Status Update

Progress Report 05-11-2016

Progress on Bookshelf continues, even though I haven’t been able to get it completely done yet. I’m trying to both get a good setup for users and I have to figure out the setup for management by editors and admin. That maybe a bit more difficult than just the User CMS. There needs to be a way for someone to edit other people’s content if they have accepted permissions while maintaining their own user content area and not making them end up seeing everyone’s content from there.

Need to check with the Drupal guys on that.


Original Series

The Milky Way Over Devil's Tower

One of the things I've been thinking on is how to plot a course towards a new set of ideas. How can we as a group create more, cooperate more, and build worlds that can bring others into the ideas we design. Can Darkscribes as a collective still be relivant beyond just a small evangelion based story archive? I like to think it can.


Legacy Update

I'm working on the legacy update still. I've managed to get story pages generated of all the stories in the database. This means the Lemontastica migrate is now 2/3 done if we go by the three things needed to have it all done. Some data clean up is needed as there aren't any tags on the stories created by this method. That removes one of the ways to find content easily in the system. I may eventually go through and fix this problem as it's going to pop up again with the DS content.


Forums migrated over

Well, I've migrated the forums over and I've managed to make things NOT suck as they have for the last day or so. Keep me up to date of any problems you come accross in the system. I've been trying to get a good setup here for the entire community as a whole and I think this is a good baseline. I'm still trying to figure out the best way to get the legacy content in and ways to improve the experience. I'm more then likely going to change out the wysiwyg editor with a good ckeditor based on the changes being made to Drupal in the future 8.x versions which will have ckEditor as default.


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