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Set after the Sixteenth Angel. What if Rei had received ALL of the memories of her previous selves?

  1. Draw Me Close

    Prologue: Aftermath

    Set after the sixteenth Angel, Rei-II's destruction of Unit-00, after Asuka is found in the tub, and Shinji amp; Misato had their tour of Terminal Dogma in which both find out about Rei Ayanami's origins.

  2. Chapter 1: Awakenings

    Ayanami happens to pass a Christian church, a rare site in Tokyo-3, but one of the few religious centers still open in the devastated city, and hears the small vocal congregation within sing a song. 'What is that? What are they singing?' Rei wondered. The songs words seem to draw her in as she quietly entered the church and stood at the back of the congregation. Seeing that they all had hymnbooks, she proceeded to pick one up and eventually found the page the song they sang was on.

  3. Chapter 2: Beginning of Feelings

    Rei's Thoughts (As she walks with Shinji)

    "The end is near, and I don't want to end my journey... now that Ikari-kun is back in my life." The thoughts of the First Child were singularly on this one subject, this one person, this one being, the Third Child.

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