." Kakine answered as he leaned on the hockey table and began to sneer at aniki.
"The terrible Accelerator playing with a little girl… It's so ridiculously hilarious that it's downright disgusting."

"Bah, I'm just doing it out of my own convenience." Aniki spat dismissively.

"Oh..?" Kakine retorted in sarcasm.

"I wouldn't expect a classless mongrel like you to understand," aniki explained indifferently as he kept playing.
"But if that brat develops her power, she can help me figure something out."

"And since that dumbass Kihara was doing such a shitty job with her, that I just had to intervene before he ruined it;"
Aniki used as excuse, though even I didn't believe it. "There's nothing more to that."

"So you're just using her then?" Kakine asked impatiently. "You really think I'm gonna buy that shit?"

"Tell me something then." Kakine continued as he approached aniki. "Why didn't she break her arm when she grabbed you back then?"

"Or what about yesterday when she glomped on you in the couch..?" By now the two of them were glaring at each other.
"Shouldn't your reflect have snapped her neck?"

"Tch, and what's it to you, fag?" Aniki asked irately, trying his best to change the subject. "Is that what you do all day, just follow my ass
around and see what I'm up to?"

"No, it's just I'm wondering…" Kakine mused with that smarmy look on his face. "If all it takes is some little girl to whip you around
then maybe you're not suited to be number one after all."

"Then why don't you try glomping on me then?" Aniki taunted sarcastically. "See if it won't break your neck." He continued, leaving
his place at the hockey table to instead turn and face his adversary. "What are you waiting for, come at me."

The atmosphere on the rec-room was growing tenser by the second; so much so that I was scared that they would go at each others
throats at any moment. And worst there was nobody around stop them. Since, as I looked around, the whole room was empty except
for the three of us; so if they decided to fight I would be caught in the middle of two of the most dangerous espers.

"All in its due time, Accelerator…" Kakine said as he, thankfully, backed down and began to leave.
"Besides the exercises are about to begin."

"When I do crush you it'll be in front of the higher-ups," However when he opened the door he turned to glare at aniki. "Just so they know who's truly deserving of the level six shift program." He hissed before finally leaving.

"Um, aniki..?" I asked anxiously; the remaining edginess in aniki making me a bit nervous in return.

"It's nothing, pipsqueak." Aniki said, mellowing out a bit as now he himself headed for the door.
"Anyway let's go to the exercises before that bastard Kihara shows up."

"Okay…" I whispered hesitantly, I was still scared of going back to that place.

"Just remember what I taught you and you'll be fine." Aniki tried to reassure me as he looked back and saw my downtrodden face.

Hearing his words, I mustered all my courage and followed along; wondering if he had agreed to play with me, just so he could
prepare me for the exercises to come.

"Director, The student's exercise you ordered has begun." I was resting in my office when an underlings' message blasted through the intercom.

"Good, send it over here." I ordered as I poured myself a shot of whiskey. The room completely obscured until I pressed
a button and a LCD screen emerged from the table's board.

Then after lying down and placing my feet on the side of the table; I began to watch the brat practicing her teleportation.
It had all worked better than expected; how ironic that a Kuro-chan would end up being both the cause and the solution
for this little problem of mine.

Yah see it had all started with that little cunt Kuroyoru. The previous Kuro-chan, that devious, little bitch, just had to go berserk and
kill all those researchers. So now the city directors and the other investors were backing down like the pussies that they were;
at this rate this place would close in little over a month.

And that was fine by me; I had done enough to be noticed by the superintendent. From developing faster training tools
to developing the espers' power, from creating the personally reality adapters to actually finding where those were located in the brain,
I had even found some loopholes in that little bastard's defense.

All except testing an actual teleporter. I'd always wanted to screw around with one; there were still a lot of unknowns in the scientific
community on the way that teleportation and the eleven dimensions worked.

However, since teleporters were so rare; and the experiments that I wanted to try were so dangerous, that I had never managed to procure one.
And after that accident, I thought that I never would.

So imagine my delight when I was told that they found Kuroko, the new Kuro-chan. With her I could finally test the eleven dimensions
of teleportation by having them crash against that little bastard's vectors; and if anything happened, and push came to shove, I could
just dissect her brain and see how a teleporters' personal reality works.

However, I had one problem left to solve. Like I said before this place was quickly running out of time. So developing the abilities of Kuro-chan,
who was so young and inexperienced, would be almost impossible by normal means.

The amount of time I had was just too limited, even if I placed her on the masseurs' twenty four-seven it wouldn't have been enough.
That was easily solved though by making the runt teach her his calculation methods.

I knew that if I threw the brat with him, Accelerator would warm up to her in a few days. And I knew that if I roughed her up a bit,
that little bastard would predictably help her out.

As I drank in satisfaction, I saw that she was teleporting much better than the day before. At this rate it wouldn't be long until
she was ready for the experiment. Now all I had to do was wait for the right time.

After quickly finishing my exercises, I had gone back to my couch on the rec-room to take a nap.

"Aniiiiki~`." Or at least I was trying to until the pipsqueaks' creaky, obnoxious; chirping woke me up.

"The hell you want?" I asked irritably as I glared straight up from the couch, that little shits' face covering most of my field of vision.

"Can you please move to the side?" She continued with her fake, ridiculous smile. "I want to watch a movie."

With an exasperated groan, I began to wriggle lazily through the couch; dragging myself to the right corner.
But just when the pipsqueak sat next to me, I noticed there was somebody else with her; it was that knockoff!

"Hey wait a sec… the fuck is she doing here!" I demanded hostilely; glowering at the knock off that had just sat on the other side of the couch.

"What, Saiai said she wanted to see this movie." The pipsqueak intervened; placing her face between my intimidating glare,
and the knock off, who was scowling back at me coolly. "So I thought we could watch it together."
She continued with a friendly smile, trying her best to ease up the tension around us.

"Of course, if you don't want too, we can always watch my show instead." She chirped; her smile turning into mischievous grin.
"I mean, the the Passions of the Law is on right now." The little shit probably knew just how much I hated that crap.

"Tch, fine…" I sighted, clicking my tongue in annoyed resignation. Maybe the movie wouldn't be that bad.
But of course, as film began, I remembered one little fact about the knock off; her tastes in movies sucked.

"What the fuck is this shit?" The film was nothing more than low budgeted, cult, horror movie.
The plot was laughably bad, its special effects were simply ridiculous; and the characters were just trite as fuck.

"Really is that supposed to be scary?" Even worst, the film director knew shit about fear; just a retard that used a bunch of shitty gotcha moments
with no atmosphere or suspense to them. The whole thing so retarded that only a little kid would ever find this scary.

"EEEEK!" But then I remembered that I was seated next to pair of brats. So when a cat suddenly jumped out of nowhere;
the little shit promptly jumped and squealed before grabbing my arm.

"Eeek…" I derided sarcastically before shoving her back to her side of the couch.

At least I found some amusement in the cheesiness of it all.

"KYAAA!" Each time the pipsqueak jolted in shock.

"Aaah..!" I would tease her by jolting in a lame, mocking way a few seconds later.

"Wait; don't super go to the bathroom!" Afterwards when I saw the girls holding each other out in fear, I began to shake the couch with my vectors,
"Stop it you jerk!" much to their consternation.

"Hurry, get out of there!" But to be fair, when the killer finally began to slash up his victims, the movie actually got a bit entertaining.
"Yeah bitch, run or you'll get gutted like a pig!" I cackled cruelly.

At least the movie had some decent kills, "Kyahahahahaha!" the goriness of it all giving me a sort of sadistic glee
as I kept laughing maniacally throughout the last half hour of the film.

"See aniki; the movie ain't so bad, right?" the pipsqueak asked as she kept a tight grip on my arm.

"Maybe; I guess it is a pretty cute, feel good movie." I answered sardonically.

"…multiply the distance with the horizontal and vertical vectors." I stated, writing down the calculations on anikis' notebook.
"Then add to it the weight of the object." We had gone back to our room after the movie.

"Finally, I convert it to the power of the eleventh;" I was on the floor practicing my teleportation. Aniki looking boringly as he sat right next to me.

To my delight, after I finished using the calculation shortcuts, I teleported the pebble almost perfectly on target.

"Yes I did it!" I jumped elatedly; I was getting the hang of it.

"Nice one, now do it over there." Aniki said aloofly, pointing with his thumb to the other side of the wall.

With a nod I turned to where aniki was pointing. After calculating the coordinates a few moments later the small chunk of concrete
once again emerged where I wanted it too.

"Ahahahahaha!" I laughed excitedly, jumping and running all over the room.

"Oy pipsqueak, settle down." Aniki ordered, trying to calm me down; even though I wasn't really listening.

I had finally done it! I had taken control of this power; the same power that nearly killed my father,
the power that had driven away my family and sent me to this place.

"Look aniki, I'm teleporting without a hitch!" In my elation, I eagerly grabbed the remaining pebbles and began teleporting them all over the room.
Next to the door: Horizontal 13.8, verticals 8.447852, distance 35.5; on top of the table: horizontal 9.231, verticals 15.0021, distance 6.25;
above the window: horizontal 12.85, vertical 23.90, distance 14… before I knew it; I had run out of pebbles.

"Yeah, yeah, just don't get carried away you little shit!" Aniki, on the other hand, was growing increasingly annoyed with my wild behavior.

That didn't stop me however, grabbing the notebook and pen and teleporting it next to aniki.
Smiling happily at him when I did, hoping for his approval.

"Had enough, pipsqueak?" Asked aniki in return, glaring at me exasperatedly.

"Almost, let me try, one; last… thing!" I said while calculating the coordinates to appear high above my bed;
my exhilaration taking the better of me as I teleported myself.

"Wait!" Yelled aniki at the last second, realizing what I was planning to do. But it was too late, I misfired.
Instead of falling down safely on my bed, as I had intended, I emerged on some kind of dark hole.

"Help, I'm stuck!" I cried desperately for help. The place was so dark and cramped that I could barely even see or move;
the only clue as to where I was being the cold breeze passing through me.

"Don't move a fucking inch you little shit!" Just when I was about to try and find a way out, I heard aniki's voice right beneath me.
"I'll get you out just stay perfectly still." I did as told and remained frozen in place, aniki's harsh yet desperate tone compelling me to oblige.

A moment later the whole place began to shake violently; the ground or whatever I was resting on, collapsing as I fell butt first into my bed.
I was back on my room. Looking up towards where I had just been, I saw a huge hole on the roof; it seems like I had teleported
inside our bedrooms' air duct.

"You dumbass..!" However, before I could even get my bearings completely, aniki reprimanded me by smacking me in the head.
"Didn't anyone ever teach you that you shouldn't teleport yourself unless you do can it perfectly!"

"But the director and the others didn't mind;" I used as an excuse; rubbing my head and looking up at aniki all teary-eyed.
"They even made me practice it on the exercise rooms."

"Kihara is an asshole, you idiot!" aniki retorted quickly. "You should know by now that he doesn't give a fuck what
happens as long as he gets what he wants."

"Listen pipsqueak, there's a reason that self-teleportation is restricted in the first place." Aniki sighted as he began to explain more calmly.
"For example, say that you missteleport and your arm end's up inside a wall; what then?"

"Well the teleported object will push out the other one, right?" I asked, trying to remember what I was taught on my previous school.

"Wrong, that might be the case with inanimate objects; but a human body is different." Aniki answered sternly,
his tone all dead serious as he tried to emphasize his point.

"While I don't know the specifics, supposedly you can really hurt yourself if that happened; you could even lose an arm or a leg."
Hearing his words, I began to shudder; I couldn't believe that something like that could happen.

"So you better not teleport yourself again, pipsqueak; if I ever see you do it without my permission; I swear I'll kick your ass!"
I merely nodded back in return. In spite of Anikis' threat as he gave me one of his glares; for some reason, I was feeling
sort of happy deep inside.

"Good, now that's that; let's go to sleep." Aniki said dismissively as he turned off the lights and went to his bed.
"I've had enough bullshit for the day."

After thinking for few more moments I began to creep slowly towards aniki.
"The fuck are you doing you little shit, go back to your bed!" Aniki shouted when he felt me rest right next to him.

"But this place is too cold to sleep on my own." I whined in my best sad little girl tone.
"Besides, my bed is full of rubble after you broke the air-duct."

"Tch, just be thankful that I didn't leave you there." Aniki spat exasperatedly, turning his back on me and moving slightly to the side.
"Now go to sleep and don't fucking bother me again for the night or I'll kick you out."

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