So, I fucked up the Web Server today.

Was trying to figure out how to get something that was supposed to protect the Drupal database from bad shit installed. Managed to fucker the server up so bad that even the GoDaddy support tech couldn’t get admin access.

Ain’t This a Bitch.


Update for 12-17-2015

So I want to ensure that my install profile/features module for Drupal is as capable as I can make it. Right now that means working in D7 and monitoring D8.

The major issue presenting itself right now relates to user navigation through stories. I’ll be trying to figure them out as I can. Right now I can recreate a large portion of what Bookshelf needs in D8. But not everything.

I’m still trying to get to a point for testing the D7 version, but it is easier as I am just recreating Fanbards without content.

Will keep you apprised.


Progress Report 10/18/2015

So, I’ve been working on the profile some and trying to finish getting the content from the current setup cleaned up and posted proper. IT’s a tedious process and life gets in the way often. One of the things I’m having issues with is the Next previous links for the navigation side of things through a story. It’s not going to be too easy to do in Drupal 8 if I keep with the way I’m doing it, mostly because the module is not really supported anymore, so I’m investigating a better way to handle the navigation portion.


Our Mission!

One of the things I’m hoping to do with the group is create new worlds for everyone to take part in. I’m hoping that as I research, create, and develop others will chip in ideas, or stories, or artwork to support this endeavor. The idea being that we shouldn’t JUST be fans of stories and reinterpret them. WE need to spend time creating new worlds and populating them with ordinary people in extraordinary situations. We need to come up with races and beings and philosophies beyond that which we already know.


Stay Tuned!

Just a quick update, "LIVE DRIVE!" has been syndicated under Scimax Media, and the debut show will be Monday night from 7PM-10PM Eastern time. Hope you'll join us! ^_^

scimaxmedia.net is the place to go. ^^


A Stopgap

The last couple of weeks have been rather bad with reguards to the site. I know it's sucked and it has really sucked on my end. I've been trying to fix and rebuild all the problems that popped up including the redirect we got hit with. First off do no think it was commited by any real person. We aren't that important to anyone but ourselves. IT was more then likely an exploit that was utilized by some kind of bot.


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