Fun at the Beach

A Bond in the Darkness | By: | Genre: Friendship, Sci-Fi | Rating: M | Series: Toaru Majutsu no Index/とある魔術の禁書目録 | Status: In Progress | Tags: Darkfic, Crack Pairing, Violence, Kuroko, Accelerator, Kihara | Summary:

In the secret facility known as Mayday Project of Darkness; two children will form an unlikely friendship.

[If you like Piña Coladas] The sun was shining brightly. [And getting caught in the rain] light cerulean blue covering the sky. [If you're not into yoga]
The blowing sea breezes keeping me cool from the lukewarm rays that enveloped my body. [If you have half a brain]

Everything was pretty serene to say the least. [If you'd like making love at midnight] The crashing waves and the singing seagulls, [In the dunes on the Cape] combining to create a nice, soothing atmosphere. [Then I'm the love that you've looked for] I was with Mugino and Saiai on the beach, [Write to me and escape.] the three of us resting together on reclining chairs as we sunbathed.

"Kuroko, be a dear and turn the music down." Mugino requested, her hands holding a tanning mirror as she laid down on the second chair adjacent to me.

Annoyed that she had woken me from my daydream, I let out an exasperated sigh. "Sure…" reaching out for the control and lowering the volume.

Shortly after, one of the waiters approached with a new batch of drinks, "Here you go ladies." these being, quite fittingly, Piña Coladas.

Of course it would have been more accurate to say that the "waiter" was one of Muginos' underlings. Apparently Mugino allowed a number of them into her gang as servants and in return they received her protection.

"Thanks cutie pie." Saiai said with a playful smile, winking at the waiter as she took the drink.

Meanwhile Mugino lowered the chair and turned around so that she was now lying face down. "Toriko, get your ass over here and rub some suntan lotion on my back." Unstrapping the bikini top from behind and exposing her upper backside.

I looked on with annoyance as the underling quickly dropped the tray and went next to Mugino, applying some lotion into his hands before rubbing it all over her back. His eagerness causing me wonder if there was something else between them.

To be honest I was both a bit irritated and jealous at that moment. Unlike Saiai and Mugino, who were flirting and teasing the waiters with their sexy bikinis; I was wearing a very childish and conservative one piece swimsuit.

It wasn't because of personal choice though; you see earlier today I had managed to coax aniki into coming with me to the beach. And it had taken quite a bit of work too. At first all of my attempts had failed miserably, suggestions that the sun might do aniki some good only pissing him off. Even my sad little girl act didn't work.

But then I told him that maybe he shouldn't go after all, that the beach was Mugino's territory, so it was understandable if he was afraid of facing her ire. That suggestion finally did the trick…

"Can you hurry it up, you little shit!" He said leaning next to the booth with his hands crossed. "You pestered me all fucking day to come with you, so the least you could do is not keep me waiting!"

We were in the changing room, the whole place filled with rows and rows of swimsuits, most of these being bikinis although there were several one pieces and a few male swimsuits here and there. Aniki himself was wearing one of these as he waited; a green shorts swimsuit and a grey beach hoodie.

"Hold your horses, aniki." I answered nonchalantly. By now I had gotten so used to aniki's crappy attitude that it didn't bother me one bit, dismissing his snarky remarks and grouchy grumbles with a calm reply or two. "I'm almost done; it's just that I want to make sure that I've got the swimsuit on just right."

After a few more moments of inspecting my swimsuit, I was ready. Sliding the drapes to the side and emerging from the changing booth that was on the west side of the room. "Well, how do I look?" twirling around and showing off my small black bikini.

Aniki reacted with a lame grimace however, "You look disgusting!" Giving me a small karate head chop. "What are you some slut, wear something more age appropriate!" He continued as he stamped off to get another swimsuit.

"Huh, what's the problem aniki?" I said, a bit disappointed at anikis' negative reaction.

"Feh, what do yah think!" he said in a sarcastic tone, browsing quickly around for another swimsuit. "Really you little shit; just what the hell are those women putting into your head?" A moment later he approached with another swimsuit on hand. "Here wear this one."

"What, No!" I whined. Looking at the suit that aniki gave me, a kiddy one piece that had some silly frogs drawn into it. "I'm not wearing such a lam-!"

"Godammit pipsqueak, aren't you my underling?" Aniki interrupted before pushing me back into the booth. "Then do what your aniki tells you and go change!" He continued with a glare; the harsh tone of his voice masking the hint of a desperate plea underneath.

I stared dumbfounded at aniki for a moment. "Fine…" I muttered before closing the drapes and changing. Not because I was afraid of his tone, quite the opposite, I was sort of happy at that moment.

However things got worse when we got to the beach. Even though they tried to hide it, there was unspoken tension between aniki, Mugino and Saiai.

Quickly I grabbed aniki by the hand and started dragging him along. "Come on aniki lets go for a swim!" I said with fake excitement, doing my best to ease up the mood.

"So what do you wanna do aniki?" I asked cheerfully when we got into the water. "Ooh, how about we race to the other side!"

"Do that if yah want, pipsqueak." said aniki as he began to float in the water. "But I'm staying here."

"Why I am not surprised…" I grumbled in disappointment. "Can't you do something else besides lie around?" giving him an annoyed frown.

"Fuck off…"

"I know." I whispered with a mischievous smile. "Let's, have…" I continued while withdrawing my arms back into the water, "A water fight!" before splashing some water on aniki's face.

Aniki barely reacted at first; he merely stopped floating and got on his feet. "Big mistake you little shit!" waving his hand inside the water.

I was expecting a wave of water to hit me in the face. Instead I felt a strong current sweep me from my feet as a large whirlpool emerged out of nowhere. "Wait, stop! Imsorryimsorryimsorry!" As the water current pushed and dragged me all around.

The next thing I knew I was resting on the surf of the shore, the entire beach spinning all around me. Somehow I had managed not to drown. in fact my face had barely even gone underwater throughout the entire ordeal.

A few feet ahead of me was aniki, he was already off the water and it appeared like he was about to leave.

"Are you going already, first?" Mugino asked when aniki passed nearby. "Come now don't do that." She mused calmly from the reclining chair where she was tanning. "Poor Kuro-chan was so happy when you came, so don't go and disappoint her now." Although it seemed like she was merely being friendly, there was a slight ironic twist to her tone.

"Yeah, stay a bit longer Accelerator." Saiai remarked in an overly sweet manner. "Why don't you take a seat and get a super tan. God knows that would be super good for you."

"That's the second time I've heard that today, knock off." Aniki hissed snidely, approaching my friends with one of his venomous smiles. "But no thanks, I only came here cuz I wanted to try one of these drinks." Taking Saiai´s piña colada and sipping some of it.

"Is it super good?" Saiai quipped drily, seemingly unaffected by aniki's provocation.

"Could be worse..." aniki answered in kind, before dropping the glass to the sand and turning his back on them.

"Wait, where are you going aniki..?" when my head stopped spinning, I quickly got on my feet and followed.

"Getting the fuck out of here, what else." he said irritably, not bothering to even look back as he kept walking. "Don't know if you've noticed but I'm not exactly the beach type."

With my eyes tearing up, I grabbed his arm and tried to stop him from leaving. "No, not yet please!" He was going back to his little shell at the couch. "…why don't help, bury me in the sand first?"

With an annoyed click of his tongue, aniki gave a quick stomp to the ground. The next thing I knew I was on the ground completely covered in sand from head to toe. "There, happy; Now piss off you little shit!" aniki said sarcastically before leaving altogether.

Afterwards I brushed the sand off and got up, sitting next to Mugino and Saiai; turning on some music in an effort to ease up some of my frustration.

"Hey waiter, aren't you forgetting someone?" I asked with cool indignation to the underling who kept working on Mugino's back. "What about my Piña Colada?" He had only brought drinks for Mugino and Saiai.

"Your Piña Colada is right there Kuro-chan." Mugino interjected coldly, pointing at the drink that aniki spilled. "Pick it from the sand and drink it, if you want any."

I swallowed my words when the meaning behind Mugino's insinuation sank in; an awkward silence permeating throughout the whole room. "I should turn you into ash you know, just who the fuck do you think you are bringing that freak over to my territory?" she hissed with an angry glare.

"Is that all you can talk about?" I asked irately as I got up. "Territory this, Faction that!" I retorted dismissively before I began to leave as well.

"Be that as it may, I don't recommend for you to go on your own Kuro-chan." Mugino warned apathetically, not even bothering to even move as she continued to sunbathe. "I'm not the only one who isn't all too happy with you."

I, however, went to the changing rooms and just ignored her; tired and disgusted of all her nonsense! I was sick of the cliques and gangs, of territories and what not. After changing into my uniform I left Mugino's beach, the exercise room with a pool that was the main territory of her faction.

But now that I had angrily run off from them, there was nowhere else for me to go. Aniki was probably still irritated from before and besides I wasn't all too happy with him and his rotten attitude either.

So I just wandered around the halls instead, not going anywhere in particular as I tried to compose myself.

"Well look what we have here!" A voice calling out from the side brought me back from my thoughts. Looking to my left I saw two students leaning next to a door.

"…if it isn't the firsts' rat!" Taunted the teen who had called out to me before, he was a punk no older than fourteen with short black hair. And although he seemed like nothing more than a runt, being rather skinny and short for his age, something in his tone and demeanor reminded me of aniki.

"The hell are you doing here, rat?" The other one demanded. He was much bigger and heavier; a giant of a brute who wore a bandana over his head and looked no less vicious.

"Passing through…" I stated coolly, doing the best I could to hide my irritation. Remembering Mugino's warning, I tried to be nonbelligerent and just kept walking.

"Ohoo did you hear that?" the runt jeered sarcastically as he instantly cut me off. It was difficult to describe how it happened; his movements were swift yet eerily smooth, like he was floating in the air. "The little rat thinks she can just pass through our territory like she owns it." At one moment he was right behind me then in the next being on my front, almost like he had gone through me.

"Again with the territories…"I muttered softly, trying to contain my growing irritation.

"What's that rat?" The big one taunted as he got right behind, effectively trapping me between the two. "Speak louder, we can't hear ya!"

"You own nothing you fucking idiots!" I snarled angrily, I didn't know where that came from; maybe I had spent way too much time with aniki. "It's the adults who own everything; it's Kihara and the other scientists who are really in control!" But now that the dam had been broken, I couldn't just close it down.

"They are just making you think you own territory to control us…" I paused for a moment, remembering back at the coliseum when Mugino had butchered that other student. "…to pit us against each other!"

"Don't you see that!" Perhaps I wasn't making much sense at all as I vented all my frustration with my irrelevant rant. "Don't you see that they are just using us as guinea pigs, that they are letting you think you own something just so that we'll slaug-"

"Shut the fuck up already, you little cunt!" I was interrupted abruptly by the big guy behind me. "My ears are hurting from all your damn screeching!" his large, constricting hands clutching over the back of my neck and hair and pulling me cruelly off the ground.

"Just who the fuck do you think you are, rat?" The black haired student whispered spitefully. He was glaring at me straight on the face with daggers his eyes. "You think that just because you are that freaks' pet, that you are better than us; that you can lecture us?" He asked with a bitter hiss, raising his right hand towards my face. "Don't get cocky you fucking bitch!"

I uselessly struggled to break free as I watched the runts' hand get closer. And though it approached gently, there was something that felt rather threatening about it; as if that hand, those fingers even, only needed to touch me to cause great harm.

"Two against one is super unfair." I was released with a sudden jerk, yanked free from the brutes hold and crashing to the floor as he in turn was thrown against the wall. It was Saiai; she had been looking for me ever since I left. "Let's make it a fair fight!" My friend bellowed, rushing towards the runt before unleashing a flurry of punches.

"Heh, Another pet showed up!" The runt however, was too fast. "What, is this the meeting place for you bitches!" He taunted, seemingly avoiding all of Saiais' blows by sliding left or right.

"You're the only bitch I see." Saiai countered coldly. "Why don't you super grow a pair and materialize already?" That's when I realized that the runt wasn't dodging at all; Saiais' attacks weren't being evaded, they were going through him.

"You think I'll fall for that?" He scoffed in disbelief, his whole body passing through Saiai every time she tried to hit him; not unlike he was dancing all around her. "Why would I bother with the model student of this place?"

"Didn't you get his patterns super embedded as well, Ghost?" She said unemotionally, stopping her assault. "I heard that your phantom hand can pass through skin and bone and super tear organs from inside out. But for that to happen you have to materialize." She continued, lying perfectly still, her arms up in a defensive fighting stance.

"So why don't you super prove them wrong and show that your phantom hand is better than my offense armor?" She goaded her body ready to strike at any moment. Saiai and the student called Ghost glowering at each other.

The tension was palpable. As I watched them still on the floor, it felt like those two were some sort samurais or gunslingers, that they were ready to put their lives on the line on one final draw, one that meant life or death for either one of them.

But before that could happen, the door that those two students had been waiting on opened, the esper called Kakine emerging from the other side.

"What's this? Could it be that Mugino is so eager to go to war?" Kakine finally asked after taking a moment to assess the situation. "Or maybe is just you Saiai, maybe the little star of this place didn't have enough when she fought the first and now wants to try her luck with me?" The second level five esper mused, the air around him starting to distort as he approached my friend.

"I'm not here to fight." Saiai said coolly, slowly backing away towards me while still facing Kakine. "Kuroko was being super bullied by your underlings, so I had to save her." Although she still acted calm and collected; the tone of her voice seemed to have lost some of its previous confidence.

"Huh… is that true Ghost?" said Kakine ironically, looking back at the runt.

"Hey, the bitch was in our territory boss." Ghost shrugged nonchalantly with a smirk on his face.

"Was she now?" Kakine remarked with a wry smile of his own. It seemed like those two were sharing a joke with one another.

"She super didn't do it on purpose." Saiai interjected, trying her best to explain. "Kuroko was just unaware that this was your territory and super stumbled accidentally, that's all."

"Oh, so the mouse didn't do it on purpose?" Kakine repeated in a mocking tone. The nickname that those two called me came from him apparently. "This is just one big misunderstanding?" Saiai didn't respond, merely nodding as she kept her eyes on Kakine and maintained her guard up.

"I can understand that… it's reasonable for a newbie like her to do such a mistake." Kakine said to our relief, Saiai relaxing a little bit. "And when you saw your friend being ganged up for her little faux pas, you had to intervene, so I'm not going to hold it against you either. I'm not that huge of an asshole!"

"We have a small problem though…" he said approaching the two of us casually. "You see I still have a reputation to keep and the two of you did invade my territory and attacked one of my underlings. So I want a proper apology from you." Kakine insisted from Saiai, he was right next to her by now, looking down at my friend with a smirk on his face.

"An apology..?" Saiai said confusedly. "Ok, sure I'm sorr-" Before Saiai could finish she was knocked to the floor with a blow to the head. It was so fast that I could barely see what happened. Kakine had struck Saiai with something, with some kind of dark object that came out of nowhere.

"I said I wanted a proper apology! Don't you brats these days know what that is?"Kakine asked as he began to kick her in the gut. "I want you to crawl on the ground and beg for forgiveness… and make sure to add 'super' to every other word you say." He continued with sadistic glee. His right leg pressed down on Saiai's back, squashing her to the floor.

The underlings quickly joined in, the three of them laughing and sneering at my friend as they took turns beating her. I just couldn't take it anymore. Seeing Saiai being abused before my eyes, along with everything else I went through here, combined to make me weep at the unfairness of it all.

When the fuck are you going to stop crying? Suddenly those words resonated inside my mind. If you want to survive then become stronger..! Everything that aniki had told me before in our room came back. Strong enough that they'll leave you alone… At that moment something snapped inside me. Strong enough to shut those bastards up!

Without thinking I reached out for Kakine's left ankle. He didn't know what hit him. One moment he was on his feet hurting Saiai then in the next he was upside down crashing head first to the floor. A tense silence filled the hallway. Everyone, including myself, was stunned at what a mouse like me just did.

However that only lasted a second. Kakine was slowly recovering, tottering on his hands and knees, trying to get back on his feet. I was in a loss on what to do. I'd done what aniki taught me but that hadn't been enough. But when I saw their disbelief turn into outrage as those three glared at me with murder in their eyes; I did the only thing that I could think of. Turning around and running away from them as fast as I could.

"What are you waiting for, get her!" I heard Kakine shout behind me. Dashing through the hallways, I saw the brute chasing after me alone, the others nowhere to be found.

"You're too slow, rat." I heard from the side; the runt emerging from the left wall just as the passage turned right on a corner. He elbowed me violently. Making me stumble and crash against the wall. "You gotta pick up the pace if you want to live." Ghost just stood there taunting. "You should hurry and get up before he catches you."

With my head still spinning, I Looked behind me, the bigger underling was almost upon me. I frantically tried to get up; however my body was still dazed from the previous blow. The brute didn't even slow down, smashing into me and crushing all my bones had I not teleported myself at the last second.

I did it unconsciously. I just wanted to get out of the way. Looking where I had been, I saw that the brute had smashed through the wall like it was made out of paper. "Ha ha ha, Takeyama you retard!" Ghost cackled, mocking his partner that was apparently called Takeyama.

"Fuck you shithead, why the fuck didn't you get her!" The brute retorted, the two of them starting an argument. Not bothering to notice that I had sprung to my feet and left.

They quickly caught up though, both of them in hot pursuit. I had to do something; the runt was much faster than me, and soon he would overtake me again. Desperately I teleported any object that I could get my hands on.

Cleaning robots, research equipment, cameras; anything short of other humans I placed right on their path. It barely had an effect. Ghost went through everything like it wasn't there, while Takeyama tore past them like they were nothing.

"Is that all yah got, rat!" The runt sneered before smacking me behind the head. He was toying with me. Ghost could have knocked me down and ended this already. Instead he just kept harassing me.

Luckily when Ghost was about to pull me by my hair, I suddenly turned right on a fork. The runt went through the wall instead of keeping the pursuit. That's when I noticed that I succeeded in losing him whenever we turned a corner.

While the runt's power allowed him to glide swiftly, it also made it difficult for him to change course. As such I began to turn every corner that I could, even using my teleportation to adjust the direction that I was running towards.

Regrettably that still wasn't enough; Ghost all of a sudden appeared on my front, emerging from the roof as he tried to intercept me with a leap. I urgently teleported 180 degrees as I managed to avoid the runt at the last second, before fleeing from him in the opposite direction.

I had been so focused on escaping the runt's badgering however, that I had forgotten completely about the bigger one. I was just about to run straight to him, the two of us on a collision course. Takeyama reached out to seize me, whilst I in turn ducked through his lunge. Using my size to my advantage as I then grabbed one of his legs and teleported him down to the floor.

I then kept bolting through the hallways as I tried to find a place to hide. Looking back I couldn't see either of them, which made me hopeful that I had finally managed to shake them off. That hope was crushed when I felt a hand hit me by the leg, almost causing me to slip. It was Ghost. He had risen from the floor and renewed the chase.

I just about had it. Remembering what Saiai said, I began to form a plan. Seeing Ghost to my right, I started to run slightly at an angle. The runt thinking that I was trying to get away from him when in fact I was luring him closer to the left wall. I bid my time. Waiting until he tried to ram me against the wall to teleport out of his way, making him crash head first into it instead.

With that I finally had lost them both. But by now the hallways were getting increasingly crowded with other students. It seemed like the training period was over. Since I was too small to just run through them, I tried instead to hide amongst the crowd.

I walked slowly along the mass of students, trying to catch my breath. If truth be told I was exhausted from all that running. "Everyone get the fuck out of my way!" I heard a shout further on. It was Kakine; he was knocking down students left and right as he joined up the hunt.

"Over here, Boss!" Another voice called out from behind, this time it came from Ghost. Looking behind I saw him and Takeyama steadily approaching. The runt was glowering at me as he bled through the nose. Ghost Likely blamed me for breaking it back when he crashed against the wall.

I helplessly tried to make a run for it, the large crowd all but making it impossible. I was on a tight spot. Those three had me surrounded. Their powers enabling them to go through the mob easily as they rapidly closed in around me. I on the other hand couldn't use mine.

Everywhere I looked there was a student blocking my view; the only spot that I could find a fixed point to use my teleportation was the roof. Without thinking it further I took a risk, too terrified of Kakine and the others to reconsider.

I teleported the farthest I effectively could, going through the roof to the next level. I emerged a few feet in midair before collapsing on the floor. I inspected my body before breathing a sigh of relief. I had teleported safely from such a long distance unscathed. Furthermore I had escaped from them for good.

After a few more moments I slowly got up. Looking around I noticed that I had teleported into some sort of office. The lights were turned off so there was very little illumination in the room. But of what I could make out the place was packed with rows of cubicles containing computers, printers and other working equipment. The office was completely deserted, nobody working there at the moment, the only sound in the room coming from the hum of the air conditioning and my heavy panting.

"You didn't think it was over, did you?" A voice echoed through the room. Before I could locate its source, I was kicked from behind, knocking me to the ground. "No… not until you pay for making a fool out of me." I looked back at the person whispering at me. I could barely see him; but it was probably the runt.

I hysterically stumbled back to my feet, my hands finding purchase on a chair as I got up. Without thinking I threw it behind, desperate to put something between myself and Ghost. Who I knew was right behind, hounding me.

The next thing I knew however, Ghost had appeared in front of me. He had passed through both the chair and me and began pulling my hair. "Ha ha ha you fucking idiot, don't you know how my ability works!" he jeered before throwing me violently through the top of a cubicle.

I was swept across the table painfully, knocking all its contents to the ground before I myself fell with them. "I'm what it's called a phaser. Using my AIM field I separate the molecules of my body from this dimension and make myself intangible." While Ghost kept rambling on. I helplessly tried to crawl away, my head spinning from my ordeal.

"That means that I'll just go through any object that you throw or put in my way." My feeble attempt to escape was quickly interrupted when Ghost kicked me on my guts, my lungs gasping desperately, my eyes watering.

"But that's not the only way I can use my phasing." The runt continued, his feet pushing on my shoulder and flipping me on my back. "For instance what would happen if I were to materialize my hand when it's inside your chest?" He asked coldly. Kneeling down and resting his knees on my arms. Pinning my upper limbs and preventing me from using them.

"If I did, rat, then your aorta might burst." Ghost mused cruelly, his left hand grabbing me by the jaw and forcing me to look at his cold eyes. "Hell! I could even rip off your heart if I wanted to!" When those words rang into my ear, my heart raced with fear. "Otherwise I could just shove my hand through your skull and turn your brain into mush." By now my weeping eyes had adapted to the dark so I could see how his other hand was approaching my face.

I was trapped. With him on top of me like that, I couldn't teleport away effectively. Even worst, my arms were pinned down; so I couldn't use them to teleport him off me either. I wildly writhed left and right, struggling hopelessly to get the runt off me. But as my arms thrashed about, I felt my right hand touch a small, thin; tube like object. It was probably a pen or a pencil; likely it had tumbled down to the floor when I was thrown through the table.

I had to do something. I needed to get him off me somehow. Given that his left hand was right in front of me clutching my chin. I frantically grabbed the pen and teleported towards it, knowing that the part of his body that was actually holding me would be vulnerable.

Because of the way Ghost's hand grasped my face; I could see firsthand how the pen punctured through his palm. I could see how it pierced through meat and bones, how the veins snapped and blood spurted out; I could hear the bone cracking, his flesh tearing. I could almost feel his pain even.

With a squeal, the runt jolted up in agony, his hand released my chin as he examined the damage. "My hand, what the fuck did you do to my hand!" He screeched in shock, his right hand nursing his wounded palm as he tilted to his left. Seeing that Ghost was off balance, having lost all interest in holding me down, I took the opportunity and succeeded in pushing him off. "You're so fucking dead, bitch!" He shrieked, rolling frenziedly on the ground.

Clutching myself, I ran away from there as fast as I could. Horrified at what I had just done. I had purposely used my teleportation to seriously hurt another human being. I was a monster, as terrible as the worst in this school. It was no wonder that my parents had forsaken me.

Every time I closed my eyes I could see the runt's hand getting punctured by a pen. Abruptly, that image was snapped out of my mind with a smack to the face, my body falling to the ground with a heavy thud. I was so plagued with guilt that I didn't notice that I had run straight into Kakine's path.

"That's for that little stunt you pulled." Kakine sneered, his icy eyes looking down on me for a moment before he walked away; not unlike a bug that he just squashed. I didn't try to get away. My legs felt like they were made out of stone. Furthermore Takeyama was keeping an eye on me so, even if I tried, I would have to hurt him to get away.

It didn't take long until Ghost appeared as well, the violent echoes of his stomping drawing ever closer. "Oh nice one boss, you got her." He hissed with clenched teeth, his right hand grabbing my left ponytail and pulling at it harshly. "You are gonna pay for what you did cunt. I'm going to fucking drag you to our base and take my sweet time with you." I cried feebly in return. My eyes closing as tears flowed down my cheek.

"First I'm gonna rip out the tendons in your legs so you can't run away." I felt him whisper in my ear. "Then I'm gonna take you apart piece by piece, rat." He growled at me with a kick. "You should have let me kill you back then; it would have been quick. Now I'm going to give you a slow, agonizing death." He said darkly, his hand tugging even more violently as he tried to yank me up on my feet.

"Fucking bitch get up already, its time you faced the music!" I wouldn't budge from the cold floor though. I didn't care to continue this game any longer. If they wanted to kill me they would have to do it here.

Suddenly, with a violent snap, Ghost's abuse stopped. The hand that had been tormenting my hair was gone. "Don't ya think you are getting a little out of hand there?" an excruciating howl filled the hallways as I felt something wet and warm spray all over my hair and back.

Opening my eyes, I saw Ghost staggering, spewing blood all over the place before he stumbled to the ground and passed out. His right arm was missing, ripped all the way from the armpit. There was someone else right next to me. A white haired demon smirking sadistically as he held the runt's missing arm.

"You bastard!" the larger underling bellowed out, a vein pulsing visibly from his brow as he charged at Accelerator. Aniki leapt at him in return, instantly covering the distance and getting right in front of the brute. He clutched Takeyama's face with his right hand and hauled him to the wall, smashing his head against it.

His head burst like a tomato, blood; bone fragments and bits of brain flying everywhere. "Hey now, there's no need to lose your head." aniki quipped with heartless glee, his right arm covered with blood while his left still held the runt's missing arm. Horrified at what aniki did, I began to shudder uncontrollably. All this time those two had seemed like unstoppable, brutal monsters; yet aniki had slaughtered them like they were nothing.

"Ha ha ha, how fucking hilarious…" Kakine said lamely, clapping in a loud, slow manner. "Are you done with your shitty puns already?" He continued, glaring coldly at aniki with pursed lips.

"And what about you Kakine, are you done being a second rate bitch?" aniki retorted, turning around to give Kakine a similar look. "Were you so scared of me that you had to go after my underling instead?" Accelerator said spitefully as he approached Kakine, throwing away the ripped hand; not unlike a snake that would spit out a lesser prey so it could go after a bigger one.

"Oh don't flatter yourself, Accelerator." Kakine answered dismissively, likewise advancing towards aniki as they got on each other's faces. "The mouse had the nerve to enter my territory so I taught her a lesson; it had nothing to do with you." By now all that commotion had attracted several onlookers.

"Kakine, you second rate shit, don't you get that you have no territory?" aniki snickered, his eyes still glaring daggers. "That this is my house; that you are nothing but a guest?" He said with a growl, the two of them seemed like beasts that were sizing each other up. "But I guess scumbags like you have forgotten that, I guess that the one that needs to be taught a lesson here is you; I guess that I'll just have to make a statement to all the other bastards by killing you."

But before those two beasts could pounce on one another and start fighting, a large squad of guards converged around them from both sides. The men armed with heavy, wall-like metallic shields, some dangerous looking rifles and other assortment of anti-esper gear.

"What the fuck are you little bastards doing!" A voice rang out, the guards moving to the side to let him pass. "Haven't I made it perfectly clear that the only place you shitheads are allowed to slaughter each other is at the coliseum?" It was director Kihara; unlike the heavily armored guards, he was wearing his usual lab coat.

"Tch, all this time the pipsqueak was being hunted like an animal," aniki spat in disgust, not taking his eyes off Kakine. "And it's now that you bastards decide to show up!"

"I was planning on intervening." The director answered calmly, standing there all relaxed with his hands on his pockets. "But Kuro-chan was doing such a great job on her own, that I decided that this would be a perfect occasion for her to practice what she learned." Kihara said with a mocking smirk on his face.

"And ya think I'm gonna stop now?" Aniki snorted out in disbelief. "Fuck that!" he shouted, swinging his arm in a dismissive manner. "Any of you bastards try to interfere and I'll crush you along with him!" The hostile atmosphere between him and Kakine intensified, the air seeming to twist around them.

"Really Accelerator…" The director sneered sarcastically. "And here I thought that you didn't want to see Kuro-chan get hurt any further." He continued, leering at me for a moment. "But hey, knock yourself out!" Kihara shrugged exaggeratedly. "Wreck this place apart! Get everyone here involved in your little spat; it's not like we can stop the two of you anyway!"

Aniki gave me a passing glance, mellowing out slightly. "So be it then…" He said more softly. "But I'm not going to wait a day or two to kill this second rate shit!" aniki raised his voice once again, his eyes turning back to Kakine with an angry scowl. "We meet in fifteen minutes at the coliseum."

"And what makes you think I'm gonna wait?" Kakine said with narrowed eyes that shone with cruel amusement. "Why not now you faggot? This isn't like you Accelerator… tell me do you think she'll do well as a meat shield?" He mused with a mocking smirk, tapping his finger on his chin artificially.

Aniki was about to snap violently when Kihara intervened. "Come now Kakine-chan, how are you going to show the board of directors your worth if we don't record it at the coliseum?" When he heard those words, Kakine's cocky smile dissipated.

Knowing that Kakine had no choice, it was now aniki who was smirking victoriously. "Get your shit together Kakine." he jeered. "Write your will; Say your final farewells, because in fifteen minutes you are going to meet your maker."

"That's my line, bastard!" Kakine retorted with a scoff. "I'm going to enjoy bringing you down a peg or two at the coliseum." he continued irately, turning around and leaving through the left hallway.

I hesitantly stumbled closer to aniki. "Wait Aniki don't do thi-…" my hands shaking uncontrollably as I tried to reach him.

"Kuroko…" aniki interrupted in a cold yet gentle tone, his face turned away from me. "Just go to the infirmary and get fixed, I'll see you there after I'm done." He uttered before walking away in the opposite direction of Kakine, not bothering to look back at me even once.

Taking the cue; the director, guards and onlookers began to disperse. "Man, I better get going. There are so many preparations to make in so little time." Kihara said as he left. The guards following him along while others, the medics, began to recover what were left of Kakine's underlings.

Meanwhile the onlookers were in a furor. Announcing loudly to anyone that they came across that aniki and Kakine were going to fight. In moments the news spread around like wildfire, the small crowd turning into a mob as they all headed for the Betting Hall.

I absently followed them along, my mind still in shock at what I had witnessed. I couldn't believe what Accelerator had done. The monster who had so ruthlessly butchered those two was the same aniki who had played with me; the same aniki who had hugged me, who had allowed me to stay on his bed.

"Kuroko..! Hey, Kuroko..!" I was snapped back to reality by a pinch to my cheek. It was Mugino; she was looking at me with eyes that almost betrayed a hint of concern.

"Oh Mugino…" I said in a deadpan voice, barely reacting to the pinch. Looking to my side I noticed that Saiai was giving me horrified look. "And Saiai… how are you? Were you hur—"

"I'm super alright but what about you, kuroko?" She interrupted, getting closer to me and placing a hand on my shoulder.

"W-what do you mean, I'm fine." I said softly, giving Saiai a weak smile.

"Kuroko, you're covered in blood." Mugino stated plainly, her mouth twisted into an awkward smirk of disbelief.

Hearing her words I came to the realization that most of my back and hair were colored a deep dark red. "Don't worry, it's…it's not mine." I stifled; what I had felt sprayed on my back was Ghost's blood after all. Looking around I noticed that we were in the entrance to the betting hall, the one that I had seen aniki and Saiai fight before. The place so packed that it would be impossible for me to get in.

"Kuroko…" Saiai fumbled for words. "Maybe it's super better if you go change." She continued soothingly.

"I can't…" I said in a trembling tone. "Not now, I have to see aniki." I didn't know why I was so determined to see aniki fight. Perhaps because it was my fault that all this happened, perhaps I was just concerned for aniki's safety, or perhaps I needed to know what he was about to do, whatever the case I just couldn't leave.

Mugino stared at me for a moment. "Fine then let's go." Before going through the door and starting to clear out a path. "Hey you bastards get the fuck out of our way or I'll turn you into ash!" She shouted, shoving and smacking those that didn't heed her warning.

Thanks to Mugino who was in my front and Saiai right behind me; we managed to find the perfect spot to see the video feed. Aniki was already there waiting, standing there without saying a word, an icy look on his face.

[Crack, crack, crick] that was the only sound that resonated throughout the room. [Crack, cruck, crick] Aniki just kept cracking his shoulders, his fingers and his neck. [Crack, crackle, crick] Everyone just stood there silently, several tense minutes crawling by at a snail pace. [crack, cruck, crick]

Until finally; Kakine arrived. ["Well here I am accele—"]

["EEAAAARRRGHH!"] Aniki screeched wildly, not willing to wait a second longer as he rushed towards Kakine. Interrupting abruptly whatever taunts or wisecracks Kakine was planning to make.

In frenzy, aniki began to swing at Kakine with both arms. He in turn desperately dodged Accelerator's blows by backing away to the right or left. Kakine had been caught off guard, completely on the defensive as Aniki kept the pressure with an unending flurry of blows.

With a resounding boom, aniki finally managed to connect. Kakine hurled back a few feet. However Kakine was mostly unhurt. The blow had actually hit him on a cross guard, where some sort of dark shield had come to materialize.

A black aura seemed to surround Kakine. "Dark Matter… a type of matter that doesn't exist in this world," Mugino muttered. "one that Kakine creates by only using his mind." Suddenly that aura surged out as it hurled itself towards aniki, not unlike a dark wave that swept away anyone who stood in its path.

With a growl, aniki leapt over and tried to land a flying kick on Kakine's face. Instead aniki's feet crashed into the floor similar to a meteor smashing into Earth, chunks of the floor flying all over the place. Kakine managed to roll away in time.

With his foot still digging deep on the floor, aniki kicked out towards Kakine; a huge landslide of concrete flying straight at him. In response, Kakine formed a black wall in front of him, covering himself with it.

[Over here dickhead..!] Out of nowhere, aniki had appeared behind Kakine. He had used the previous attack as a distraction and gotten around Kakine, punching his face when he looked back.

Caught by surprise, Kakine tried to block the blow with dark matter. However, he did not have enough time to form a complete shield around his face, only managing to absorb part of the damage as he flew off.

Aniki chased after Kakine, bent on finishing him. [You motherfucker..!] Kakine said as he tossed the dark matter that he used to defend himself. Smashing it straight into aniki's face and stopping him on his tracks.

I bit my lip when I saw aniki fall to the ground. "What was that! Did Kakine's Dark Matter go through Accelerator's Reflect!" someone in the crowd said in shock. I on the other hand just stood frozen in place, watching the screen.

They got up almost at the same time, both of them bloody; aniki from the nose, Kakine from the mouth. They were grimacing with bloodlust in their eyes as they charged at each other. But aniki miscalculated Kakine's range. Out of nowhere Kakine swung an ebony club that emerged from his right hand, bashing aniki in the head. ["What's the matter Accelerator, is your Reflect not good enough!"]

My heart sank to my knees at seeing Aniki get hit. Wincing slightly when blood spurted out of his forehead and he stumbled to ground once again. "No…" I mumbled to myself, "Aniki has to be alright…" my trembling hands clutching tightly.

Gasps and cries of disbelief filled the hall. Everyone in the room, this whole place even, was stunned at what happened. All except for Aniki; who before Kakine could capitalize and bash his head in, quickly stomped his right hand into the ground and caused a violent tremor. The impact reverberated across the facility. The shockwave making the ground jolt up and down like it was a tsunami.

Kakine staggered around, struggling desperately to stay on his feet. Seeing that, aniki sprang up and spin kicked his rival around his left shoulder. With a cracking sound, Kakine's arm twisted unnaturally. Kakine flung to the other side, rolling and bouncing all over the floor.

Having retaken the initiative, Aniki renewed the offensive. ["What's the matter Kakine, is your dark matter not good enough!"] Aniki sneered, mocking Kakine's tone as he charged at him at full speed.

Kakine crawled up to his knees, his right hand nursing his broken left arm. [ACCELERATOR!] He bellowed with bloodshot eyes, his aura shooting out whip-like tentacles.

The whips lashed at aniki from every direction, the first few trying to hit Aniki from above as he dodged them by sliding left or right using zigzag motions. Then when the whips struck from the sides, aniki avoided them by soaring high into the air. [KAKINE!] He roared back, plunging furiously towards his foe.

Kakine managed to stop him in his tracks by forming an oval shield around him, aniki crashing into it similar to a war hammer smashing against a shield. Aniki didn't let up, flying all the way up to the roof before pushing against it and using its momentum to do a dive bomb. The betting hall shook violently, everyone juddering from the impact.

I yelped out as I was knocked off my feet. The lights flicking off for an instant as it felt like the school was being bombarded. I looked up at the screen with trembling, watery eyes, horrified at the berserk beast that aniki had become. I didn't want to see him this way, I had to do something.

After the fifth time, the second rate's shield shattered completely. Landing next to him, I broke Kakine's right arm when he tried to block my swinging arm. With a satisfying crunch the second rate collapsed on the floor.

My veins felt like they were on fire. Almost getting a hard on when I licked my lips and tasted the tangy flavor of blood. "I knew this day would come," I said, approaching the fallen trash. "That I'd eventually make you into an example for the rabble…"

I crouched down next to the second rate. "I've been working on this for a while now, waiting for the moment that I could use it on you." I whispered in his ear. "You're gonna be my masterpiece, Kakine." I thrust my hand into a cut that he had on his back.

The punk cried out in agony as my hand dug deeper. "Tell me Kakine, what do yah think's gonna happen when I redirect your blood?" to my delight, I could see the horror in Second rate's face. "That's right, you're gonna burst from the inside out!" I sneered sadistically, changing my vectors from its default, reflect settings.

"Now Kakine, I'm gonna show everyone what happens when they fuck with me!" But just when I was about to redirect his blood, I felt a hand grab my arm from behind. It was Kuroko; she was looking at me with a sullen expression on her face.

The next thing I knew, instead of being illuminated by artificial light, I was being blinded by the setting sun. The warm summer air was hitting my skin in place of the usual cold air conditioner. The smell of iron was fading from my nose, replaced by more natural odors. The brat had teleported us outside, to the roof of the facility.

"The fuck did you do, pipsqueak!" I snapped at the little shit, clutching her by the wrist. "I almost had him!"

The brat tried to back away. "But aniki you…" She stuttered with scared eyes. "You were going to kill him if you kept going!"

"No shit I was going to kill him!" I smashed my fist against the wall next to us, making the whole thing collapse into pieces. "…and so what!" Since I had been denied my prey, I needed to discharge my rage somehow. "Don't ever interfere again!"

Wrenching her hand free, the pipsqueak stumbled to the floor; covering her trembling body.

Seeing her like this, I stopped my outburst. I closed my eyes and stood perfectly still, breathing deeply as I tried to contain my anger. For a while now a fire had been raging inside my chest, one that could only be quenched with blood.

"This isn't the real you, aniki." She said between sniffs, getting up from the floor now that I had calmed down. "You are not that horrible a monster as you say you are." The pipsqueak approached hesitantly, her hands reaching out to me.

I stiffened for a moment when I felt her warmth. My stomach tightened up, my arm shoving her off me instinctively when she invaded my personal space. "Feh, What the fuck do you know about me!" I spat angrily.

"Didn't I tell you this before?" I pushed the brat against the wall, or at least what remained of it. "Didn't I warn you that I was a monster?" Grabbing her shoulder when she tried to scamper off, pinning her in place. "That I'd squash you if you messed with me?"

I grabbed her by her chin, forcing her to look me in the eyes. "Then Listen to me and listen well, bitch." I said in a cold controlled tone. "If I ever see you get close to me again, if I even catch the slightest glimpse of you." I continued as she looked back with aching, glossy eyes. "I'll kill you."

I released her from my hold and walked away. Smashing the door open and leaving the roof before I crushed the little shit's head in.

It was already dark when I got up from the ground and went back in. There were smashed walls as I walked down the stairs; doors were torn and missing as I passed through the dorms, I even saw shattered glass from time to time. It seemed like aniki had left a path of destruction in his wake.

Every student that I came across kept their distance from me, their stares reminding me of the ones that they gave aniki. With Accelerator's warning still on my mind, I reached the end of the hallway. What was I supposed to do? That was still my room, the only place I could go.

Aniki had broken down yet another door, the whole thing completely missing. I stood right at the entrance, looking inside. Aniki was lying down in his bed, his hands behind his head. For a moment I thought that he might be asleep but then I saw his eyes glaring straight at me.

My heart jumped on my chest, my legs stood frozen in place. Before, I wouldn't have believed that aniki would try to kill me. But I wasn't too sure now, not after the way Accelerator tore through those students. I felt like the day we met, that the room was the cage of a murderous beast.

Thankfully someone grabbed my wrist from behind. "Let's go Kuroko." Saiai said as she dragged me away from the room. "It's super better if you come with me."

We went and took a bath after when we left aniki's room. We were a complete mess, Saiai bruised and dirty while I had the rotting stench of blood all over me. Afterwards Saiai invited me to stay over in her room, snuggling next to my friend on her bed.

"Really Kuroko, what did you think was going to happen?" Mugino said, resting on the opposite bed. "That he was going to give you a hug and thank you for stopping him from blowing things out of proportions?" She began to cackle halfway through, maybe there was a joke that I just didn't get.

I remained silent however, too depressed to even answer. "Ignore her Kuroko." Saiai said trying to comfort me. "She's just super happy that things turn out better than she'd hoped."

"…What do you guys know about the real aniki." I uttered after a short pause. "He's not the monster that you all say he is." I remembered when he called out to his mother. "He's really just a kid."

"Is he now…" Saiai said with an amused smile. "Actually there was a time when Accelerator and I weren't in such super bad terms." I tilted my head towards my friend, looking at her. "Did you know that there used to be another Kuro-chan before?"

"I think Kihara said something like that." I said, remembering back when I first came here.

"Her name was Kuroyoru Umidori, she came to this place almost as the same time as me." Saiai whispered to me softly. "We were always competing with one another so weren't exactly super friends or anything."

"That's nice, but what does that have to do with aniki?"

"Kihara had Accelerator mentor us from time to time. Even though he was an anti-social jerk he wasn't that super bad." Saiai murmured with a sad expression on her face. "In time the two of us had grown on him, so I guess he's just like you said."

"But then Kuroyoru had an accident, killing a lot of scientists and mutilating her own body in an experiment." Saiai paused for a moment. "After that Accelerator wasn't the same, he became even more super hostile towards others." I could sense a hint of sadness on her tone. "He had even insulted all the work that Kuroyoru and I had done."

"That's why I challenged Accelerator before." Saiai said her calm tone starting to crack. "I wanted him to take back what he said, for him to at least acknowledge our efforts." I wrapped my left arm more tightly around Saiai, trying to comfort her. "Truth is Kuroko; that everyone here is a super monster, even if some of us are kids."

I felt like a volcano, every time I erupted I would smash things or growled out a curse. This rage was consuming me to the core. How fucking dare she- who the fuck did she think she was!

I was snorting out loudly, breathing in and out agitatedly. My fingers would jerk up and down, my hands opening and closing into fists. I needed to kill someone. Didn't the dumb bitch get it! I needed to put an example for the trash!

I remembered back earlier today. After leaving the beach I had gone back to the rec-room to watch TV.

"Accelerator!" Saiai had called out desperately from the entrance. "Kakine and his underlings are super chasing after Kuroko!" The Knock off was all beat up. "If you care for her even one bit, then help her!"

I sat frozen for an instant, trying to find some smartass reply to give or a valid excuse to make so I could salvage my reputation. In the end, the best I managed was to quickly get up on my feet and go run desperately to the brat.

I slapped a hand against my face, wanting to rip it off. My eyes were on fire, my body trembling uncontrollably. I just didn't get why I was so fucking pissed. How fucking dare she! Little shit getting in my way! One thing was for sure, I had to cut all ties with her.

Author's Notes: 

Sorry it took forever to update, but at least this was a fairly long chapter. As always any C&C is welcomed. I know that the way i described Kakine's dark matter is different than in the canon novels, but the version i wrote is supposed to be an unawakened, lower version of his dark matter. Anyway I'm kinda in need of a beta reader, so if anyone's interested, please send me a PM or E-mail.

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