World Building

Quotes from Characters of Imperium Nocturna

Here are some character Quotes from Imperium Nocturna.

“The first rule of fighting a war, is to realize that you are at war.” -Vlad Dracula Tepes, First High Councilor of the Imperium Nocturna 2030

The hard part isn’t drinking the blood of a human you just killed. It’s being able to look yourself in the mirror everyday after the first drop passes your lips.” -Leon Drake, to the Rev’d Marcus Shaw at the Holy Cathedral of Heavenly Grace, Chicago Illinois 2032


Imperium Nocturna

A long time ago, Red Star started a forum fic that ended up balloning into something major. I copied all of the entries on those threads and tried to originalize them some. I've taken that and have held on to the material. I have a lot of ideas I never wrote down that may have been forgotten. But for now, this is being setup as our First World. 


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