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A popular divergent fic, taking place around Episode 23 onwards.

  1. It was midafternoon in Tokyo-3 when a knocking came at the door.

    The person knocking didn't try the bell; they knew it wouldn't work.

    Not satisfied with waiting, the person on the other side opened the

    unlocked door. The door squeaked loudly on its ungreased hinges. On

    the other side stood Ritsuko Akagi. After pushing the door open wide

    enough to admit her, she slipped inside and let it close behind her.

    "Rei?" she called out, stepping into the dirty, unlit apartment that

    was Rei Ayanami's home.

  2. Sub-Commander Fuyutsuki read the next line on the paper in front in his

    hands. He stopped. Then he went back and read it again. And then a

    third time, just to be sure. He turned to the man seated at the desk

    next to him.

    "Is this correct?" he asked.

    "Is what correct?" asked the man, not bothering to turn his head.

    "The next part in the scenario. It says Rei will - "

    "There is no error, Fuyutsuki."

    "Ikari, why? You've shown nothing but care for that girl."

  3. The sun had not risen yet, but activity had already started in Tokyo-3.

    This included a small beach not far from the city. A boy walked lazily

    across this dark beach, his hands in his pockets. He wore the standard

    school uniform - a little out of place now that there was no school

    anymore - and looked as though he didn't have a care in the world. The

    wind blew softly, rustling his gray hair.

  4. Two techs stood in front of the bay for Evangelion Unit-03. They

    stared at the biomechanoid, which had only just recently been dragged

    back into the bay. Unit-03 looked as though it had been run under an

    Eva-sized steamroller. Its form was mangled almost beyond recognition,

    and its right arm had been severed entirely. The amputated appendage

    was floating in the shock-resistant fluid the mecha was stored in.

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