Site Update

Importing and cleaning Stories


We have finally gotten all the kinks out of our importing protocols. So now you should start seeing the story pages populate with content. As we go through and double check our cleaning you'll see more stories from the past show up.

I have the importers set to run once every 24 hours. So check back daily for new/old content in the story archive.


Sharing the work!

Bookshelf will be where all work towards improving the Fanbards site and the Drupal shell for similar sites will take place. You can come in and discuss features requests in the forums, comment on posts, and basically help out as we try and create a better site solution both for Fanbards and other sites with similar missions.


Deep Dive for Old Fics

One of the things I want to do as I fix and recreate the story archive is go back into and try to locate and repost old stories that have almost certainly been lost. We used to do this, acting as mirrors for eachother back when all anyone had was geocities websites and text files for our stories. No special php mysql stuff. IT made life a bit easier, or we at least linked directly to those text files.


Puttering Away

I thought I'd give an update to anyone keeping an eye on this page. I've gotten the majority of all needed and extra features active on the page. I'll keep working on new ideas but for now we should be at Feature Freeze. We'll be trying to get the legacy content properly imported into the system, and that will slowly but surely populate the story area.

I've added print outs of all the stories as html/pdf/epubs to read all at once, any improvements can be recommended in the suggestion box.


Current Features!

I figured you guys might appreciate an update on the site refit. Well right now we are processing through the stary database. Apparently there was a large amount of chapters not completely imported over when we did it the last time. Concidering how we have to go through now and manually attach chapters to stories, we're now also getting through and fixing these upload errors. IT's going to take a while, but we'll get through it. If you have time you can go through your accounts My Drafts aea and help fix things that way.


Some newer things!

Well, I'm currently still trying to make things work better. It's a bit of a pain, but some things are improving slowly but surely. EPICON has helped out a lot in getting the main story archive edited and setup properly. I want to take this moment to thank him for that while I've been tweaking features and settings for the page. I'm hopefully going to soon be able to start shutting down certain things under the hood in order to speed some things up.


Operation Codename: Magma Diver!

Since I'm almost there when it relates to the legacy content migration of Darkscribes I thought I would propose a project that will be connected with as that is the Evangelion specific group for the site. I'm wanting to get some folk together and start deep diving and recovering all the old and lost fanfiction that was on geocities and other archives that may have not been saved by places like reocities or ffn. This would be basicaly a job of going in, finding the stuff, and entering it into the system. 


Codename: Geofront

Snowfairy finally popped up on the Evamade group on Facebook. She has her own plans for Evamade and wants to push through with them. To that affect I will be backing off on my own plans for the name and such. I'm still going to have this group be Evangelion specific. We can't just ignore where we came from. This site was built originally by me and a bunch of Evangelion writers and a group dedicated to that series is reasonable. So I will be removing the Evamade specific stuff and renaminging this The Geofront.


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