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So, I’ve redone my computer recently, was trying to fix something on my phone and its communication with the desktop.

I’m tempted to try and either build a virtual Server in Virtual Box again, or go ahead and try to run Drupal in a Microsoft IIS server. Nothing says this is impossible, and with my needs it frankly might not be impossible. It’s an interesting idea in any case, and since all I want to do is mostly run PHP Drupal Related code and configuration, it’s not unreasonable to me.



So, I fucked up the Web Server today.

Was trying to figure out how to get something that was supposed to protect the Drupal database from bad shit installed. Managed to fucker the server up so bad that even the GoDaddy support tech couldn’t get admin access.

Ain’t This a Bitch.



One of the types of processes you will want to have setup are preconceived actions. Responses say to someone saving off a new piece of content. Or someone say, marks a forum post to be followed. Well then you have things you want to happen at that point. Actions that shouldn’t need a human there to execute. In Drupal 7, you go to Rules for that.


Fanbards Site Reboot

So I’ve been working on trying to create a Drupal Feature Set that takes everything I've tried to do for Fanbards and put it into something that others could use for their own story archives and communities. I'm also hoping it will help me fix things with out doing what this post will be describing every time.

My goal is to improve things on the page and hopefully increase some community involvement. The big things I’ll describe here, and open up the comments for discussion.

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Refit Almost Complete!

I have managed to complete the refit of the site. This was made nessecary due to the recent isues with the Drupalgeddon bug that redirected us to other pages and may have caused other problems. Hopefully this refit will accomplish many things. First of which being that adding chapters to your stories will be much easier now. Also I'm finally deploying several ideas I haven't been able to figure out until just now so things will take a bit to complete. Now that they are I am ready to deploy a lot of new and improved features for the site and groups as a whole, as well as make some decisions relating to the pages future.


A Stopgap

The last couple of weeks have been rather bad with reguards to the site. I know it's sucked and it has really sucked on my end. I've been trying to fix and rebuild all the problems that popped up including the redirect we got hit with. First off do no think it was commited by any real person. We aren't that important to anyone but ourselves. IT was more then likely an exploit that was utilized by some kind of bot.


New Features, Stable functionality.

We moved the site to a cheaper host. Can't get around the fact that I really don't have the cash to be spending $80 USD on this page and keep it running. So I went and moved it to a shared host. You all know this. You also probably have noticed the random and annoying ASS-PAIN Everything has been the last week. Some things working just fine then suddenly breaking, or not working at all. And of course the sudden outage mid-week. Well it's time I let you all know what is happening on the system.


The Legacy

One of the big things that has hounded me through the long and many bits and pieces of rebuilding and recreating DS has been the legacy. That old content we all love and in some cases can only be found here. I've been slamming my head into complicated ways of recreating and reorganizing this data for a while. I'm HOPEFUL that I've finally figured out the best logical way to do this now that I have much more knowledge. This will also hopefully lead to a way to upload chapters instead of having to copy paste them but I'm not entirely certain yet. It's still very much a work in progress.


Developments during Development

Well I've been rebuilding the site, again. WE found in the last build that the site had problems with the permissions, making it impossible for someone to find anything unless they were logged in, and even then it was impossible for someone to create their content and then edit it for another reason. I'm hoping that with this testing run those problems have been cleared up significantly. Permissions are still going to be a problem, but we'll work on fixing it as we go I hope.


New Progress - Content creation is 90% finished

I've managed to make significant progress on getting site functions back online. I will just say this straight off though. The is still no file upload functionality. You've got to copy paste into the editor for the time being, no way around that. now we just need to create some how toos and a few faq's to fill a few things up. It's going to take a while, but we'll find out as we go along. But I will say this, once I get some folk saying yea this site is now able to take in new content.


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