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Twelve years after Nerv, Sorhyu Asuka Langley sets out to find out who she really is.

  1. Disclaimer: Don't own Evangelion, just love it, especially Misato and Asuka.

    Author's Note: First eva fic I've tried to write, and it's probably very confusing. I haven't really set a time period for this, but I guess I'm assuming End of Eva never occurred? There aren't too many spoilers in this first chapter, but I'm sure there will be more later.

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    I don't remember.


    "She's young. I'm guessing around twenty-five, twenty-six."

  2. "Asuka-chan."

    It was amazing just how accustomed the nurse had become to calling her Asuka, almost as if it was a pet name.

    Obligingly Asuka swung her legs over the side of the bed and shivered as her toes made contact with the cold floor. She was still barefoot and the chilliness traveled from her feet up throughout her body. The redhead folded her arms around herself. Why was it so cold in this damn place?

  3. "I'm here to see Sorhyu Asuka Langley."

    The receptionist glanced up from whatever she had been writing and shifted her gaze to the woman in front of her. She held a small bouquet of unrecognizable flowers in one hand, the blossoms small and bunched together. Her facial expression immediately showed that she was not a woman to mess with.

    With one finger, the receptionist tapped the keyboard languidly. It took an agonizingly long time for her to pull up Asuka's files. The visitor remembered Ritsuko Akagi's technological talent.

  4. Asuka was drawing in her notebook, the one Hazuki-san had brought her. She touched the creamy pale green pages with her fingertips and remembered the cherry blossoms she'd seen outside the other day.

    A smile crept onto her face, then quickly vanished as she turned to look at her window. Had someone been watching her?

  5. "Smile, Asuka-chan."

    The redhead turned slightly to the left and looked directly at the lens as she smiled. Hazuki-san pressed the button and bathed Asuka in a dazzling flash of white.

  6. "Ahh! ECCHI! What was he doing?! Taking pictures of girls in the changing room!"

    Misato laughed at Asuka's shocked reaction. "Boys are boys. They never change." She sipped her tea--a weak substitute for beer, no matter how much she tried to adjust--and leaned forward again. "This one was taken right by the track outside your school--and this one by the pool."

    Asuka nodded as she flipped through the album of pictures, the majority of which featured a younger redhead. "Who took these?"

  7. "Hello, Ritsuko."

    The doctor stared in surprise at the young man who stood outside her door. Shinji Ikari was not dressed in the white shirt and black pants that he had always worn, shying away from everyone. Instead, he was dressed smartly in a suit and tie with shiny black shoes, carrying a leather computer bag in one hand. He looked her directly in the eyes as he spoke.

    "Come in." She stepped aside and gestured to her cramped living room. "If you don't mind, I'll be a few more minutes. Misato will be here any minute."

    "All right."

  8. Dinner was a somewhat strained affair for the two
    twenty-six year olds who hadn't met in over twelve years, but Misato and
    Ritsuko made themselves at home. Shinji was seated to Asuka's left, and Misato
    to her right. Ritsuko sat directly facing her. Kimie, the dutiful and
    understanding girl that she was, politely excused herself and went home to take
    care of her brothers.

  9. Over ten years had passed since he'd been here.

  10. She hated the night shift. She hated the loneliness
    of the empty hallways, the silence of the sleeping patients. Most of all she
    hated almost drifting off to sleep before being rudely awakened by the shouts
    that signaled the arrival of another patient barely clinging to life.

    Tonight was one of those nights, where the dim
    lights had quickly sealed Hazuki-san's eyes before a loud shout drew her out of
    her trance. Annoyed, she shook her head and clamped her hair back, then ran to
    the scene.

    She could hardly believe what she was seeing.

  11. Misato threw the wilting flowers into the trash and
    poured the yellowing water down the sink. Perhaps Shinji would not be very
    happy with her for disposing of his flowers, but the blackening heads of the
    roses had already begun to dip down, bending almost double, and Misato didn't
    think it was good luck to keep dead flowers in Asuka's room. Cut roses never
    lived very long, anyway--this bouquet had only been there for four days. Misato
    crudely arranged the bouquet of spring blossoms she had purchased, making sure

  12. Asuka closed the door behind her and turned the lock with a satisfying
    click. Slowly she turned around to reveal her reflection in the dimly
    illuminated mirror. Her hair resembled a fireball, and the rest of her body was
    none the better. The redhead noticed a small package of amenities wrapped in
    clear plastic. On it were large green letters: SANITARY.

    She tore it open and pulled out the plastic comb, slowly working it
    through her unbrushed hair. Perhaps after getting home she would cut it--then it
    wouldn't take so long to organize.

  13. She loved the jingling of little golden bell on the
    door of the ice cream parlor as she opened it. Asuka turned and waved to
    Misato, who smiled before pressing down on the accelerator. The blue car shot
    out of sight.

    "Ohayoo, Asuka."

    "Hey," Asuka greeted Madoka, her fellow employee,
    who was already busy at work adding sugar to her latest batch of ice cream. She
    glanced at the clock. There were still thirty minutes until they were due to
    open. Asuka sidled over to her friend. "Do you need any help?"

  14. "You're going to America?!
    Asuka, I'm so jealous!"

    Madoka was beaming at her, a wide smile gracing her
    face as she worked rapidly in the backroom. Asuka brought her another
    watermelon and waited, her hands folded on top of the fruit.

    "Madoka," she chided.

    "It was so romantic of him to invite you in his
    magazine, where everyone could see it," Madoka mused dreamily. The handle
    cranked under the pressure of her strong hands. "How long will you be staying?"

  15. Shinji caught his breath as the redhead appeared,
    standing out distinctly in the throng of dark-haired Japanese. She was dressed
    in a red windbreaker and white shorts, glancing around distractedly with a bag
    in one hand. A moment later she noticed him and broke into a wide smile as she
    ran towards him.

    "Shinji!" she called out, then restrained from
    throwing herself into his arms. Shinji took the bag from her hand, flung it
    carelessly into a nearby seat, and pulled her into his embrace.

  16. He had been worried about boring her during the
    long ride. Shinji was not a fast driver like Misato; he enjoyed going along at
    his own leisurely pace, and unlike a trip through Tokyo-3, a trip through
    California could get boring easily with the repetitive forests and occasional
    glimpse of ocean. Maybe she'd like to go to the beach sometime.

    Shinji glanced at the clock and noted that they had
    been driving for nearly two hours. Asuka sat in the passenger's seat, to his
    right, and had her forehead pressed against the window.

    "Are you hot?"

  17. He recognized her presence immediately, a pleasing
    change from the silent morning.

  18. "Don't you have to go back to work soon?"

    Misato flashed a
    grin. "Luckily for me, Ritsuko, my hours are much more flexible than yours.
    Besides, it's much too lonely without Asuka around."

    The blonde
    sighed and picked up her bag. "All right then...have fun." She stepped into her
    high heels and wriggled her toes. "Don't get too rowdy."

    "Jeez, Ritsuko...
    loosen up!"

    The doctor
    rolled her eyes and left.

  19. Asuka woke up
    Thursday morning with a headache. Perhaps it was just the position I slept
    , she thought dazedly. The redhead pulled the blanket over her head and
    tried again to sleep.

    She came up a
    moment later for air.

  20. On Friday, it turned out that
    Shinji hadn't the vaguest clue where to go.

    Asuka found him at the breakfast table wearing a
    frown and studying a travel guide labeled simply "California", which she found
    odd, considering that he lived there. He'd finished breakfast: several orange
    seeds remained on the sticky plate in front of him.

    "Hey." His face
    broke into a smile when he noticed her, and he was quick to lay down the
    magazine. "Do you want me to make you something?"

  21. Kimie was an early bird, as her brothers liked to
    call her; she rose daily with the sun. She didn't generally have much
    choice--the boys liked to sleep in a bit, and they liked to eat before doing
    anything else in the morning. In addition, her little rooms were always in need
    of sweeping and dusting--Kimie liked to have things perfectly neat.

  22. "I'll be there, then," Shinji cut in, clearly
    exasperated. "Oh, that--I don't care. Anything but the green, since it doesn't
    go with our cover story. Yes, I'd appreciate that, thank you very much--by the
    way, is Kensuke there?"

  23. She blinked hard.
    Crystalline white snowflakes fluttered gracefully from the sky and came to a
    rest on her eyelashes, giving them an icy, crusted look. This did nothing to
    improve Asuka's sight, and she wiped them away. They melted on her hand.

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