Little Things

The Worth of a Word

"I love this dress!"

The exclamation drew the attention of Rei and Shinji, taking the boardwalk to NERV. They turned to see a gaggle of girls tittering about insignificant things.

"I know! Don't you just love that satin feel? It's just great!"

"It reminds me of the dress Megumi Hashibara wore on her new album. Ohmigod! Didn't you love her new single?"

Rei and Shinji passed the crowd. As the girls and their gossip faded into the distance, the two exchanged a look.

Little Things

Lens of Veritas

Toji thought he saw Shinji looking at Rei during lecture.

Asuka thought she saw Rei looking at Shinji when he turned his head.

Hikari thought she saw Rei blush and smile faintly when Shinji's eyes inevitably met hers.

Only Kensuke knew.

If there's anything I've learned since I've been declared a full-fledged otaku, he chuckled silently as he pocketed the endearing tape for posterity, it's that the camera's lens doesn't lie.


Little Things


Under the school canopy, Rei watched raindrops fall as she pondered her dilemma.

I must proceed to NERV for synchronization testing, but the walk will be unpleasant. If I detoured to obtain an umbrella, it will be bearable but I will be late.

At the fwap of an opening umbrella, Rei turned to see Shinji step out and look at her. "Heading to NERV, Ayanami?"


Shinji extended the umbrella to also cover her head. "I'll walk you there. I won't let you catch cold."

The girl hesitated, then nodded, and off they went.

New Rogue One Trailer!

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The newest trailer for Rogue One Dropped last night after the Olympics. I've had to be at work at 5am each morning this week so I'm only now getting to post the trailer for your enjoyment.

This gives us more information on the story, and the characters. I think it looks like a great run here and I'm looking forward to more.


Suicide Squad

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Got to see the Thursday night showing of Suicide Squad at the local theater. There was a line here in Granbury for the first showing.

I had a grand ol' time indeed.

The movie was a great flick. It brought us back into the world we last saw with the Death of Superman. We aren’t going to see much in the way of the heroes though. No, they only serve as a story point as we get to meet some of the worst criminals this world has to offer. Acting on orders from a covert part of the US Government. Succeed, get time off your sentence. Fail, you die.


Star Trek: Discovery

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We’ve seen some great stuff from the San Diego Comic Con this last week. And a lot of it revolving around next years big movies and series.

This includes CBS streaming only Star Trek Series, which now has a name.

Star Trek: Discovery

And just from what I've seen so far it looks like they will be basing the U.S.S. Discovery off Ralph Macquarie’s original Phase II Enterprise concept design. That frankly looks like it might make an interesting ship once we see what’s coming from the plot.

Wonder Woman Trailer

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The first full trailer of Wonder Woman was released at the San Diego Comic Con this week. And just by watching that I can tell this is going to be a kick ass movie. They’ve moved the events that define the origins of the character from World War II back to World War I, but in it’s own way that might be best.

WWII has too many secret wars occuring as it is. Working in a different historical event will give them a bit more room without the stock Nazi bad guys.

We’ll get to find out next year.

Justice League Teaser Trailer

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This last week has been the San Diego Comic Con, the biggest con of the year…

… which I never get to go to. So I scan Facebook for great clips and other things to enjoy. One of them this year is this footage thrown together from the Justice League movie. You get the real feeling of how things are after the events of Batman v Superman.

Bookshelf - Drupal Based Story Archive

Open Bookshelf Beta Module available

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Well, after months of meaning to provide I finally have a module to share for a beta. This is a full Kitchen Sink Module, and I plan to try and modify things so that I can have a package that is in fact many modules. Pick and choose sort of thing. I'm not sure yet.


A discussion about the new FanFilm Guidelines from CBS/Paramount

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With the new guidlines Parmount/CBS set forth there has been a lot of discussion. Well here's a discussion about it for all of you to listen to.



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August 2012

This is what happened one day when I got really bored in Western Civ I. (No offense to Proffessor Ferris!)

November 2003

OK, there is a channel on Youtube called Bat in the Sun that produces Super Power Beat Down, a Web series that takes two characters of modern comics movies, whatevrr and puts it up to who would win in a fight. Tek hates it cause it's by popular vote... which is apparently how the GReen Ranger defeats Ryu from Street Fighter...

... I say if I can drop a giant Dragon Robot on you I win.

Anyway, here is Deadpool and Domino vs The Joker and Harley Quinn!

July 2015

It was supposed to be a day of reunion, it became a day of horror.

April 2011